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Race Week!

Race week! I’m really excited to be doing St. George 70.3 again. I did it last year and I drove out with my dad and it was really fun! You can read about last year’s pre-race week here, and my race report here. St. George is a very very beautiful […]

race reports

Desert Tri 2016 Race Report

I don’t even know where to begin because the weekend was full of so much awesomeness. Desert Triathlon is an awesome early season race, and I’m so happy to have done it again! Here’s the recap: Topher and I drove out Friday and caravanned with Jim and Kris (Topher’s parents), […]

Ask Katie

Ask Katie #4

I’m kicking today’s blog post off with this… This week hasn’t been easy, I’ve been dealing with a sprained ankle, which is never any fun, and work has been super busy and stressful lately, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s ebbs and flows in […]


Ask Katie #1

I get questions all the time, and so I wanted to launch a blog post series where I reshare the questions asked, and my answers. Sometimes they are personal, sometimes they are simply where are those sunglasses from, or sometimes it’s about training or travel or whatever. I’m an open […]

race reports

St. George 70.3 Race Report

I just walked in the door after the drive back from St. George, and fortunately got to catch up with two of my friends who both raced, Payton and Keith. They both have done St. George 70.3 before, and to my surprise, they both thought that this years race was […]