Tuesday Tips – Fueling Workouts

I have always walked a fine line between how much and how little I eat before workouts. It’s hard to judge, but often, I have found that less is always better. This is different for everyone, so don’t listen to a word I have to say, if you like to be full during training sessions, or going in to training sessions. This is just what I’ve learned over the years.


When I played soccer, I felt like I could eat almost anything, and still have a good practice or a good game. I didn’t worry too much about how much or how little I ate, or even what I ate. But, when I started training for my first marathon, second semester senior year of college, I was kind of shocked at how little I actually knew about fueling my workouts. I would end up getting the “runs” on runs, and seeking the world’s best bathroom somewhere in nature…where are the leaves? (haha!). It took a lot of learning that for me, less is more. I can work harder, when I have less in my stomach.

I also, actually ended up getting skinnier too, this way. haha! I’m not sure what it is, or why, but I realized, that with a light pre-training snack, workout 1, and light recovery meal, or lunch, and then workout 2, and then a big dinner works best for me.

I almost always try to go into a workout, “kind of” hungry. This way, I know my stomach won’t cramp, and I won’t end up with digestion problems, or needing to go to the bathroom. Which is a sucky feeling.

So, my motto is “less is more”.

Before morning training session 1:

- banana w/ a tablespoon of peanut butter or so

- just a banana

- a bar (harmony bar, bonk breaker, bobo’s oat bars, hammer bars are some of my favorites)

- two slices of peanut butter toast (whole wheat bread)


I just switch off between all of these. My variety is in the different flavors of bars. All of my pre-workout morning fuel is between 200-350 calories. I can take in a higher calorie amount if I’m hopping on the bike, if I’m running or swimming, I stick to the lower range.

The hard part is recovering and then staying full enough, but light enough, that I can go into my 2nd workout of the day with no stomach problems. Currently, because I’m unemployed, I have more flexibility, and I generally, just have a light recovery smoothie, and then 1-2hrs later, get my 2nd workout in.

My light recovery go-to smoothie right now is – Osmo Active Recovery for Women w/ 1 cup skim milk, and 1 banana. It’s light, only about 200-250 calories, which is perfect going into another workout. Nothing too heavy. If my 2nd workout is a bike workout, I might have a little more, like oatmeal, or another bar.

So, this week’s tip, is “less is more”. Fuel your workouts, but keep things on the lighter side, so as not to create stomach issues. It’s a fine line between stomach issues and bonking, and it can take a lot of trial and error to figure out what’s best for you. But, after 8yrs of endurance sports training, I have finally figured out what works best for me! :)

Do you better with less or more fuel going into workouts?

Monday’s Weekly Recap

Two weeks til Ironman Whistler training starts, so this past week, was a continuation of living in the moment, but maintaining my current fitness. So, here’s a recap of this past week…

Monday – 1hr of strength

Tuesday – 35min swim – 1900yds, and a 45min run

Wednesday – Brick workout – biked outside for 1hr 20min with a 20min brick run off the bike! I felt great. And then I did 1hr of strength :)

coeur and sonic

checkmate kit


Thursday – Swam 1hr – 3400yds – longest swim I had done in months, but felt great! Sadly, I had my last swim with one of my favorite suits on this day, because the fabric had worn out. But, that means, NEW SUIT time!

swim neon


Friday – I had a rest day, and enjoyed every single second of not doing much of anything. Although, I did do my 100 lunges for the Project Neon April Fitness Challenge.

strength neon


Saturday – I did another brick workout. 2hrs on the trainer with 3x10min hard efforts. With a 20min run off the bike.

sweaty trainer ride

awesome run

I then spent the rest of Saturday working on my bunny cake making skills! I LOVE holidays, and Easter is a fun one. I mean who doesn’t like bunnies, and flowers, and easter brunch? It’s the best!

baking a cake

bunny cake take 1

The first one got a little too much “sun”. So, I decided to make a 2nd one for the Easter brunch I was going to on Sunday at my friend Carrie’s. So, this first one was for my roommates :)

Sunday – I woke up early and went for a longish run 11.25 miles, on a new route, that is simply magical, and changed my life. I’m obsessed, and can’t wait to do this run again.








I then hurried, got ready, and headed over to Carrie’s for Easter brunch!

Easter Bunny Cake Take 2

Easter Bunny Cake Take 2


The amazing spread!

The amazing spread!

Mimosas of course!

Mimosas of course!

Carrie had some fun Easter activities planned, which I love. We may be adults, but I, for one, still like doing “little kid” activities. So, there was an Easter egg hunt, we dyed eggs, all while drinking mimosas :)



It was a great week! Great training, and a lot of fun with friends! Hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter too!

Total hrs trained: 10hrs 7min



Friday Favorites – Sleep Better with These

Originally posted on Project Neon:

I have always been a sleeper. My parents would take me on a 20min car ride, and I would be knocked out in the back seat. But, as I’ve aged, and I have a lot more on my mind, I find it harder to unwind, and get my mind to shut down, so that I can sleep.


I was telling my doctor about this a year ago, and she asked me if I had ever tried taking “melatonin”. I hadn’t. In fact, I had never heard of anyone taking “melatonin” as a “pill”, to help them sleep. But, I knew it was something that our bodies already produced, and I didn’t want to take any prescriptions. So, I picked up some melatonin from Target, and took one pill of 3mg. Dang, I slept like a BABY! I also spray my pillows regularly with this aromatherapy from Bath and Body Works…

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Thursday Motivation

My motivation this week is my DREAMS! Although, honestly that’s like every week. But, seriously. I am a dreamer. And I have BIG dreams. And sometimes they are scary to say out loud, because I’m scared people will “judge” me because I’m dreaming so big. I feel like they might look at me, and think, does she really think she can do that? I swear, if we all stopped being cynical, and we all tried supporting each other a little more, we would all reach our dreams even faster, and then we can make new dreams, and this whole world would be a better place.



Funny thing about dreams, I have very vivid ones, regularly. The other night, I dreamed that I was out riding my bike, and slowly all the pieces started crumbling below me, as I kept on riding, and I never stopped riding. I’m not kidding, this was my dream. Part of me thought, sh*t, my life is kind of crumbling, just like that bike, but not really. It’s changing. Or it could be taken literally, that my actual bike is crumbling, and I need a new one. Which is seriously true. What I would give for a new bike. But, metaphorically, never stop riding, this ride that we are on. And even when it feels like you aren’t going to achieve that dream that you have, don’t give up, keep reaching, the fact that you aren’t there yet, means it’s a good dream, and it’s going to be worth it once you get there.

Here are a few more of my favorite “dream big” quotes:




What I Ate Wednesday

I have gotten the following question a lot, due to me being unemployed, currently. “I’d be curious to know how you fuel your workouts.” And it’s a good question! I have to be really smart, because I can’t spend a fortune on fueling. So, here’s a synopsis of what I’ve eaten this week to give you an idea…

This past week’s breakfasts:

1. Banana and Peanut Butter

2. Harmony Bars (my roommate Keith is sponsored by them, and technically the whole “tri house” is, THANKS JESS!) – so these are kind of free. They are also amazingly delicious, and the perfect pre, and during workout fuel.

3. Bobo’s Oat Bars – I also love these. Soooo f’ing good.

4. Wild Friends Foods Peanut Butter – I am sponsored by these folks, since I’m on the Coeur Sports team. I’m obsessed with their peanut butter, it big time rivals Justin’s. I’m obsessed with the Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter.

5. Peanut butter toast


bobo's oat bars


peanut butter and banana

Do you sense a theme? haha!

These are all perfect pre-workout breakfasts. I usually then go workout. :)

post-workout I always have

- Osmo Acute Recovery for women, 1 banana, and 1 cup skim milk


This past week’s lunches:

1. egg scramble – 3 eggs, spinach, 2 slices of ham, 1 roma tomato, with a side of toast w/ butter, and some ketchup for the eggs

2. 2 packets of maple brown sugar oatmeal

3. 2 bowls of cereal – either rice crisps from trader joe’s or oat bran flakes from trader joe’s (that’s this week, my cereal choices change from week to week)


This past week’s dinner: side note: I ate out a lot because I had a friend in town

1. salmon, quinoa, avocado, grapefruit6a00d8341c71c353ef014e8ad726ef970d-500wi

2. 2 steaks and a sweet potato

3. noodle’s and company – pesto cavatappi with grilled chicken, 3 pot stickers

4. sushi – protein roll – sooooo good! and froyo

5. kale salad from Seaside market (kale, dried cranberries, goat cheese, pine nuts, some fun vinaigrette dressing) – and a bowl of cereal

6. mahi mahi sandwich with tortilla chips, a sour beer, and ahi tuna poke

7. chicken breast tenders, cruciferous crunch (from trader joe’s), tomato, spinach






Dessert every night has been:

Fage Honey Greek Yogurt :)


Except for that one night that I had froyo! :)

Do you like routine? Or do you eat something different every day?

Tuesday Tips – Goggles

One of the most popular blog posts on my blog is my “goggles” blog post. When I first started out in triathlon, I had no idea about goggle use. My dad was a swimmer, and he had me try some of those weird swedish goggles, but I hated them. They were uncomfortable and weird. We are swedish so I felt bad, saying no, but I had to find something better. I tried a bunch, until a friend of mine suggested her favorite pair – TYR Nest Pro goggles.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 5.16.57 PM

The problems I was having:

- Fogging

- Leaking

- Goggle Marks

- Headaches

I tried the TYR Nest Pro goggles, and my swimming world changed. I started to enjoy swimming, but there are a lot of tips I’ve learned a long the way, outside of just the style of goggles that work for me.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 5.17.19 PM

Here they are:

Goggle Tips:

- Spit into your goggles, rub it around, and then rinse, before every swim – this has become a habit of mine, I literally do it before every single swim, and it keeps my goggles from fogging perfectly.

- Do not wear lotion on your face prior to swimming – this helps the water leak into your goggles. No bueno.

- Rinse your face with water before putting your goggles on – this also makes sure they suction to your face :)

- Don’t press the goggles into your face. They are designed to “suction” the face, so a light press, is fine, this will keep you from getting those awful goggle marks, and prevent headaches.

- Wear tinted goggles for sunny days, and wear clear goggles for cloudy days, this helps protect your eyes, and allows you to see when you are swimming :)

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 5.18.03 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 5.17.49 PM


New Structure for the Blog!

Okay, so since I’m writing for both this blog and Project Neon, I decided I needed some structure for KatieHartMorse just like I do for Project Neon. :)

So…here’s what you can expect weekly…

Monday – Past Week Training Recap

Tuesday – Triathlon/Fitness Tips

Wednesday – Fuel – what I ate the past week

Thursday – Motivation – quotes, pics, music, etc. that pump me up, and hopefully you too! :)

Friday – Triathlon/Training/Fitness Favorites

Saturday/Sunday – race reports, family, fun, stuff about me!

With that here’s my recap of this past week’s training…

This week was the 2nd week out from Oceanside 70.3. I was feeling good. My energy was back, but still I have this daunting feeling that Ironman training is just around the corner, in fact two weeks from today, and so I wanted to make sure that I enjoy all that life has to offer that does not include structured Ironman training.

Monday – Swam for 35min – about 2000yds and hopped out. It was perfect. And then I did 1hr of strength. I have been doing a lot more strength lately, trying to do it 3x a week, because I like it, I like the way I feel, the way I look, etc. And it really does improve my training and keeps me injury free. So, I’m making it a mission to try to do it 3x a week.

Tuesday – I went for a 40min easy run, and then met up with my good friend Anabel, who just did IMCabo, and is doing IM Whistler with me and bunch of other girls! I love having this extra time to see friends who don’t live in SD.




Wednesday – I swam for 40min – 2300yds, 1hr strength, and 2hrs hiking at Torrey Pines with my good friend, Cat! I loved catching up with her, and she’s helping me work on a logo for Project Neon! She’s amazing. If you haven’t already, you should check out her company Lucki Lime – it has all your fun run essentials. And then I met up with my friend Nicole for dinner. BUSY DAY!






Thursday – I needed to recharge the batteries a bit, so I just went for a 35min run, and caught up on life.

Friday – My friend Jocelyn came into town. I did a 1hr bike trainer workout, and 1hr of strength, and then we went and hiked Torrey Pines for 2hrs! I LOVE Torrey, and I love taking friends who have never been there. It is the best for talking and catching up. We then went out to dinner and ended up meeting up with some friends. Perfect Friday.

Saturday – I did a bike trainer workout for 2hrs, caught up on some t.v watching…I seriously love Trophy Wife. Anyone else? And then chilled for the most part, caught up on blog reading, and did some work. Good solid, Saturday.

Sunday – I swam for 45min – 2600yds and ran 8 miles with Joce. We then grabbed sushi and some froyo to close out her last night in San Diego.


It was a solid week – total active time – 13:30 hrs

Spring Training Saturday

It’s one week post Oceanside 70.3 and my body and mind are still doing a bit of recover. So, today I woke up and did a 1hr trainer workout, because I felt like catching up on some t.v shows, and then I went to the pool and swam for 40min. I’m enjoying my light Saturdays for the next few weeks, until Ironman training kicks into full effect in May. So, with my free time and extra energy, here’s how I spent Saturday…

Pre-workouts – I ate a Bobo’s Oat Bar – if you haven’t tried one, you should. These things are amazing!


I went grocery shopping and saw these beautiful pink gerber daisies, which are my favorite! And so I just had to bring them home with me :)





I made a delicious recovery drink – post-workout -1 scoop Osmo Acute Recovery, 1 banana, 1 Packet of Wild Friends Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter , 1 cup skim milk – so much goodness in this!


I did 100 Running Lunges for the Project Neon April Fitness Challenge. :)


And then I made this bomb.com dinner! Salmon, quinoa, avocado, and some grapefruit for dessert! It was delicious!



This is my kind of “spring training” :)

Friday Favorites – Running Shoes!

When I made the shift from training on the soccer field to training on the pavement/concrete/gravel, I needed to find the perfect running shoe, and I found it! For the last 6 years I have been wearing Saucony. I started out with the Saucony Triumph. But, then as I was getting more and more into running, I was looking for something a little bit lighter, but that still gave me the stability and support I needed for those long runs. There in came, the Saucony Ride.

IMG_1131 IMG_1139

I ran the Boston Marathon in these (even though that race was somewhat of a stomach disaster for me), my feet felt great!

But, then, as I got more and more into endurance sports, I was looking for a lighter shoe to race in and for my speed workouts. I was then introduced to the best shoe I’ve ever worn.






Thursday Motivation

It’s almost 1 week post Oceanside 70.3 and I’m focused, determined, and motivated. Right now, I’m focused on getting stronger. And that starts with some strength training. We don’t always have to swim, bike, run to get stronger, fitter, and faster. Strength work boosts our workouts and also prevents injury, which is really important as I head into Ironman Whistler training here in a few short weeks!