Monday’s Weekly Recap

Two weeks til Ironman Whistler training starts, so this past week, was a continuation of living in the moment, but maintaining my current fitness. So, here’s a recap of this past week…

Monday – 1hr of strength

Tuesday – 35min swim – 1900yds, and a 45min run

Wednesday – Brick workout – biked outside for 1hr 20min with a 20min brick run off the bike! I felt great. And then I did 1hr of strength :)

coeur and sonic

checkmate kit


Thursday – Swam 1hr – 3400yds – longest swim I had done in months, but felt great! Sadly, I had my last swim with one of my favorite suits on this day, because the fabric had worn out. But, that means, NEW SUIT time!

swim neon


Friday – I had a rest day, and enjoyed every single second of not doing much of anything. Although, I did do my 100 lunges for the Project Neon April Fitness Challenge.

strength neon


Saturday – I did another brick workout. 2hrs on the trainer with 3x10min hard efforts. With a 20min run off the bike.

sweaty trainer ride

awesome run

I then spent the rest of Saturday working on my bunny cake making skills! I LOVE holidays, and Easter is a fun one. I mean who doesn’t like bunnies, and flowers, and easter brunch? It’s the best!

baking a cake

bunny cake take 1

The first one got a little too much “sun”. So, I decided to make a 2nd one for the Easter brunch I was going to on Sunday at my friend Carrie’s. So, this first one was for my roommates :)

Sunday – I woke up early and went for a longish run 11.25 miles, on a new route, that is simply magical, and changed my life. I’m obsessed, and can’t wait to do this run again.








I then hurried, got ready, and headed over to Carrie’s for Easter brunch!

Easter Bunny Cake Take 2

Easter Bunny Cake Take 2


The amazing spread!

The amazing spread!

Mimosas of course!

Mimosas of course!

Carrie had some fun Easter activities planned, which I love. We may be adults, but I, for one, still like doing “little kid” activities. So, there was an Easter egg hunt, we dyed eggs, all while drinking mimosas :)



It was a great week! Great training, and a lot of fun with friends! Hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter too!

Total hrs trained: 10hrs 7min



Spring Training Saturday

It’s one week post Oceanside 70.3 and my body and mind are still doing a bit of recover. So, today I woke up and did a 1hr trainer workout, because I felt like catching up on some t.v shows, and then I went to the pool and swam for 40min. I’m enjoying my light Saturdays for the next few weeks, until Ironman training kicks into full effect in May. So, with my free time and extra energy, here’s how I spent Saturday…

Pre-workouts – I ate a Bobo’s Oat Bar – if you haven’t tried one, you should. These things are amazing!


I went grocery shopping and saw these beautiful pink gerber daisies, which are my favorite! And so I just had to bring them home with me :)





I made a delicious recovery drink – post-workout -1 scoop Osmo Acute Recovery, 1 banana, 1 Packet of Wild Friends Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter , 1 cup skim milk – so much goodness in this!


I did 100 Running Lunges for the Project Neon April Fitness Challenge. :)


And then I made this dinner! Salmon, quinoa, avocado, and some grapefruit for dessert! It was delicious!



This is my kind of “spring training” :)

Thursday Motivation

It’s almost 1 week post Oceanside 70.3 and I’m focused, determined, and motivated. Right now, I’m focused on getting stronger. And that starts with some strength training. We don’t always have to swim, bike, run to get stronger, fitter, and faster. Strength work boosts our workouts and also prevents injury, which is really important as I head into Ironman Whistler training here in a few short weeks!


Giveaway – The Ultimate New England Active Getaway

As some of you might know, I started a Lifestyle brand called, Project Neon. I would love to share with my KatieHartMorse readers the offer I have going on over on Project Neon!

I’m excited to offer an additional amazing giveaway with this month’s Project Neon Fitness Challenge!

In addition to one lucky winner, winning a box of Bonk Breakers, another winner will win a free one night stay at the Riverside Farm in Vermont! Riverside farm is the perfect place for a getaway retreat, and you will be lucky to see all that they have to offer for FREE! The properties feature hundreds of acres and endless locations to hike, do yoga, and experience the Green Mountains. They have a variety of venues that can accommodate everything from a yoga retreat to a large corporate event.

Pittsfield, Vermont is an idyllic small New England town nestled on the edge of the Green Mountains.  The birth place of the Spartan Race, Pittsfield has become a mecca for athletes and health enthusiasts.  On any day you might find groups of visitors and neighbors visiting and exercising on the extensive  Green Mountain Trail system and the epic 1 mile Stone Steps.   Our guests stay in comfortable rooms at one of our local properties – The Amee Farm LodgeThe Trailside Inn or one of our private rental homes.  Local produce from Sweet Georgia P’s CSA at Amee Farm is a staple of many meals. Breathtaking fall foliage, snow covered pines, new growth in spring and a glorious summer…  we are Perfect Vermont.

Some of their programs include:

Hiking and Yoga: Perfect Vermont brings you a new way to enjoy the beauty of Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont. Get unplugged and experience true relaxation during a weekend of hiking, yoga and local organic food.  There is an expert staff who will ensure you leave feeling stronger, healthier and revitalized.

Elite Endurance: Train with Peak Races top athletes including previous Death Race winners, while improving knowledge of endurance training during this high tempo course.  Spend the weekend running, cycling or mountain biking the back country of Vermont’s Green Mountains.  Instructors will lead group discussions, tours and fitness sessions. This intensive course has been developed for dedicated endurance athletes.

Weight Loss: Equip yourself with the knowledge to live a healthier lifestyle.  Instructors will lead informational discussions, tours and fitness sessions.  This course has been designed to assist in planning your healthy weight loss.

Here are some beautiful photos of the land…

The Stonewell Barn.

Here are some beautiful views of the land!

The Red Barn.


The White Horse Barn.




The photo below shows the Amee Farm Lodge, which is where you would be staying! Absolutely beautiful.


Amee Farm Lodge.

Possible activities/dining during your visit:
- 30+ miles of hiking and biking on the Green Mountain Trails,

- yoga classes

- snowshoeing right out our back door

- skiing at Killington and Pico

- Tubing on the Tweed River

- Kayaking and fishing at Kent Pond and Tweed River

- on-site massages

- tours of the Amee Farm with Sweet Georgia P’s

- And of course, just relaxing by the fire or on the porch at the lodge.

Side note: Killington offers great restaurants and nightlife, just 15 minutes up the road. Enjoy wonderful live music
during the winter months.


The famous stone steps, that climb for 1 mile straight.




The Giveaway includes:

1 night stay at Amee Farm Lodge based on availability.
Deluxe Continental Breakfast.

Submit photos on Instagram and Twitter using #projectneonmarch for a chance to win this amazing giveaway! Or post photos of your cardio workouts on The Project Neon Facebook page.

Examples of photos are….

The Upper Left is of a girl running on the treadmill, upper right is of a girl skiing, bottom left is of a girl running, bottom right is of a girl skiing.

The Upper Left is of a girl running on the treadmill, upper right is of a girl skiing, bottom left is of a girl running, bottom right is of a girl skiing.

Share a photo of you, or of your shoes, your bike, the treadmill, the stairmaster, etc.! I want to see how you get your cardio in!

The winner will be announced Monday, March 31st at 5pm PST.

A Balancing Act

Life this past week was a balancing act. A balance between doing what I should be doing, and doing what I want to be doing. But, truly, why can’t they be the same thing? Shouldn’t we be doing what we want to be doing? If you ask me, the answer is an obvious….YES!

So, I did do, what I wanted to be doing, because it is what I should be doing. :)

The beginning of the week started with some rest, because I was fighting a cold. Then, I hit my workouts hard. Then rested again, because my workouts wore me out. Then my best friend from college came to visit, and I spent every moment, focusing on spending time with her, catching up, and making memories.

I started out by letting my inner child out…


I jumped off rocks for fun!




There were lots of smiles :)

I got my butt kicked by a Sandstorm


But at least I looked cute in my Coeur Team Kit and my Oakley Women’s Immerse sunglasses. :)

I got brunch with one of my old personal training clients from Chicago! I hadn’t seen Nikolina in 2 years, and it was sooooo much fun to catch up. Next time stay longer :)


Nikolina and I at Honey’s, one of my fave brunch places.

Then Betsy came to town!!!!


We started off with a lagoon loop run! Obviously :)


Life really is a balancing act.


Post run on the beach

We then hit up my absolute favorite café in all of San Diego….The Naked Café. Betsy and I ate brunch here 7 years ago, when we went on a 6 week road trip all around the U.S.


We love this place!

We then made our way to Torrey Pines for some hiking!


Besties <3


Play time in the water!


One of the best views in all of San Diego.

It was then girl’s night out. We met up with my friend Jené and Kelly at Bier Garden for some beers and dinner. And I got to wear out one of my new favorite StitchFix items, this tank. <3


Ignore the evil eyes


Always acting goofy

Since, Betsy is a foodie, it was time to introduce her to the famous Acai Bowl. So, brunch outside at Swami’s it was.


One of the best meals, San Diego has to offer. Refreshing, filling, and delicious!

The last time I went perusing local shops was…????? It was so nice to just window shop, and/or purchase a few fun things. So, we strolled and just enjoyed some time post-brunch looking in stores.


I bought this cute frame for my room. So…true!


I love this!

And then after some fun strolling…we hit up the beach. Again, last time I just laid out and enjoyed the sun was in the BVI…it was time to do it at home! Enjoy all that San Diego has to offer!


I love the beach!


Jené joined us, and of course, we had to take the GoPro out for some action shots!

After a day in the sun, it was time to show Betsy our famous San Diegan sunsets, and of course celebrate with a little red wine. :)


Sunset and wine. Yes please.


Oh…forgot to mention….Miss Seal…she washed up on shore to do some Molting…which is shedding….and because of the latest storm, she somehow ended up being separated from her fellow seals, as they usually all molt together. Poor Seal. :(

Sunday morning, we went to brunch at Honey’s, and I indulged in an artichoke, chicken sausage omelette. YUM!



After dropping Betsy off at the airport, I headed back to the beach, to top off the weekend of some fun in the sun! I couldn’t resist. Training was just going to have to wait til Monday.




Although, I did get some beach running in, just a tad. :)


In love with my new reversible bikini by Maaji Swimwear.


My favorite purchases from the weekend.


Last night’s sunset, reminded me of how in love with life I am.


And this morning’s quote….was a great way to kick off this week!


Cheers to last week, The Balancing Act. Ready to put in a hard week of training to continue my prep for Oceanside 70.3! Hope everyone had a great week!

The Sandstorm Workout

No no no, not a workout to the epic dance song, but I literally worked out in a sandstorm yesterday. On the schedule was a triple brick. 20k TT, 2 mile run, 20k TT, 2 mile run, 20k TT, 2 mile run. Obviously with a warm up and cool down too. This is a typical workout, Beth gives me when prepping for big races. And I love it. I usually head down to Fiesta island, where it’s about 4.1 miles around. There is a paved loop for cyclists and runners, and a lot of people use it for training. 3 loops around equals 20k. It’s perfect. Boring. But perfect. 


The loop I do starts at point 5, and then you just keep going around and around and around.

So, I pack up my car, and drive the 25min down to Fiesta. I hop on my bike and start pedaling, and boom, there is a strong headwind. I thought it would let up at some point, but no, for 3/4 of the loop I had a ridiculous headwind.

Loop 1 – check

Loop 2 – “okay, I guess I’m just going to have to deal with this. This is going to be one mentally tough workout. grrrrr. I hate the wind”

Beginning of 20k TT #1

Loop 1 – “Seriously, I’m going nowhere. I’m pedaling, but not going anywhere.”

Loop 2 – “Wow, I’m really glad I’m not that couple on those beach cruisers, they look like they are about to fall over, they are moving so slow.”

Loop 3 – “Can the sand please stop hitting me? It kinda hurts.”

Beginning of 2 mile run

1st mile into headwind – “Just keep moving, just keeping moving”

2nd mile with tailwind – “I AM FLYING”

2nd 20k TT

Loop 1 – “Why am I doing this?”

Loop 2 – “Seriously, why am I doing this?”

Loop 3 – “I think I have eaten a pound of sand. This sucks. Why am I doing this?”

2nd 2 mile run

1st mile with headwind – “I’m not sure this is really that much fun”

2nd mile with tailwind – “I really don’t want to get on my bike again, and pedal into that f’ing headwind. I should do it. No, it sucks. I should do it. I feel like sh*t. I should do it. OMG, no, no, I’m not going to do it, I’m pretty sure I just saw a sand dune created in the middle of the road.”

And that was the end of the triple brick in a sand storm – that ended up being a double brick. I still was proud that I stuck it out as long as I did. I consulted with my roommate, Keith, who is a pro triathlete who had ridden down to Fiesta to do some efforts too, but after 2 loops, he was like this is ridiculous. He said he has never in all of his fiesta riding experience, EVER had wind like that. And when he was just as pissed off at the wind, if not more, than me, I instantly felt really good about my decision to leave the island, and call it a day after two bricks. :)

I may have bonked, I may have eaten a lb of sand, and I may have been pissed off at the wind, but at least I looked cute in my new Coeur Sports Team Kit and Oakley Women’s Immerse sunglasses ;)



The Triathlon Training Guilt Trip

My new attitude towards training, has really changed things for me. And by my attitude, I mean, taking triathlon a bit more lightly, enjoying it for the lifestyle it is, and just having fun. When I miss a workout, or I choose to be active in a different way, I no longer feel that guilt trip that I sometimes carry around with me. For the first time in a long time, I feel free. 100% free. I feel like I am enjoying myself, doing what I love, and having fun. Do I like challenging workouts? Absolutely. I have been doing some pretty hard run and bike workouts, but when a workout goes wrong, or a workout is missed, I do NOT feel guilty. It is a freeing feeling. 


The really sweaty, I had to cut this workout short workout, because it was sucking, and what I thought was allergies, was actually a cold.

I know how many of us out there try to make up for workouts that were missed, whether because life, work, kids, being sick, being injured, etc. got in the way, and we do this because we feel guilty for missing those workouts. But, I tell you right now, do NOT feel guilty. Every day is a day to live. Every day, is a day to prioritize, and re-prioritize, over and over again. Some days that’s a problem at work, that has to be solved, and cannot wait. Some days, that is taking care of a sick kid. Some days, that is nursing an injury. And some days, it’s simply because you wanted to go out and spend time with friends or family, or your significant other. Whatever the reason, this is life. Live it the way you want to. 


My favorite dinner staple, Kale Salad, from Seaside Market.

Personally, I want to live a life full of fun and happiness. Hard work can be fun. But nobody, and I mean nobody, feels good, when they feel guilty. So, let go of the guilt. I can tell you from experience, it feels, oh, so good.


Where it all started. My first triathlon. My first ever open water experience.

I haven’t been happier with my training since I started in endurance sports. I remember finding ways to get workouts in, by including my friends or family, etc. And then some times, it became more about hitting my target HR, or certain paces, and it became more about numbers, than the experience. I am soooo happy to have that feeling of just freedom, and doing this because I love it, not because of hitting numbers, or podiuming, although of course, that is always nice, but the goal, the mission, is all about the journey, and not about the result for me.


Running the Chicago Rock N’ Roll Half with my mom and sister! LOVED this!

With that, 4 weeks til Oceanside 70.3. All I know, is I’m going to be smiling and having a blast the whole race. Because, I’m having fun.


Having a blast, prepping for Oceanside!

Osmo Nutrition – What is it good for?

I rarely share other people’s posts on my blog, but I LOVED Erin’s Recap of Osmo Nutrition, and instead of trying to re-create my own, I thought, hey…I’ll first share my personal experience so far with Osmo, and then offer Erin’s summary of what Stacey Sims educated us on about women in training and the women’s line itself.

I first heard about Osmo Nutrition at Interbike in September last year. I loved listening to Stacey Sims talk about what makes women so different when it comes to endurance training, and why all of our nutrition should therefore be different. It was educational and fascinating.

I have been using it in training a lot lately, as I have been doing a lot of high intensity workouts, which means hydrating and nutrients are extremely important. The PreLoad is extremely salty, which is great for prepping for a big sweat fest, but I did ask what would help to break it up a bit, as the salt is a little much for me, so Stacey suggested adding crystal light to it. I have tried this and it works wonders! I know some people love the saltiness, but for me, it was a bit strong. But ever since adding Crystal Light, taste has been amazing, and I feel GREAT during training. The active has a light, mango flavor, and it’s delicious. My favorite so far is the Active Recovery which is a honey+spice flavor. I have been adding it to skim milk, and mixing in a banana with it as well, and the occasional scoop of greek yogurt. YUM!

“A couple weeks ago, Coeur Sports [which I am on the Elite Amateur Team for 2014] announced its partnership with Osmo for our team hydration. A super synergy between two fantastic companies powered by incredible women… heck yes! Honored to be part of both.

To kick off the partnership, Coeur hosted a team call featuring Stacy Sims, the brains behind Osmo. This woman is rad – and, she knows her stuff. A nutrition scientist and exercise physiologist, Sims created Osmo after becoming hypernatremic racing Kona. While training in New Zealand after, she started mixing in the lab and researching how hormones impacted athletic performance. Her teammates tested her mixes during training with good results, and as her PhD evolved, she began studying how women and men respond differently. Hence, #womenarenotsmallmen :)


My post-workout beverage after today’s intense treadmill workout. (this is my photo, not Erin’s :)


So stoked to be sponsored by Osmo for 2014! (my photo, not Erin’s)

Indeed, we aren’t small men, and every month have to deal with our period – and, the hormone changes that come with it. Our estrogen and progesterone levels fluctuate, impacting plasma volume, breaking down muscle and reducing our recovery ability. In other words, our mojo suffers a bit.

Osmo’s women’s specific line is formulated to help counteract those hormonal changes. A bit about each mix:

  • PreLoad Hydration hyper-hydrates, crosses the blood-brain barrier and “counteracts hormone-induced drop in body water,” i.e. it helps you find that mojo
  • Active Hydration has a bit more glucose, sodium and potassium to increase power output and improve endurance
  • Acute Recovery has more protein and glucose. Women have a shorter acute recovery window – about 30 minutes – so it’s important to refuel shortly after training

Lucky us, we got to ask Stacy some questions after she explained the science behind Osmo. First up, how does Mirena, an IUD with a localized dose of progesterone that inhibits your monthly period, affect our bodies + hydration? (Thank you, Sonja, for asking my exact question!) Stacy’s recommendation: Use the women’s line throughout the month, and be sure to keep on top of your protein intake before and after training.

Sims also recommends adapting your triathlon training based on your cycle. In the days leading up to it, focus more on technique and train at a lower intensity (pushing through = higher heart rate). If you can, plan training blocks around it – focus on swim technique and not speed, for example. If you have a race in the days leading up to your period, she recommends taking magnesium and having a few more carbs in your pocket. And, if you use caffeine during a race in that higher hormone window, know that it clears the blood faster; follow up the caffeine with a glucose tablet or a salty ball (recipe here…!).

Sims’ motto: Food in the pocket, hydration in the bottle. In general, you should drink 0.18 to 0.2 ounces per pound of body weight per hour. Calorie-wise, 4 calories/kilo per hour on the bike, and 3-3.5 calories/kilo per hour on the run. For example, I weigh 121 pounds (~55 kg), so should have between ~22 and ~24 ounces of fluid per hour; 220 calories per hour on the bike; and between 165 and 192 calories per hour on the run.

Sims’ other super helpful tips:

  • If you don’t like the salty goodness of PreLoad, drinking it icy cold helps it go down. Drink it the night prior to a big workout, race or if it’s hot as well as the morning of.
  • Don’t concentrate Osmo, as it’s specifically formulated. Concentrating it results in too much magnesium or potassium and the wrong osmolality (the body’s water-electrolyte balance).
  • Relying on something provided on the race course is never a good nutrition strategy because you don’t know how you’ll react.
  • What you do the first half of your race directly impacts the second half.
  • If the shit hits the fan on race day and you’re doing the porta-potty shuffle: Have some salty potato chips and plain water – easy carbs and a big hit of sodium. Definitely don’t add more sugar to your system! Also, avoid immodium; the best alternative is Pepto.
  • Take Tums toward the end of an IM bike. Because our bodies lose a lot of calcium and tightly holds on to magnesium, Tums helps keep them in closer balance, thus helping eliminate big muscle cramps, including the intestinal muscle. Sims recommends 1,000 mg Tums every 45 minutes starting the last hour of the bike and continuing on the run.
  • Gels aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. They’re concentrated carbs that go straight to the gut, and your body takes water from your blood to digest them, i.e. they’re an effective dehydrator.

Thank you, Osmo Nutrition, for keeping us Coeur Sports ladies hydrated this season!”

How amazing is Erin’s recap?!?! Please check out Erin’s blog – and follow along in her journey. She’s a dear friend of mine, and I thank her for letting me share her post with all of you!

FYI – to all the men out there, they also offer a men’s line! :)

Ahoy Matey!

After two awesome weeks at my new job as a social media project manager at Internet Marketing Inc., I took off to Wisconsin for Christmas to hang with the fam. There was cooking decorating, and hanging by the fire, but most of all there was London my 18 month old niece. She is obsessed with Snowmen, and everywhere there was one, she would go up to it and say “snowman”. And then one time one of her parents asked her, “What does a snowman say?” And she said “ho ho ho”. We all thought it was the cutest thing ever. Every once in awhile, she would also respond with “Jingle Bells”. She’s smart and at 18 months knows nearly 100 words or more. Of course, since London loves snowmen, we had to make one with the massive snowfall we had!


The neighbor girls came over and helped us, because my sister and I had kind of forgotten how to make big snowballs. ;)


We went to the Pfister for lovely pre-dinner rendezvous.

Then the BIG Christmas present for us kids was Packer Game tickets from my dad. We LOVE the Packers, and we were soooo stoked to be going to the game vs. the Steelers. And Lambeau didn’t disappoint with the cold weather and a snowstorm during the game. It was perfect! Unfortunately we lost, but we had a blast.



After a week in the frozen tundra, it was then off on the trip of a lifetime to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday! My dad LOVES to sail. He’s been sailing almost once a year for the past 10yrs, and he usually goes sailing in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). He took us as a family back in 2010, and well we wanted to do something special for him for his 60th. So, it was our turn to take him! This time we had a baby on board, which we all knew might be a little interesting, but London turned out to do perfect. She slept soundly. Didn’t get sick. And was a delight.

We flew in to St. Thomas, hopped on a ferry to take us to Road Town, Tortola. Got our sailboat ready with our captain, Harry, and his wife Finnola. They are good friends of ours, so it’s fun to have them on board, and well we kind of need them. Harry, obviously, captains the boat, and Finn, well she does all the cooking when we aren’t eating out! They are an amazing team. The best part, they LOVE to laugh, and have lots of good stories. From Road Town, Tortola, we headed to snorkel at the Indians, and then we spent our first night at Pirate’s Bight.

Trip looked like this – Road Town –> Indians –> Pirate’s Bight –> Soper’s Hole –> Jost Van Dyke – Soggy Dollar and Foxy’s –> Marina Cay –> Leverick Bay –> Cooper Island –> Road Town

We spent New Year’s at Foxy’s which is known as a hot spot for NYE around the world! Beyond that, there was an amazing surprise in store as well (at least for my brother). My brother is a HUGE fan of Bob Marley and the Wailers. I remember also listening to the album “legend” for the first time, and also thinking how amazing their music was. But, my brother is like an ultimate fan. So, as my dad and him are in line to find out about tickets for the NYE dinner Foxy’s puts on, my brother sees a poster saying concert tonight “featuring Bunny Wailer” – my brother’s mind exploded. I mean, he was practically in shock. Bunny hadn’t performed in at least a decade, and my brother was going to be able to see him perform! So, of course, we bought four tickets to the concert for my brother, his wife, my sister, and myself. The older folk were on babysitting duty. It really was a night of a lifetime, and one I’ll never forget, simply because my brother was on top of the world.




My sister and I LOVED snorkeling!


My brother and I hanging out on the sailboat.


Swimming in the ocean blue.


Family night out on NYE at Foxy’s!


About to go hike in my bikini and run shoes! <3


London and I playing in the water


My brother playing with London <3

After two weeks of fam time, it was back to San Diego, and back to my new job! Sadly two days in, I came down with the flu :( And have been bed ridden since Wednesday. Almost on the mend though, and then going to ease back into training.

I did workout while I was home in Wisconsin, and swam a bit in the BVI. But, no real training since Ironman Arizona. To be honest, it’s been a nice break. I really put in A LOT of effort last year, and it paid off. I’ve started a new job this year, and I LOVE it, and that will be a big priority for me in 2014. I have thought a lot about my goals this year, now that I’m going into the 30-34 age group, as well as, the fact that I have a new job, and there’s a pretty rad guy that I care about, who lives in another country. So my goals this year are as follows:


2. Improve – compete against myself – every race is different, conditions are different etc. so as long as I’m seeing improvement in training, I’m okay with that.

3. HAVE BALANCE – I LOVE triathlon, and I want to keep it that way, so if that means occasionally giving up a swim/bike/run to go to yoga or go hiking or mountain bike or travel, then I want to feel good about that. I want time to read, and go to the movies, and go shopping, or go out to brunch, etc. I NEED it. Sometimes, I like going so hard, I’m exhausted, and other times, I just want to do what I feel like. So…

Cheers to 2014!

Dominican Republic Trip 2 and First Week of Work

When my boss emailed to tell me that she had to push my start date back one week, my head immediately went to…go visit Arturo in the Dominican Republic again! And so I did :) He had to work a lot at the bike shop, as it’s the busiest time of the year though, but we had fun mountain biking on the weekends, and he was prepping to do his first triathlon, so we did some swimming and biking. No running, because he’s dealing with IT Band Syndrome unfortunately :( I taught him how to do flip turns in the pool, which was fun! Most of all it was nice just spending time with him. Going out to eat, watching movies, and just chatting. It was the perfect way to finish out my two month break from being employed.

There were mountain biking excursions…


Stopping to pet the horses!

Tree climbing!

Tree climbing!


As the sun was setting…




Post ride hang out!

There was new food trying…


Trying the tail of a fish…it actually tasted like a cracker. It was good.


Trying Chivo…which is like a goat.


Fish! I’ve seen fish served as a whole, but never tried it myself.

There was baseball game watching…GO AGUILAS!


There was Christmas tree viewing…

The Coca-Cola Christmas Tree.

The Coca-Cola Christmas Tree.

Dog cuddling…

Luna is Arturo's puppy. She is sooo sweet. Love her!

Luna is Arturo’s puppy. She is sooo sweet. Love her!

Mosquito catching…

Mosquito hunting

Mosquito hunting

And dancing!…


Fun night out trying to dance salsa, merengue, bachata, etc.

I got in late Sunday night after nearly 15hrs of travel, mostly due to delayed flights and such, almost missed my last plane back to SD from Atlanta, but I was soooo lucky, and there were too many people missing from the flight that they held it. A-mazing! I started my new job at Internet Marketing Inc. this past week. I am a social media project manager. I’m super stoked about my position. I’m finally doing something that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! And, my team is amazing, full of smart and talented women, who are positive, energetic, hard working, fun, the list could go on. BUT, immediately what I thought of after this first week, was how am I going to get my workouts in! I have had Holiday Parties, and friend get togethers, and tons of errands to run, that finding time to work out was HARD! Thank goodness I’m starting this job in my off-season, so that I can get accustomed to everything, and just focus on work.

My boss, Carrie, had a team holiday get together at her house on Wednesday. It was nice to get to know the girl’s better, and just chat outside of work.


Holiday dinner at my boss, Carrie's house, with the social media team!