I have been trying to come up with how to incorporate Project Neon and how to truly make an impact on the lives of people all around us, and instead of using a different hashtag every month, and creating a different challenge, I wanted to create something monthly where each of you || SHOW HOW YOU NEON || for a chance to win different prizes. My goal with Project Neon is to inspire people to live a fun, fit, and happy life! And ultimately have all of you inspiring others as well. I want everyone to live the best life they can live, and I want all of us to work together to shine our Neon all around.




The month, #ShowHowYouNeon on Instagram and Twitter for a chance to win giveaways from The Feed and Gregory Packs.


The Feed – Win a special Harmony Bar edition Feed Box, with a bunch of my other favorite fueling options inside! It is the ultimate KatieHartMorse Box! :)

Gregory Packs – Looking for a new hiking backpack? – Then this month is perfect for you! Share How You Neon for a chance to win a new backpack! I’m taking one of these on my trip to Thailand and I’m in love!


Ultimately, just show what makes you come alive! Whether it’s a walk in nature, hanging out with your pup, doing yoga, surfing, running, you name it! Let’s inspire each other to live the best life we can live. A life full of NEON! :)

Here are some of my favorite ways to #SHOWHOWYOUNEON







Can’t wait to see how YOU share your NEON! #projectneon #showhowyouneon

Life Lesson – The Journey of You

I have always found that life truly is about creating oneself. And in creating yourself through experiences we will become confident in who we are. Make life about || C R E A T I O N||.


|| M E M O R I E S ||

|| A D V E N T U R E ||

|| L O V E ||

|| T R A V E L ||

|| F A M I L Y ||

|| F R I E N D S H I P S ||

This is your life || This is your story || Create it.

Life Quote

The Sand Cloud

Ever find yourself at the beach, or the park, and looking for something to place under your head for a pillow? I swear, I’m always trying to make my bag or backpack as comfortable as possible, but I never really do get comfortable. The Sand Cloud made a genius invention! Never go to the park or beach again, and not have a comfortable resting spot for your head.


Literally, one day, one of the founders went to the beach to try to take a nap, and he tried using his backpack, but could never get comfortable. He was like we gotta make something where people can go take a nap on the beach!


And that was how the Sand Cloud was born. Through a lot of trial and error of trying different towels, pillows, and designs, they finally created the perfect pillow + towel prototype. And I got to try it out! I’m not kidding. For the first time ever in my life, I actually fell asleep at the beach! :)



I’m also a side and stomach sleeper, and although I didn’t get a shot of me sleeping on my side or stomach, I’m not kidding, I really did fall sleep, and have the best nap ever. Also, the sand comes off the towel super easily, dries really easily, and is crazy comfortable. I seriously think they hit the nail on the head with this invention. You definitely need to try this! It’s worth it.

A little shake out action before packing my beach day up for the day! It’s light, comfortable, and truly does make the perfect companion for a solid nap at the beach or park. :) Interested in learning more? Go here.




They also have a super rad Instagram account, that I love to follow. You can also “like” them on Facebook.

Happy Napping!



12 Faves of Fall + My Fall Bucket List

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. There’s just something about the changing of the seasons, that gives us an opportunity to feel renewed and “start over”. No need to wait til the “New Year”, create new goals and challenges with the changing of the seasons. :) And never forget to think about what you love most about that season, and then develop some kind of bucket list around your faves. What I love about bucket lists is it helps us live the life we imagine. It keeps us doing, experiencing, learning.

My 12 Faves of Fall

1. I like the smell of the cool/crisp air

cool crisp air

2. The changing colors of the leaves

Colors of Fall

3. Everything is pumpkin flavored

pumpkin bread

4. Hot Cocoa

hot cocoa

5. Sweaters


6. Booties

fall booties

7. When my nose gets just a little cold :)

8. Trail running

trail running

9. Pumpkin Carving!

pumpkin carving


10. Honey Crisp Apples

honey crisp apples


11. Candles and Hot Baths



football season


So what 12 things are on my fall bucket list this year? Who wants to join me? Post your pics of doing any of your fall bucket list items during the month of October to win a The Feed Box!

Fall Bucket List

What are your favorites about fall? And what’s on your fall bucket list?

Conundrum Hot Springs Backpacking Weekend

I was craving a backpacking getaway weekend, and so I booked a ticket to Colorado to go hiking with my best friend from college, Betsy, and my sister, Jenny. I flew in to Denver Thursday night after work, and Betsy picked me up from the airport. We had some girl talk before we hit the hay.

Friday morning and I went for a run in City Park. It is beautiful. I was LOVING all the greenness, everywhere! I had to run 8 miles for my training for the Temecula Half marathon I’m running at the end of October. It was fun to be at a higher altitude (although Denver isn’t in the mountains, but it’s still higher than sea level), but because it’s flat, I was running sooooo much faster than my typical min/mile in San Diego. I averaged 9min/miles for all 8 miles. It felt great!



city park

After that, I had a little photo shoot with Betsy’s kitties, before heading to a local coffee shop to get some work done.





There is the cutest bike shop/coffee/bar a few blocks from Betsy’s house, called the Denver Bicycle Café. I got some good work done there, and then had lunch at The District next door. My lunch was amazing! I had a delicious sandwich and a Strongbow for lunch. J I was lovin’ it. Then headed back to Betsy’s to get some more work done.


Took a nap at around 5, before Betsy got home at 6. Oh my goodness. I hadn’t taken a nap since probably before I got employed again. It felt sooooo good. I was knocked out cold. Then we cleaned up and headed to REI to get some last minute stuff for our weekend backpacking trip.

We had dinner at the coolest place, Linger. I’m obsessed with it. The food was fantastic, and they have a really cool rooftop bar. The bar is a “food truck” bar. Who knows how they got it on the roof, but it’s awesome. Then it was home to pack our backpacks for our hike. My sister drove down from Fort Collins late Friday night, and slept at Betsy’s, so that we could all wake up early Saturday morning and drive to Aspen together.

I had never been to Aspen, and was excited to see a part of Colorado I hadn’t seen, because I have been nearly everywhere else. The drive was beautiful, and all the Aspen trees were starting to turn yellow. It truly felt like fall. Sometimes I miss the seasons living out in San Diego, but I just LOVE the ocean. We parked at the trailhead, grabbed our bags, and started walking. :)




I was soooo excited to disconnect from the digital world for a bit, and just be in nature. No headphones, no phone, no t.v, nothing. Just Betsy, Jenny, and I and nature. I LOVE to camp and hike, and hadn’t done so in too long. Every step of the hike, I just felt so in love with nature. It was beautiful. Betsy had been wanting to do this hike, and I was of course so excited to do it too. She had picked out a hike that takes you to these beautiful natural hot springs up in the mountains. We couldn’t wait to get on our swimsuits and sit in the beauty of nature. The hike is 9 miles to the hot springs (8 miles to the start of campsites). It is 2,400 feet of climbing, and we had to cross rivers and waterfalls. We had our balance challenged a few times, and I just couldn’t get enough. All I could think is I need to do this more often. After a little over 4hrs of hiking, we got to the Conundrum Hot Springs, and it was packed. It was seriously like a party on top of a mountain. It was crazy! Everyone was camping, and sitting in these beautiful hot springs. I just love that everyone had to do this amazing hike to get there. It was cool to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who love being in nature and adventures and fitness! So, we got on our suits and hopped in with everyone else!










Because it was like a mini-city, it was tough to find a campsite. We ended up having to camp in a non-designated camping area, just like a few others, but we got to sleep to the sounds of the rushing rapids of the river. It was unreal. Seriously, I thought, is this real? Is this real life? We get to do this! How amazing.


hot springs

hot springs 2

It started to rain while we were in the hot springs, so after a few hard ciders, and people starting to get naked. Haha. Yes. It’s a “hippie” hot spring, where nudity is allowed if you so choose. We headed back down to our campsite to cook dinner in the dark and the rain. My sister brought a mini stove, and we had bought dehydrated meals where we just add water. And let me tell you, they were soooo good! Seriously. Sooo good. We had garlic mashed potatoes for all of us to share. My sister had pasta primavera, and Betsy and I split Meat Sauce Lasagna and White Bean Chicken Chili. I was shocked at how good the meals were. And we had Bananas Foster for dessert. After our bellies were happy, we climbed into our tents, and listened to the rain and the river. My dream. I just love falling asleep to any kind of water. It’s so peaceful and soothing, and just makes me happy. It was pretty cold. I slept in a hat, long sleeve, long pants, tall ski socks, and a down jacket. And then snuggled into my sleeping bag (I had borrowed Betsy’s friend’s sleeping pad, which man those things have come a loooong way, they are like mini air mattresses, haha.) I fell asleep pretty fast.


It stopped raining during the night, but then as soon as we woke up at 6:45am, it started raining again. And all I could think about was how much I was loving it. I just love the rain. It felt good, and made me feel alive. We packed up our tents and backpacks in the rain, and then headed out onto the trail again. It was pretty muddy, but beautiful. 9 ½ miles later (longer on the way back because we got a ride from where we parked to the trailhead, and this time we had to hike to the car), we were back at the car and in reality. Stopped at Whole Foods for a warm sandwich on the way back to Denver, stopped by Betsy’s real quick to pick up some of my stuff, and then straight to the airport. Haha. Didn’t even have a chance to shower. I’m sure the people on the plane are loving how I smell. ;) (I’m writing this on the plane right now)



It was a short trip, but it was just what my soul needed. A weekend in nature with some of my favorites. I can’t wait to do it again, hopefully soon! And it makes me sooo excited to go camping and hiking in Thailand. Ahhhh! Only 2 months til I leave!

If you are looking for a rad hike to do, I highly recommend doing this one. It was an unbelievable hike and the hot springs are worth it! The party was awesome, but I would love to do it again on a weekday when there are less people, and we could have the hot springs all to ourselves. I bet it is crazy tranquil and lovely.

What a fun weekend! I hope you all had a good weekend too!



Weekday Wardrobe



This week’s weekday wardrobe! I got a NEW StitchFix box this week. I still LOVE getting my boxes. In fact, I get them more frequently now, because I love adding new things to my wardrobe. It just makes me feel fresh, and excited about what I’m wearing, and makes me feel confident and sexy. If you are interested in trying StitchFix, feel free to use my referral code here. :)


Top – DanielRainn (StitchFix) // Joe’s Jeans // Tom’s




Top – StitchFix (don’t have my cheat sheet with me, here in Colorado – so don’t know the brand) // Jeans – StitchFix // Toms


Top – StitchFix // American Eagle Jeans // Target Sandals


Top – StitchFix // Pants – StitchFix // Toms


Top – SunDiego // Shorts – StitchFix // Toms

Solo Travel Adventures

Being the baby in the family, I always have been well, babied. And, so I never really have been given the opportunity to travel by myself. Not only that, but financially, to be honest, I haven’t always had the luxury to travel by myself. And when I say travel by myself, I mean everything from taking the flight alone, to touring a city/country solo, and not just for one night, like a week of backpacking, or a two week vacay in Europe, whatever it is, just something where you can explore solo.

When I moved out to San Diego three years ago, that was my first really big independent move. Growing up, I have always been really close with my parents, brother, and sister. In fact, when I was a kid, I told my mom how I was going to go to college at the community college right down the street from our house, because I never wanted to leave home. And even when it came to college, I honestly, wasn’t interested in going somewhere where my parents couldn’t easily come visit. It was still a 4 ½-5 ½ hr drive depending on traffic from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to DePauw University in good ol’ Greencastle, Indiana, but it was the perfect distance where if I wanted to go home, or needed my parents they could easily come visit. Also, they barely missed a single soccer game, because I was within driving distance. It was the perfect taste of being off on my own. But, then after college, I moved to Chicago, and my parents were a 90min drive away. I liked it that way, but the truth was, I never saw myself in Chicago long term, and my mind, body, and soul craved the ocean and the sunshine. And the second I stepped on the beach in San Diego, my soul felt at home. I never felt more like myself, and I never felt more comfortable. I was surrounded by tons of like-minded individuals who loved health, fitness, and the outdoors.


So, I moved out to San Diego, with no job, no friends, and it was definitely the start of my true independence. I still see my family at least 2-3x a year, let’s be honest probably even 4-5x a year. It was a rocky start, I needed a job, and I wanted to make friends of course. But, within a few months, I was employed and started making friends. But, San Diego, somehow was familiar to me. I had visited there before, but it also was right in my comfort zone. It was my dream to live here.

This is the first photo I took when I moved to California.

 First Pic I took in CA

I am turning 30 in 2 months, and well, I may have moved all the way across the country, but I have never truly vacationed by myself, or gone on a solo adventure. I’m a really social person, but I love being by myself too. I love to just be inside my head, write, explore, get my camera out and shoot photos, and just kind of do my thing. I got a little taste of a solo adventure when I went to Miami back in March. I went to Miami to visit a friend for her going away party. She had lived in Miami since college, and she was moving, and I had never been to the Miami before, so I didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to go, because I had heard great things. Since, I was unemployed at the time, I decided to go for nearly a whole week, so that I could explore. She had to work, so it was perfect. I stayed with her, but for the most part, I went exploring during the day. It was so much fun! I just loved it.

Exploring Miami

miami 3

miami 2

miami 1

That’s when I decided, I wanted to take a BIG solo trip to celebrate my 30th birthday and ring in this new decade. Sooooo much has happened in my 20’s.

  • College
  • Living in Chicago with some of my best friends
  • Started my own personal training business
  • Dated a guy for 4 yrs and lived with him for 2yrs, and then broke up.
  • Moved out to San Diego
  • Got my dream job in Social Media
  • Started two blogs (which is now merged into this one)
  • Completed 4 marathons, qualified and ran the Boston marathon
  • Completed 4 ironmans, 10 half ironmans
  • Fell in love a few times
  • Laid off twice from work
  • Became an aunt

I learned that 20’s are a big decade for change, growth, growing pains, and discovering who you are and what you want.

I’m hoping that I can take all the things that I’ve learned in my 20’s and apply them to my 30’s and truly live the life that I want to live. So, I want to kick that off with pushing my limits and stepping outside of my comfort zone. It is time for a true solo adventure, and that is why I booked a 12 day trip to Thailand!!! I am soooo excited about it. It’s scary and thrilling and exciting all at the same time. I have traveled other countries plenty:

  • Spain 5x
  • Dominican Republic 2x
  • Mexico 4x
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama 4x
  • Peru
  • Canada (I lost count)
  • British Virgin Islands (2x)

I speak Spanish pretty well, and so I honestly feel comfortable traveling to any Spanish speaking country. I wanted to go somewhere that would really challenge me. I had been looking for cool getaways on Groupon, when a trip to Thailand stood out to me. But, in addition to going somewhere I’d never been, and somewhere that had a culture I had never experienced, a language I didn’t speak, I wanted to do a trip where I could be active. I love hiking, backpacking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, running, you name it, and there is no other way I would want to see a country. Museums are cool and all, but I’d rather get outside and see the beauty of a country. And well, there is NO WAY I could go on a 12 day trip and not get some type of physical exercise, I would go crazy!!!

I had googled “solo adventure trips” and a National Geographic article came up with the top 5 outfitters/travel companies that offered trips that did not require you to have a partner to sign up with you. The one I landed on and loved the most was: Intrepid Travel. What I loved was not only that they offered TONS of Active trips full of lots of physical activity (you can even rank how physical you want your trip to be, and it sorts trips that way), but it was affordable, they organize everything, and you are with a group the whole time. It’s kind of like camp but in a foreign country. I’m excited to meet new people, and experience a new country and culture!

Some photos of some of the places I’m going to be visiting.

Photo from:

Kanchanaburi Photo from:

Chiang Mai –

Side Note: I know there is a civil war that is about to break out any second there, and that there are lots of protests going on. I’m also aware that it’s dangerous to go anywhere alone there. My brother’s company has an office there, and he has been there a bunch, and has informed me of how to be safe, so don’t worry. I also will have a group leader the entire time, and the itinerary has already been created, and travel/sleep/activity/food arrangements have already been made, as well. All I have to do is show up, and keep my wits about me. :)

So, in two months, I take off to Thailand for a 12 day “solo” adventure with people I don’t know, in a country I don’t know, and where I don’t speak the language. I’m ready to learn, grow, and enjoy the beauty that Thailand has to offer.

If you are interested in learning more about the trip I’m going on and Intrepid Travel click here.

I haven’t even gone yet, and pretty much I already know I would recommend going on a solo adventure to everyone. I think it’s important for all of us to spend time getting to know ourselves, and feeling comfortable alone. It’s exciting, different, and I think helps us become confident in who we are and gives us a true sense of independence. It also helps us to trust ourselves. So, even if it’s a 4 day road trip in your own country, or a backpacking trip, or a crazy trip to a country you’ve never been to, do it! I didn’t get the chance to study abroad, and well that is one big solo adventure for most people. I wish more than anything I could go back and do that, but we unfortunately only get to keep moving forward, so I’m working on continuing to live the life of my dreams. Life is a journey, a learning process, and all we can do is try to keep making our lives better by learning from the past. It is never to late to be who you want to be, or do what you want to do.

So, go plan that solo adventure trip!

Life is either a daring adventure – or nothing.

travel quote

Twelve Tips for Cleaner and Healthier Skin

When I was growing up, I was one of those kids who was lucky to have good skin. I never really even washed my face other than a rinse in the shower and occasionally at the sink, but never really used soap, and I never got real break outs. But, after puberty, every once in awhile I would get a BAD cystic zit on my chin. It hurt, badly. To be completely transparent, I started taking birth control at 16 (because I get severe cramps). I had heard rumors of birth control helping with acne, but I wasn’t on it for acne, but for some reason, I thought it would help for those times I would get a bad zit on my chin.

Throughout high school and college, every other month or so, I would get a bad cystic zit on my chin. It was humiliating. The rest of my skin was great. How could I fix this?

It was until this past Christmas, when I came up with a routine. Again, 95% of the time, my skin was great! But, who wants that 5% of embarrassment? Where you don’t even want to leave your house, because you have this big f’ing thing on your chin. I can honestly say that for 10 months now, I have not gotten one cystic zit.


In addition, I’m 29, and I was getting more and more concerned about keeping my skin young and healthy looking. I spend a lot of time in the sun, and well sadly, our skin starts to age before our hearts and minds do. So, I started taking my skin care routine more seriously.

Here are my twelve tips for cleaner and healthier skin!



1. Never ever ever go to sleep with your make-up on! – I used to be too lazy to wash my face at night, because my bed was calling my name, but now, I make myself do it before I brush my teeth, that way I know it will get done. :)

2. Use SPF in your lotion and/or foundation – My favorite is Super Goop!


3. Wash your face after every sweat sesh! Yes, this dries out your skin BUT that’s what lotion is for. It’s better to not leave your sweat drying on your skin, than just washing your face again. :)

4. Take Zinc Daily - Zinc helps get rid of bad bacteria in your body. If you are prone to cystic zits, start taking zinc daily, and I promise you will notice a HUGE difference in your skin. This was one of the big changes I made back in December. And it has changed my life.


5. Take Fish Oil Daily – Fish Oil helps keep your skin clear, healthy, and smooth. It has other benefits for your body as well, but I also started taking this in December, and again has made a world of a difference. I’m not much of a vitamin taker, or supplement taker, but this is worth it!


6. Use an Anti-Aging Serum – If you want to keep your skin young, invest in anti-aging serum. It helps reduce wrinkles and keeps your skin looking young and fresh. :) Again, I started using this only 2x/week and I have definitely seen a difference. It’s expensive so I don’t use it daily.


7. Use a Daily Moisturizer – I also used to never use lotion. I know. I know. I know. And now, I use a daily moisturizer. It depends on the day and what I will use, but I tend to use something light, as I know I will be using my Super Goop afterwards. :)


8. Use a Night Cream – This is what truly makes my skin silky and smooth. I use a night cream every night, and I wake up feeling young and my skin feels as smooth as a baby’s bottom. LOVE my night cream. :)


9. Zit Cream – I use an adult “zit cream” – I use it as a preventative cream vs. after a zit appears. It helps keep the hormone balance in my chin, in addition to the zinc combatting the bacteria. I put it on before I put my lotion on, and I put it on in the morning and at night. LOVE.


10. After Zit Serum – I use the BEST stuff, in my opinion, on the market to get rid of zits. It seriously zaps it, and it’s gone over night. This shit is da bomb. Yes. I just said that. ;) When a small zit shows up, I just rub this on and it’s gone within 24hrs.


11. Toner – I only use this probably 1-2x/week, but I like it to keep my skin tones in balance. I have pretty balanced skin, but with all the sun exposure and occasionally I get some redness in my skin tone, it helps balance it out.


12. Eye Make-Up Remover – This doesn’t really have to do with skin, but it’s part of your face, and our eyelashes and eyelids need a break just like our skin. So don’t forget to completely wipe your eye make off, so that it can have a breather over night.



Cheers to Beautiful Skin!



40 Days til the Temecula Half Marathon

Last week was a good week of getting my workouts in. My first open half marathon in 5yrs is only 40 days away! The Temecula Half – If you want to do it, too, feel free to use this coupon code to get 10% off :)


Here’s what this past week look liked:

Monday – Soccer Game

Tuesday – 2 mile run (9:30min/mile) + 20min of strength (AM) and 45min trainer bike workout – 15min warm up, 15min hard, 15min cool down (PM)


Wednesday – REST DAY!

Thursday – 30min swim (AM) and 6 mile run – 1 mile warm up, 3×1 mile at 8:20min/mile pace with 1/2 mile jog in between, and 1 mile cool down (PM)



Thursday, I also got to play at LEGOLAND! If you haven’t been, you should go! It’s awesome!



Friday – 2 mile run (9:30min/mile) + 20min of strength (AM)

Saturday – 1hr 20min bike workout on the trainer (it’s been blazing hot here, and I opted to ride my bike inside) – 30min warm up/drills, 30min hard, 20min cool down

Sunday – 8 mile run at 9:30min/mile pace and 30min swim. I’m still feeling pretty slow, but I know it takes time to get speed back. So, I’m trying to be patient, and stick with it. I can’t wait til I’m running around 8min pace again!




Overall, I felt great! I was happy with my week. My goal in the off-season and while I focus on running and working on getting my run speed back, is to swim 2x/wk and bike 2x/wk. So, I was happy that I did just that!

Total Time: 7hrs 10min

Here’s what’s on tap for this coming week if you want to join in!

Monday – Soccer Game

Tuesday – Run 4 miles, Bike 45min, and Swim 30min

Wednesday – Run 4 miles

Thursday – Run 4 miles and Swim 45min

Friday – Run 8 miles

Saturday – Hike!

Sunday – REST DAY!

Reminder to share your photos on Instagram using #projectneonsept to win TYRSport swag – a swimsuit, goggles, and cap! Share your swim photos, you can also tag me @katiehartmorse :)

Also, I found this really cool event – Run10Feed10 put on by Women’s Health Magazine. Have any of you heard of it? I’m going to be participating in it, and I’m super stoked. I love using my abilities to raise awareness about super important issues. You can too! The race entry is only $28, and you can receive $5 off with this coupon code:


They have a few different locations. BUT, if you can’t make it to one of those locations, like myself, you can run your own 10k! How cool is that? And still make a difference. Who’s IN with me?

Oh! Juice

My new addiction! Oh! Juice. Living an active lifestyle, and being a triathlete, runner, adventurer, and more, I sometimes struggle to get all the nutrients I need. Juicing is becoming more and more popular, and I have dabbled here and there. When I tried Oh! Juice for the first time, I fell in love. I don’t know if it was the glass bottles, that made it taste amazing, or just the uniqueness of ever flavor, but I honestly could feel my body absorbing every piece of nutrients each bottle has to offer. After an Oh! Juice, I feel better, more energized, and healthier.


So, what is Oh! Juice?

- 100% organic – They partner with local farmers and use 100% organic produce for their juice.

- Cold-pressed

- Raw

- Superfood enhanced

- Bottled in Glass – I LOVE this. Not only is it better for the environment, but it makes the juice taste better too!


I think my favorite part of Oh! Juice is that the shelf life is only 5-6 days. This is because they truly believe in keeping all nutrients intact. A lot of juicing companies use an HPP – high pressure processing – to make the shelf life longer for their juices, therefore taking away a lot of the raw nutrients, you just paid for. HPP “neutralizes the benefits of the live enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, proteins, and nutrients that would otherwise be retained in raw and unpasteurized juice.” This is why Oh! Juice is committed to being at local farmer’s markets, delivering fresh juice to you, and even overnighting your juice to your doorstep!

IMG_4108 IMG_4090

Interesting tidbit:

“Suja, a fast-growing brand with $18 million in sales last year, and BluePrint, whose revenue reached $1.4 billion in 2012, are now under fire for allegedly misleading customers about the contents of their cold-pressed juices. The current debate centers around whether juice treated with high pressure processing, or HPP, should in fact be considered “raw.” And as the $3.4 billion cold-pressed juice industry expands to more and more retailers, from Whole Foods to Starbucks to your local grocery store, that’s a whole lot of bottles being called into question.”


IMG_4092 IMG_4096_2


- In each juice, you get 3-5lbs of raw organic produce. 3-5lbs!!!! No one is struggling getting their fruits and veggies in with these bad boys

- They deliver to your doorstep, both locally, and they are starting overnight shipping around the country in a few weeks!

- On average it takes 15min to make 1 bottle of juice.

IMG_4105 IMG_4116 IMG_4118 IMG_4110_2 IMG_4114

Below is a bowl of produce – This bowl will make up 6 bottles of Juice. It weighs approx. 24lbs.


One of my favorite Oh! Juices for post-workout is the Maca Mylk.


Lastly, what I like about Oh! Juice is that they promote working out and fitness along with their juice cleanses and believe in incorporating juice into your every day lifestyle, too. They ask me for feedback on how I incorporate it into my triathlon training, running training, swim training, etc. Juicing is important for us to get our daily nutrients, and to keep our bodies healthy and alive. After going behind the scenes, and learning about the process that goes into making each juice, I totally understand the cost, but I also understand the benefit oh Oh! Juice. Juicing is a great way to make sure you are getting all your vitamins, minerals, etc. in. On more thing about Oh! Juice, as a company, they are 100% transparent about their processes, how much money they make, cost, etc. I think that’s what I love about them, because I truly think in the world we live in, transparency is the key to brand loyalty, as well as trust with brands.

I recommend trying Oh! Juice. :) #itsworthit

You’re probably wondering…BUT, how much does it cost per bottle? It’s $12.50 a bottle. Definitely on the higher end of juices, but with solid values/passion and best practices in trying to keep all nutrients in tact and give you that true organic and raw juice you want. :)

Stay tuned…next week I’m sharing my interview with the founder!

*I’m an ambassador of Oh! Juice. As you all know, I truly only write about and use products I believe in and I only partner with brands I truly believe in. :) My intention is always to share with you 100% full disclosure of my relationship with brands, and why I love them.

Do you juice? What’s your favorite juice? Do you make it at home? Have you ever tried a juice cleanse?