Traveling Thailand – Cycling Chiang Mai


After three days of hiking, and one night in the city of Chiang Mai, the next day after a sleep in the hotel in Chiang Mai, we packed up a cycling/overnight pack for the next two days, and again left … Continue reading

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Traveling Thailand – Last Day of Hiking


Our last day of hiking, I woke up early and went for a morning run. It was stunning. The sun was rising, and I ran by another Gerber Daisy farm! I had never seen Gerber Daisies in their natural environment, and … Continue reading

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Traveling Thailand – Hiking to Kunpuey


Day 2 of Hiking – We hiked to the “Pratumueng” waterfall and stayed overnight at “Kunpuey”, which is Superman and Di’s village. There are about 50 homes in Kunpuey. On our hike there we stopped by another village where there were some … Continue reading

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Traveling Thailand – Hike to Huey Kao Village


Day 3 of my Thailand trip, we arrived in Chiang Mai from the sleeper trainer, where I slept for 12hrs straight, and immediately hopped off into these cabs called “Tuk Tuks”. We stopped by the hotel that we would stay … Continue reading

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Traveling Thailand – Cycling Bangkok


Day 2 – We woke up early like 7:30am, and I had breakfast with my new roomie for the trip, Vida, and two other women on the trip, Becca and Simone. I can barely remember what I wrote in the … Continue reading

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Thailand Trip Day 1

I left San Diego on November 20th and arrived in Bangkok, November 22nd. It was quite the trip. 28hrs to be exact. With both of my flights being delayed after everyone boarded the plane. We literally just sat at the gate both times. And the second time, we were sitting there so long they ended up just serving us our meal. Lol.


Anyway, the first big flight from LAX (drove from SD to LAX) to Guangzhou, China was 15hrs. It actually flew by. I slept for the first 8, watched 3 movies, all ones I’d already seen, they didn’t have a great selection of new releases, so I watched – The Invention of Lying, The Prestige, and Pirates of the Caribbean 3. The food was terrible, so thank goodness for my healthy snacks provided by Peter Rabbit Organics, Bobo’s Oat Bars, and Wild Friends. :) They saved me from hunger.

I had a 7hr layover in China and we arrived at 6am. I waited til 10am to eat, and opted for the deal everyone seemed to be getting – Dumpling soup, bok choy, and a glass of red wine. Haha! Seriously, when I arrived there were people having wine at 6am, so I figured why not? This is after all vacation.



Once in Bangkok, I headed to the hotel and met up with the group I am going to be traveling with for the next two weeks. We had a group meeting at 6pm, but I didn’t get there til 6:20. Thank goodness they were still there. :)




This group is super diverse and awesome, easy going, from all areas of the world, and interesting. All different ages too, 18-45. It’s going to be a fun trip!

We went out to dinner, had some beers, and everything is open late here, so I really wanted to get a Thai massage and there is one right across from our hotel, so myself and a few others hit it up! It was everything I dreamed it would be. Seriously. I could use one of these weekly, daily even, as a triathlete. They dig in and it’s the good kind of pain. I loved it! I’ll definitely be getting a few more :)

A shower and now off to bed before my first full day here tomorrow! Stay tuned :).


Countdown to 30 – Life Lesson #30 – Mistakes Are A Good Thing

I've learned so much from my

29yrs of living and of those 29 years I have made A LOT of mistakes. From lying to my parents about going to parties and toilet papering houses to dating the “wrong” guys to something as simple as eating too … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Keep the Weight OFF this Winter

5 Ways to Keepthe Weight Offthis Winter

  It’s getting darker and colder. Your alarm goes off, and you look outside, and you are intimidated by the frigid air, so you say 10more minutes. Your alarm goes off again, and you think, but my bed is sooo … Continue reading

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Countdown to 30 – Life Lesson #29 – Age is Just a Number


I recently read a blog post that was all about age, and what age means, or doesn’t mean. When I lived in Chicago, it seemed as though age mattered. At 22, I was living it up in the big city, … Continue reading

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Countdown to 30 – Life Lesson #28 – Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Growing up did you have something that you just loved? Did you love baking? Playing sports? Playing video games? Talking to people? Whatever it was/is, we all have strengths. But sometimes people like to turn strengths into weaknesses, or make … Continue reading

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