Nature Rocks and the Cardiff Kook 10k

I LOVED this week! Seriously. I may have been tired. And it was my fourth straight week of training without a rest day, but this week rocked! My week started out with this…


Seriously, the sky was unreal. It looked like a water color painting. For some reason, when nature is so rad, like in this moment, it just makes me super grateful for life :)

I also did a run along the coast and got to see this…


It was just such a peaceful, beautiful week to be outside…


Thursday night I met up with some friends to celebrate some birthdays, one of which was my coach’s! I just love how triathlon social gatherings start early and end early :) It’s the best.


Beth and I at Beachside celebrating her bday!


Beth, Me, The LEGEND – Mike Rouse (who just ran 36 miles for a friends 36th birthday), and Tatiana

Then Friday, it was up early for Master’s swim at the Y. And boy did Hux have a workout planned for us. I seriously thought I was going to throw up. We did the following for the main set:

25 fast, 25 fast (which ended up being 50 fast), 100 easy, 50 fast

25 fast, 25 fast, 100 easy, 100 fast – repeat the 25′s and the easy 100, followed by a 150 fast at the end, then 200 fast at the end, then back down the pyramid 200, 150, 100, 50. All I know is I was CHASING feet, and I was pretty sure my arms couldn’t pull another stroke after this workout.

Friday night, I seriously fell asleep at 7:15pm, and I slept all the way until 9am Saturday morning. Tired much? But, I LOVED every second of snuggling in my bed, and closing my eyes felt soooo good. You know that feeling when your eyes start to burn, and then you close them, and it’s like a relief. I love that feeling.

Saturday, I went for a 3hr ride along the coast. I was gonna go inland and do some climbing with a group, but my legs were tired, and I knew I was racing the next day, so I kept it simple and just rode the coast. I’m sooo HAPPY I did, because I was very fortunate to see FOUR different pods of dolphins on my ride. I couldn’t believe how many dolphins were out playing. I stopped twice to just watch and enjoy. Dolphins are by far my favorite animal, (although monkeys are a close second), and I can’t remember the last time I saw dolphins off the coast.


Unfortunately, the iphone zoom sucks, so you can’t really see the pod of dolphins, but I shot one of them coming to the surface for a hot second. The water is NOT this blue here in SD, I wish it were. But, I made it this blue so that the dolphin stood out, and to make the photo pretty :)


The view of the ocean from my ride.

I headed out for a short shake out run, and then it was time to head to the master’s swim party of the year. I was super excited to hang out with my new lane mates, Jene and Jenn.


Lane 5 ladies – Jene, me, and Jenn. Jenn won “hottie” of the year award.

Today, I woke up, had my usual pre-race “meal”:


Bonk Breakers are my fave. I ALWAYS have one before I race. Although, I always change up the flavors.


New shoes for the first race of 2013. Saucony Cortana. LOVE it!

Let me preface how this race went with, I have not done a straight 10k in probably 5 years. I knew it was gonna hurt. I had no expectations. I was actually expecting to see 8min/miles on my watch. I was sore, my legs were tired, and well, I haven’t done a single speed session pretty much since September. So, this was gonna be interesting. I remember thinking, just go hard, and whatever pace that is, deal with it, you will get better as the season goes on. The first half is mostly downhill, and the second half is all uphill.

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 8.42.34 PMNot soooo bad. Lots of improvement to be made. I like thinking…I can only get better :) The best part though is I ended up getting 2nd in the 18-28 age group! Who knows how that happened, but I’ll take it!


Beth, me, and Katya. Congrats to Beth on a new PR! Rockin’ Oakley :)

Then quickly showered, changed, to go get interviewed for a documentary that is being made on my brother. My brother has a crazy life, a crazy story, and I’m super pumped for it to get told, because ultimately it is a story about never giving up on your dream. Inspiring.


Then met up with Beth and Jene for a recovery swim, and then it was time for some SuperBowl bevvies to wrap up a solid week!


Guess who ordered the Bud Light? Yup…the Wisconsin girl ;) Gotta have a beer OR mimosa when watching football.


Thanks everyone for a solid and fun week of training! I’m BIG TIME looking forward to my first rest day in a month on Tuesday:)