Liquido Active and Jolyn Clothing Review


I recently tried out some new leggings by Liquido Active that I’m in love with! They are so fun! They are functional and really comfortable. I went for a walk in them, did some yoga, and I could definitely see … Continue reading

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PUMA Ignite Running Shoes Review

I was excited to try the new PUMA Ignite running shoes. There have been a lot of buzz about them because they are worn by Usain Bolt. And we all know how fast he is! I was excited to throw them on and go for a run. My first run with them was a tempo run, and they felt great. I felt super fast! They were super lightweight, very flexible, and comfortable. (FYI: I wear orthotics, so I always take the insoles out of every running shoe and throw in my own).

puma 2 DCIM102GOPROG0151271. DCIM101GOPROG0140963.

My 2nd run, I did Torrey Pines hill repeats in. Again, they felt great! I really like how light they are, yet they have a good amount of cushion.


Here are some of the features:

  • PUMA IGNITE is our most responsive running shoe ever. Maximum energy in for maximum energy out so you can stop running and start igniting.


  • ENERGY RETURN: Full length IGNITED foam midsole’s PU blend offers high rebound cushioning
  • STEP IN COMFORT: IGNITE foam provides instant comfort where you need it most
  • LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE: Foreverfoam is used in the heel to disperse impact and provide extra durability

I felt comfortable and fast in these, so if you are looking for a new shoe to try, I would check these out! You can learn more about the PUMA Ignite line –> here

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of PUMA.

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This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of PUMA.

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3 Weeks til Ironman St. George 70.3


3 weeks! T H R E E – W E E K S! Dang! Don’t races come up fast? It’s crazy how quickly time passes when you have a goal and you work day in and day out to achieve … Continue reading

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4 Weeks til St. George 70.3

1 month to go til Half Ironman #12!!!! What can I say about this past week?


Seriously. I have unlocked the hidden gems inside my muscles and spirit and found something within me that I didn’t know I had. Or I have always known it was there, but was too afraid to tap into it? Either way, the fire is ablazin’, and I’m excited to put in a little more work these next few weeks before I get to put it all out there, again. I haven’t raced a half iron distance race since last year at Oceanside 70.3 (2014). Wow! Crazy how a year flies by. But, I’m excited. I’m ready! I LOVE this distance. Here’s what this past week looked like:

Monday – REST DAY – lately I’ve been kicking off the week with all intentions of going to morning swim practice, and then I just get so anxious about all the work I have to do that week, that I wake up and go straight into work, it helps me relax and focus on training the rest of the week, if I can set the tone for work straight away on Monday mornings. I got a massage later Monday night, and that also helped set the tone for the rest of the week. It’s always great letting our bodies recover and absorb the hard work we’ve put in.

Tuesday – 40min easy run in the morning, 1hr 10min bike with 20min tempo effort in the evening. Felt really great during my tempo effort, and I’m really learning how to push it and let my legs burn on the bike, just like I know how to hurt on the run.

Tues Run

Tues Ride

Wednesday – 2900yd swim at masters

Wed swi

Thursday – 1hr kickass tempo run! 20min tempo – my splits were: 7:09, 6:48, 6:42. I hadn’t seen splits in the 6’s in years. Seriously years. I was looking through my training peaks and two years ago, I thought I was rocking it when I was hitting 7:30’s. haha. It is SO FUN to see improvements like this! Makes me look forward to the day, I might, MIGHT, see a 5 on my watch. lol.

Thursday Tempo Run

Friday – 2500yd swim at masters and an easy 1hr ish sunset bike ride.

Saturday – What can I say about Saturday? It was mind blowing awesomeness and torture all at the same time. I managed to only get down a banana and peanut butter Sat morning. Not optimum fuel before a long ride. Nevertheless, I spent all day Saturday working. At the first climb, I got really pissed and screamed “I fucking suck at biking”. hahaha. I was in my easiest gear, and yet everything felt so hard. I was getting so frustrated because I want to just spin up hills like it’s no big deal. I think I just needed to get that out, let go of that awful thought, and overcome those thoughts. Sometimes we need to release those thoughts, and let them go to get over them. Ya know? After that it was a day of feeling amazing, and crushing it. haha. I had never ridden the way I rode that day, EVER in my life. Last time I did that ride I did it in 5hrs 10min. But today, I rode it in 4hrs 36min. HOLY MOLY! Hopped off the bike, threw on run clothes/shoes and hit the pavement. Ran 3 miles controlled at about a 7:50 pace.

DCIM103GOPROG0092468. DCIM103GOPROG0092485.

Sunday – Ran 11.25 miles about 1hr 42min. Surprisingly after yesterday’s death of awesomeness ride and run, I wasn’t sure how my long run was going to go, but my legs ended up doing me proud. I felt really really good on my run. :) Controlled, relaxed, and just enjoying my favorite San Diego scenery, the lagoon. I then went for an easy 1hr bike ride, listened to some tunes, and enjoy the “me” time and “head space” time.

Sunday run

It was quite the week of training to say the least. Now time to absorb, before I hit up another hard training week. Money in the bank!

Total Time: 13hrs 12min

Total Distance: 156.3 miles

Hope you all had a great week! xoxo! Katie


It is up to us to unlock what makes our souls tick. And once we do, we must let all that we are, and all that we love flow through us and out into the world to shine and flow through others. Sometimes it hits others and bounces off, and sometimes it hits others and fills their soul and makes them come alive, just how we have found what makes us come alive. #mondaymorningthoughts

5 Weeks til St. George 70.3


POSSIBILITY – The state or fact of being likely or that a thing may happen. // It’s the endless possibilities, the endless dreams, the possibility of dreams coming true…that makes life interesting. That’s how I want to kick off this … Continue reading

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Post Workout Recovery Bevie


When I get back from a hard workout, I always make a recovery drink.

What constitutes a hard workout?

A speed or strength session or a REALLY long workout. Really long for me would be 4,000yd + swim, 3+ hr bike ride, or a 2hr+ run. The importance of getting protein to the muscles right after these kinds of workouts is essential for a speedy recovery so that I can feel good and ready to go for the next workout, whether it be that day, the next, or two days later. The key is to help our muscles repair as quickly as possible and that’s exactly what protein does.

The strength workout I did last night was a running strength workout, this is what it looked like:

15min warm up jog

10x 1min hill repeats, jog down the hill for recovery

15min cool down jog

My calves and quads are SORE today! But, I LOVE hill repeats! :)

So, to recover after a workout like that, here are some of my go-to post-workout drinks:

Osmo Nutrition Recovery + Silk Soy Milk (Vanilla flavored) + honey

Have you tried Soy Milk? I know a lot of people are fans of almond milk or cashew milk, etc. But, I LOVE either regular skim milk or Soy Milk. For some reason the “nutty” milks hurt my stomach, so Soy Milk is my go-to if I want something that doesn’t has lactos in it. Also, no other dairy-free milk gives you more protein than Silk Soymilk! It has 8 grams of heart-healthy, plant-powered protein and a smooth delicious taste.

Want to try Silk Soy Milk? Get a coupon here!

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.


A Letter to Myself


Dear Self, You are 4 months into your 30th year on this earth, and shit, life just continues to throw you curve balls. But, look how far you’ve come. Every chapter in your life has brought you to this moment, … Continue reading

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6 Weeks til Half Ironman #12 – St. George 70.3


This week was a solid week of training. I’m not gonna lie. Not necessarily in volume, but in mind, body, and spirit. I have fully committed myself to St. George 70.3 training. This past week, I was 7 weeks out … Continue reading

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My Spontaneous Year of Triathlon Continues

lagoon run

Okay. I did it! I made a decision on my next race. :) This year is all about being spontaneous, so thank goodness there are a few races close to me that don’t sell out right away! I have decided … Continue reading

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Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

Social Media is my full time job. I do it for myself. I do it for an agency and work with different brands. And I do consulting. I LOVE social media. But, I also hate social media. I want to pass along some of my do’s and don’ts of social media, and best practices. Some are for the every day user. Some are for brands. Either way, I hope these tips help!


I always like to stay positive, so let’s kick things off with the Dos. :)

#1 Do share others photos. User Generated Content (UGC) is a MUST do these days. But, if you are going to share, ALWAYS make sure to give proper photo credit. If a user has given PC to someone else, then it is up to the re-sharer to continue to give the proper photo credit, not just credit the account they found the photo from. :)

#2 Do use hashtags. Hashtags are a way for users to find content they are interested in. It is OK to use multiple hashtags, especially on Instagram and Twitter. Just post them in a separate comment on Instagram from your caption so that the caption isn’t cluttered. If you have a “branded” hashtag, put that in the caption so that others know to use it for similar types of content.

#3 Do respond back to commenters. It’s a bit harder on Instagram to respond than on Facebook or Twitter, but when relevant, build that community and respond back to those who are commenting on your photos.

#4 Do make friends. I have made some amazing friends through social media. In fact, I reached out to Jené, my best friend, through social after we both did Oceanside 70.3 in 2012. Little did we know we were going to become best friends, but social media is a great way to connect with likeminded individuals who you might not get a chance to meet in “real life”.

#5 Do know the difference between the platforms and what kind of content should be shared. :) Facebook – great for life updates, photo albums, etc. Twitter – great for thought leadership, inspirational quotes, chatting with others, or yes even mentioning mundane shit that you are doing during the day. :) Instagram – Special moments in photos is the way I like to think of it. Share only the best of the best here. Your absolute favorite quote. Or your absolute best photo of the day, etc. Snapchat – random, funny stuff. :P LinkedIn – networking, job hunting, thought leadership, strictly professional. Pinterest – Pin away. Make dream boards. Share your outfit ideas. DIY ideas, etc.

#6 Do take selfies! Selfies are awesome! They show us a glimpse of you in your daily life. We get to know everyone a little bit better. And I love seeing people “love” themselves. Seriously! We all need a little more self-love anyway! Just be mindful of the kind of selfies you take. You know what I’m talking about ;)


#7 Do act how you’d like to be treated. Self-explanatory. :)

#8 Do think before tagging. Ask yourself if this were you, would you want to be tagged in this photo?

#9 Do have fun! Remember how social media started to keep in touch with family in friends? Always go back to your roots. :)



#1 Don’t use social media to hurt people. Don’t say mean things, criticize, etc. Each of us have our own demons as is, no one needs to be bullied by anyone else. If you have a complaint about a product or brand, address it professionally.

#2 Don’t share blurry photos (unless intentional, like a cyclists wheels, etc.). Seriously. Cameras are awesome these days. You can take a high quality, awesome photo!

#3 Don’t overshare. We each have our own personal TMI code, but truly think about what you want others to know about you. :) Remember, what you share on the internet, technically stays there forever, even if you delete it. Some things are meant to be private. :)


These are not all the possible Do’s and Don’ts, but some of the basics. :)

What would you add?