This week was all about juggling. I’m not always good at juggling. I do best either completely being on vacation, drinking, chillaxin’, or being on a schedule and having a routine. There were a lot of social and work events, that made this past week, a week of little sleep, and a lot of activity. But, I LOVED every single minute of it.

Sweet spots of the week:

1. Another AWESOME week of master’s swim – I’m starting to like swimming :)

2. Running in Santa Monica

3. Meeting up with my childhood best friend who I hadn’t seen in 12yrs!

This week is best summed up in pics, as there weren’t any training milestones, except that I have made it through 3 straight weeks with no rest days! And well, I was REALLY hoping to see a rest day on the schedule this week, I didn’t, but instead of being intimidated, I embraced it. I feel TOUGH. haha. I’m REALLY looking forward to February 5th though. My first rest day in a month…crazy, but I’m actually feeling good. And that’s why Beth and I agreed that we’ll wait one more week for me to have a rest day, because my energy level is still high, and well I’m LOVING training :) AND, I’m going to CO to visit my sister, and two of my best friends in a few weeks, and that will be a little more low key, so that I have time to hit the slopes, and have some fun with them.


Tuesday, I met up with a friend in Dana Point. How beautiful is this? It was seriously spectacular.







This is my niece, London. When my brother or sister-in law send me pics, it just makes my day/week. She simply warms my heart. She just might be my favorite person in the world. I mean, how cute is she? I just LOVE getting pics and videos of her. She’s going to be sooo BIG next time I see her.



It was my dad’s 59th birthday on Friday. I can’t believe he’s 59! Definitely going to have to have a blowout 60th bday party for him next year. This pic is from my brother’s wedding a few years ago. It’s one of my favorites of my dad and I.

Then, on Friday, we had a baby shower for my boss. It was super fun! We played some fun games. One of the games we had to make a “baby” out of play dough. There were 4 categories that your play dough baby could potential win. They were: most realistic, most silly, most disturbing, and most creative. My niece London, learned to crawl by putting a cell phone in front of her, so I decided to create this…



Mine won “most disturbing”…hmmm…seems normal to me. haha. But, I guess baby’s crawling after technology is weird. At least I won ;)

Then I ate a cupcake that turned my mouth blue:



It was worse than this, but the other picture my friend took, is just CREEPY.

I thought my “cell phone” was funny…



Then it was off to Santa Monica for the weekend! Unfortunately, it rained most of the time I was there, not that I expected their weather to be too different from San Diego, where it was also raining. I had never been to Santa Monica before. So, we went to the promenade and walked around, and then ate dinner at Buddha’s Belly, had the Chicken Pad Thai, which rocked. Hadn’t had pasta in who knows how long, but it was goooood.

Saturday, I did my long run, since the weather was kind of crappy, although it was sunny for a short bit, and fortunately I timed my run just right, so I got to run when it was sunny :) One of my friends who lives in Santa Monica, gave me a route to run, since I’m unfamiliar with the area. It was fun to run somewhere new. It makes the run fly by!




Didn’t make it to San Vicente, which I hear is an awesome place to run, but will have to run the “out and back” next time :)

Saturday night was the REUNION of the century! I met up with one of my best childhood friends. I hadn’t seen her in 12 years! It was amazing, and we picked up right where we left off. Her brother, who was best friends with my brother growing up, also came and met up with us. Funny part to this story…her name is Katie, and her mom’s name is Holly, my name is Katie, and my mom’s name is Holly. I just think that’s a fun fact.



We had dinner and drinks at R&D Kitchen. It was pretty darn good. And it’s Katie and CJ’s favorite spot. They go there at least 1x/wk and know EVERYONE that works there.



All three of us! The Town Club kids. It was so fun reminiscing about all the lifeguards we had crushes on and what all those lifeguards are doing now.



Cheers to one AWESOME reunion!



It was my brother’s 31st birthday on Sunday! So I made him this…



It’s crazy how my sister, my dad, and my brother’s bdays are all in January, and right next to each other pretty much. January was always a crazy month in our house hold.

Then it was back home on Sunday to ride my bike :)



Somehow I managed to get it all in! Even if it meant waking up at 4:45am to do it! I was pretty proud of myself:)