5 Weeks til St. George 70.3


POSSIBILITY – The state or fact of being likely or that a thing may happen. // It’s the endless possibilities, the endless dreams, the possibility of dreams coming true…that makes life interesting. That’s how I want to kick off this … Continue reading

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Post Workout Recovery Bevie


When I get back from a hard workout, I always make a recovery drink.

What constitutes a hard workout?

A speed or strength session or a REALLY long workout. Really long for me would be 4,000yd + swim, 3+ hr bike ride, or a 2hr+ run. The importance of getting protein to the muscles right after these kinds of workouts is essential for a speedy recovery so that I can feel good and ready to go for the next workout, whether it be that day, the next, or two days later. The key is to help our muscles repair as quickly as possible and that’s exactly what protein does.

The strength workout I did last night was a running strength workout, this is what it looked like:

15min warm up jog

10x 1min hill repeats, jog down the hill for recovery

15min cool down jog

My calves and quads are SORE today! But, I LOVE hill repeats! :)

So, to recover after a workout like that, here are some of my go-to post-workout drinks:

Osmo Nutrition Recovery + Silk Soy Milk (Vanilla flavored) + honey

Have you tried Soy Milk? I know a lot of people are fans of almond milk or cashew milk, etc. But, I LOVE either regular skim milk or Soy Milk. For some reason the “nutty” milks hurt my stomach, so Soy Milk is my go-to if I want something that doesn’t has lactos in it. Also, no other dairy-free milk gives you more protein than Silk Soymilk! It has 8 grams of heart-healthy, plant-powered protein and a smooth delicious taste.

Want to try Silk Soy Milk? Get a coupon here!

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.


A Letter to Myself


Dear Self, You are 4 months into your 30th year on this earth, and shit, life just continues to throw you curve balls. But, look how far you’ve come. Every chapter in your life has brought you to this moment, … Continue reading

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6 Weeks til Half Ironman #12 – St. George 70.3


This week was a solid week of training. I’m not gonna lie. Not necessarily in volume, but in mind, body, and spirit. I have fully committed myself to St. George 70.3 training. This past week, I was 7 weeks out … Continue reading

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My Spontaneous Year of Triathlon Continues

lagoon run

Okay. I did it! I made a decision on my next race. :) This year is all about being spontaneous, so thank goodness there are a few races close to me that don’t sell out right away! I have decided … Continue reading

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Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

Social Media is my full time job. I do it for myself. I do it for an agency and work with different brands. And I do consulting. I LOVE social media. But, I also hate social media. I want to pass along some of my do’s and don’ts of social media, and best practices. Some are for the every day user. Some are for brands. Either way, I hope these tips help!


I always like to stay positive, so let’s kick things off with the Dos. :)

#1 Do share others photos. User Generated Content (UGC) is a MUST do these days. But, if you are going to share, ALWAYS make sure to give proper photo credit. If a user has given PC to someone else, then it is up to the re-sharer to continue to give the proper photo credit, not just credit the account they found the photo from. :)

#2 Do use hashtags. Hashtags are a way for users to find content they are interested in. It is OK to use multiple hashtags, especially on Instagram and Twitter. Just post them in a separate comment on Instagram from your caption so that the caption isn’t cluttered. If you have a “branded” hashtag, put that in the caption so that others know to use it for similar types of content.

#3 Do respond back to commenters. It’s a bit harder on Instagram to respond than on Facebook or Twitter, but when relevant, build that community and respond back to those who are commenting on your photos.

#4 Do make friends. I have made some amazing friends through social media. In fact, I reached out to Jené, my best friend, through social after we both did Oceanside 70.3 in 2012. Little did we know we were going to become best friends, but social media is a great way to connect with likeminded individuals who you might not get a chance to meet in “real life”.

#5 Do know the difference between the platforms and what kind of content should be shared. :) Facebook – great for life updates, photo albums, etc. Twitter – great for thought leadership, inspirational quotes, chatting with others, or yes even mentioning mundane shit that you are doing during the day. :) Instagram – Special moments in photos is the way I like to think of it. Share only the best of the best here. Your absolute favorite quote. Or your absolute best photo of the day, etc. Snapchat – random, funny stuff. :P LinkedIn – networking, job hunting, thought leadership, strictly professional. Pinterest – Pin away. Make dream boards. Share your outfit ideas. DIY ideas, etc.

#6 Do take selfies! Selfies are awesome! They show us a glimpse of you in your daily life. We get to know everyone a little bit better. And I love seeing people “love” themselves. Seriously! We all need a little more self-love anyway! Just be mindful of the kind of selfies you take. You know what I’m talking about ;)


#7 Do act how you’d like to be treated. Self-explanatory. :)

#8 Do think before tagging. Ask yourself if this were you, would you want to be tagged in this photo?

#9 Do have fun! Remember how social media started to keep in touch with family in friends? Always go back to your roots. :)



#1 Don’t use social media to hurt people. Don’t say mean things, criticize, etc. Each of us have our own demons as is, no one needs to be bullied by anyone else. If you have a complaint about a product or brand, address it professionally.

#2 Don’t share blurry photos (unless intentional, like a cyclists wheels, etc.). Seriously. Cameras are awesome these days. You can take a high quality, awesome photo!

#3 Don’t overshare. We each have our own personal TMI code, but truly think about what you want others to know about you. :) Remember, what you share on the internet, technically stays there forever, even if you delete it. Some things are meant to be private. :)


These are not all the possible Do’s and Don’ts, but some of the basics. :)

What would you add?



Workouts of the Week


Last week was a solid week of training. After Desert Tri (Race Recap Here), I took a rest day on Monday, and then got back to it. I still haven’t decided on if I’m going to do Wildflower or St. … Continue reading

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Love Yourself – 11 Tips for Improving Self Confidence

When you are living the best version of

Love Yourself. To love oneself, you must be confident in who you are, and accept yourself for all that you are. Confidence. It’s a word that carries a lot of weight. Confidence = a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation … Continue reading

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Being Vulnerable

r.m.drake 5

Have you ever said something you wish you had said differently? Or thought, gosh that was annoying, why did I just say that? Before I speak, I always try to think, what would I want to hear? How does this … Continue reading

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Desert International Triathlon Race Report


Pre-Race Friday – Girl’s Night at Solace with Jené and Jess, and then Jessie and Mike met up later. Wine and Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup was just what I needed. :) And, of course, some GIRL TALK. Saturday – … Continue reading

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