Countdown to 30 – Life Lesson #10 – In Five Years, Will This Matter?

will this matter in five years

Often, when I’m sitting with friends, and we are talking about a work problem, boy problem, family problem, etc. We always say to each other, “We are going to look back on this, and laugh that we were even concerned … Continue reading

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Countdown to 30 – Life Lesson #9 – GO BIG OR GO HOME


This life lesson doesn’t apply to everyone, but for me, it’s been one of the key phrases in my life. I will never forget I’m maybe 10yrs old, and doing gymnastics every day, averaging 20hrs a week! Craziness. And there … Continue reading

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10 Tasty But Healthier Halloween Treats

Healthy Halloween Treats

My tip is “homemade” is always better than anything processed. And if you can’t make homemade treats, than try to find something that has some nutritious value, or at least isn’t processed – i.e organic peanut butter and dark chocolate, … Continue reading

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Countdown to 30 – Life Lesson #8 – When To Run

Run When a Guy Says or Does These Things

I have written about this before, but it is an important life lesson I have learned, and so it is a MUST in my 30 day countdown to 30. In my 20’s I have learned A LOT through dating. I … Continue reading

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PUMA Shoes and Apparel Review


I was stoked to be accepted for the PUMA Fitfluential campaign, it was the perfect fit for my first campaign. :) I got to product test two pairs of shoes, a workout outfit, and a casual outfit. I love how … Continue reading

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Countdown to 30 – Life Lesson #7 – What Do You Know?

You know what you know.You know what

“You know what you know. You know what you don’t know. But, you don’t know what you don’t know.” This is another famous quote used by my dad. I distinctly remember him using this when I didn’t want to try … Continue reading

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Temecula Half Race Report

I had signed up for the Temecula half 8 weeks before the race date, and was training on a regular basis. The one thing I like about running, is I have a bit more flexibility to get my workouts in, because if I miss a day, I only have to get 4-5 runs in a week, so it’s easier to move them around, if one doesn’t happen on the day it’s supposed to.

My thoughts prior to the race: I had no expectations going into this race. I had never done the course, and it was only my 2nd ever stand only half marathon. I was excited to test how far my speed has come along since doing ironmans, because somehow I had lost it all, and so my goal for 2015 is to get my speed back, and I wanted to start with some baseline tests at the end of 2014.

I woke up at 5am, threw on my race day outfit (lululemon speed shorts, lululemon swift tank, Oakley socks, Saucony Kinvara 5 running shoes), had a banana with peanut butter, and then hit the road. Temecula is about an hour drive from Cardiff, which made for a rather early morning for a 7:30am race. The race has you park at Lake Skinner, because there isn’t enough parking at Wilson Creek Winery, where the race takes place. They have shuttle buses, that drive you the 3 miles from Lake Skinner to Wilson Creek Winery. They had plenty of shuttle buses, it was perfect, no waiting in line. The only down side, was the bus drivers once at the winery didn’t know where to take the racers, so there was some confusion on where we all should go. I still need to get my bib and timing chip, because I wanted to save driving out to Temecula twice, and couldn’t make it to the San Diego packet pick-up at Road Runner Sports on Thursday night. Fortunately, I made it just in time, with only 5min to spare before the gun went off. Well, and the race kicked off about 5min late, due to the bus situation.


The gun goes off, and I love how easy going a running race is, compared to a triathlon. There isn’t as much to think about, or double check. Do you have your running shoes? Timing Chip? And Bib? Ok. You can race. Obviously, there are other things, like Garmin, anti-chaffing lube, etc. But, for the most part, it’s easy peezy, and you just start running. I had heard the course was super hilly, but I was not expecting how hilly it actually was, here’s how my mile splits went.


Mile 1 – Nice and easy. Relatively flat. Everyone usually starts out too fast, so I like to let everyone run by me, and not get caught up in their adrenaline rush, and I just say “see you later”, haha. 8:03min/mile

Mile 2 – A few rollers. Everyone is still kicking it into gear hard! I’m just chillin’ – 8:04min/mile

Mile 3 – A steady incline to one of the turn arounds. 8:04min/mile

Mile 4 – A few rollers. And I’m playing “cat and mouse” with a few girls, but just holding my solid pace. 8:06min/mile

Mile 5 – One steep climb, and a few rollers. 8:07min/mile

Mile 6 – A few rollers. Still feeling strong. Keep pushing. Get those knees up. Don’t worry about the other girls, stick to your own race. 8:09min/mile

Mile 7 – Oh crap. I have to run up that?! Just knee drive, press into the balls of your feet, and take little steps, high cadence. I love passing people up hills! 8:24min/mile

Mile 8 – Seriously?! More steep ones? People are walking, you DO NOT walk, this is a race, this is your opportunity to use your strength and fitness to push yourself. Keep going! 8:43min/mile

Mile 9 – I guess this is flat? At least compared to what we just climbed. I can’t believe I have to go back and climb the reverse of those hills. At least that will give me an opportunity to pass more girls. 9:22min/mile

Mile 10 – You need to start passing people on the downs too, you only have 3 miles to go, start pushing it! Start chasing girls. How do you feel? I feel great. I feel strong. I can definitely pass a few girls before the finish. How far away am I from placing? Does that woman look like she’s in my age age group? 8:31min/mile

Mile 11 – Okay, don’t start kicking yet, but stay strong. You are passing girls, they are all losing steam and slowing down! 8:22min/mile

Mile 12 – Ugh, this gravel is harder when you aren’t as fresh. Heart rate is spiking up this hill! I forgot about these hills!!! Because they were steady downhills on the way out. 8:19min/mile

Mile 13 – Okay relatively flat…kick it!!! You see those two girls, you can pass them. YES YOU CAN! 7:48min/mile

Mile .1 – 7:36min/mile – with a cartwheel finish, of course! :)

I felt nauseous the last 1/2 mile, so I know I was pushing it to my limit.


Total Miles: 13.1

Total Time: 1:48:34

Avg Pace: 8:17

Age Group Placings: 7/87 ladies in the 20-29 age group!


They have an awesome post-race festival! I definitely indulged in my fair share of wine tastings. :) Their almond champagne is to die for! Soooo good!


I’m super happy with my race. I still have a ways to go to get back to my half marathon fitness that I used to have, but I will get there. Also, this race had 1,662ft of climbing, for a RUN! That’s a lot of climbing. I immediately thought, I wonder how fast I would have run, if it were flat, who knows, but can’t wait for the next one!

Thanks for all the cheers!

Next up is the San Diego Resolution Run on January 10th, 2015. Who wants to do it with me?! There’s a 5k and 15k option. I’m going to do the 15k. Use this coupon code for 10% off. :)


Let me know if you sign up! Would love to meet up with some of you!



Countdown to 30 – Life Lesson #6 – Size

life lesson 6

My dad growing up before I played every soccer game, would say to me, “It’s the not size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” This is one of the greatest lessons … Continue reading

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New York City Packing List

I’m leaving for New York City for a 3 day work trip tomorrow, and immediately I start playing the “what if” game, before I know it, I’m not fitting everything in a carry on, and suddenly my largest suitcase is coming with me. I then half to play the “you probably won’t need this” game, and with a few eliminations, I’m set with a solid set of outfits, including workout outfits, that will get me through a busy 3 day trip to NYC.

I haven’t been to NYC in probably 18yrs. Seriously. The last time I was there, I was 12. So, I’m excited to see a little bit of the sights. Since, it’s work, there will not be too much time for play, but I only have one really big “must do”, and that’s run in Central Park. Fortunately, our hotel is 2 miles from central park, so I’m thinking I’ll try to fit in an 8 mile run, 2 there, 4 in the park, and 2 back. :) Our hotel also has a 24hr fitness center, so I’m hoping to get a workout or two in there, as well.

So, what am I packing?


2 casual outfits //

IMG_6062 IMG_6063

1 Biz Outfit //


1 Casual, but nice “go out” outfit //


2 Workout Outfits //

IMG_6065 IMG_6066

My favorite part about running is you don’t need much. Just shoes and some workout clothes. And you can do it anywhere, no equipment required.

Besides that, I will probably bring my camera, my gopro, a purse, a large tote, jewelry, and toiletries (obviously). See you all when I touch down in New York!



#AskKHM – Vlog 4 – PUMA and Gregory Packs

This weeks blog is “all about that base”…just kidding! No…it’s all about PUMA and Gregory Mountain Packs.  I will be doing a full write up of my review of the PUMA gear I was sent to review for a Fitfluential campaign, but if you like vlog and video better. Here you go :)