My Show Tunes Playlist

I have always loved musicals. My musical obsession started out with Newsies. Two words: Christian Bale. Who doesn’t drool over a singing and dancing cowboy? ;) I remember coming home from school and watching Newsies with my brother and sister, and just loving the music. I mean Carry in the Banner? Santa Fe? Oh and let’s not forget about “Spot” – I mean when he opens the gate, his hat is off, and his hair falls down…swoon…

Spot from Newsies

Spot from Newsies



My next obsession was Phantom of the Opera. I will never forget seeing this show for the first time in NYC and the chandelier crashing! It was unbelievable. That was the start of my love of Phantom. The music is so moving. I often find myself listening to Phantom at work, it inspires me.

Yup...that's me in the front rockin' a Phantom of the Opera t-shirt.

Yup…that’s me in the front rockin’ a Phantom of the Opera t-shirt.

And who didn’t want to be Sandra-Dee from Grease? Damn…that all black outfit? She was smokin’. I performed a tap dance routine to “You’re the One that I Want”…

Sweet side pony, and poodle skirt!

Sweet side pony, and poodle skirt!

My LOVE of musicals doesn’t seem to fade. Here are some of my favorite tunes:

1. Cell Block Tango (Chicago)

2. World Will Know (Newsies)

3. Maybe (Annie)

4. The Point of No Return (Phantom of the Opera)

5. Everything’s Coming Up Roses (Gypsy)

6. A Spoonful of Sugar (Mary Poppins)

7. My Favorite Things (Sound of Music)

8. You’re The One That I Want (Grease)


9. Cool Rider (Grease 2 – I mean Michelle Pfeiffer rocked it on the motorcycle)

grease2 cool rider

10. Something There (Beauty and the Beast)

11. One Jump Ahead (Aladdin)

12. Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid)

13. I Just Can’t Wait To Be King (The Lion King)

14. Take Me Or Leave Me (Rent)

15. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (Evita)

16. Over the Rainbow (Wizard of Oz)

17. Hair (Hair)

18. Footloose (Footloose)

19. Sherry (Jersey Boys)

20. Grow Old With You (Wedding Singer)

21. Superstar (Jesus Christ Superstar)

22. Overture I (Frankenstein The Rock Opera – my brother wrote a rock opera to the story of Frankenstein – check out the tune here)

My brother's own musical production.

My brother’s own musical production.

23. Overture II (Frankenstein – listen to that tune here)

24. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (Phantom of the Opera)

I often find myself singing these songs in the shower…or honestly I will even sing them out loud when I’m riding…

What’s your favorite musical or favorite song from a musical?

Today’s Workout – Cycle and Run

Due to the cold, cloudy weather here today in Chicago I opted to cycle on my trainer indoors.  I watched the movie “An Education”, and T.V shows Private Practice and The Mentalist.  I find cycling on my bike is a great time to catch up on shows and movies!  I started out with a 20min warm up spin, slowly increasing the gear, 2min easiest, 3 min next hardest, 4 min next, 5 min next, and 6min next.  Then I did some drills.  I did 4 sets of 3min of Isolated Leg Training, which means for 3 min I switch between just pedaling with my right foot and then just pedaling with my left foot, in between each set I pedal nice easy for 30sec for recovery.  Then I did 4 sets of 3min variable gearing, where I pedal for 40sec in a moderate gear, 20 sec in an easy gear, and 30 sec hard gear.  I pedal for 30sec in between each set for recovery.  After the drills I had raspberry power gels, which I love.  I also was taking water in every 10-15min.  Then I headed into the main set.

I did 11.2 miles @75% of my max heart rate , then did a 3min recovery spin with my heart rate between 60-65%.  Then I cycled for 9.3 miles @ 75% of my max heart rate, and then did another 3min recovery spin with my heart rate between 60-65%.  I, again, cycled for 9.3 miles but this time @84% of my max heart rate with a 2min recovery spin, and then 6.2 miles @84% of my max heart rate to finish strong.  Then I cooled down gradually decreasing my heart rate to below 60% of my max.  At about the 2hr 10min mark I ate my peanut butter and honey sandwich on whole wheat bread to prepare me for my run.  This nutrition plan worked perfectly!  I felt energized on my run.

I then hopped off the bike, quickly changed out of my sweaty clothes into dry clothes and headed down to the treadmill.  I ran for 40min with my heart rate wavering between 75-77%, I tried to keep it in control but sometimes it got a little high, and then I would reduce the speed.  For the last 10 min, my program asked for my heart rate to be at 50-60% near the end, and gradually decrease.  It was kind of difficult, so I had to walk the last 5min in order to really get it to drop.  I have realized that a proper cool down really helps me feel fresh the next day.

Do you always cool down? Or at least try to?

I did some stretching and foam rolling to finish the day off!

Heading out for tapas tonight to celebrate mother’s day!!!