Coronado 10k Race Report

I flew in late Saturday night. My flight got in at 10:18pm, and I didn’t even get my bags until about 10:50pm, then I had to go pick up my car at the parking garage that was off site. I didn’t get to my friend Hannah’s until 11:30pm, and didn’t fall asleep until midnight. Between my late night Karaoke venture in Colorado, travel and little sleep before the race, I was creating a not so great recipe for race day success. I already was starting to come down with a cold too (P.S I haven’t been sick once since moving to CA, apparently all the travel has finally caught up with me). It was no bueno. I woke up at 6am, race was at 8am, fell back asleep, and woke up again at 6:30am, and started to get ready. Already, my throat was killing me, I was exhausted, and my legs felt dead. But, I told myself, it’s a 10k, it’s just fun, go out and give it your best shot, and that will be the best you have today given the circumstances.

vday race


I look mega tired in this photo. Hannah and I before the race. I then took off to warm-up. My legs felt pretty tired, not gonna lie. And my motivation was you can sleep all day in your bed if you want after this race.

So, the gun went off, and I started out strong. I remember thinking after mile 1, I totally forgot to have any water this morning. Damn. The race is super flat and fast. And I was thinking my goal is to just carry the same pace I did two weeks ago in the Cardiff Kook, or even come in a second faster. I was doing alright. Here were the splits:

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 3.45.09 PM



The 7:45 split killed me. Not sure what happened there, I think it was pretty windy on that mile, but still. So, I believe I ended up averaging 7:27min/miles and finished with a 46:30 which isn’t too shabby, and not too far off my run two weeks ago given the circumstances. Well I get to test my 10k speed off the bike in two weeks!

Oakley Align Bra


Since the race had a Valentine’s Day theme, I rocked my pink and white Oakley Women’s Align bra. I had a lot of ladies asking about it at the race, and after the race on facebook and twitter. You can find it here. I then grabbed a scramble from Seaside Market, went home, put my feet up, ate, hot shower, and took much needed nap.

Super stoked to get back to a routine, and kick this cold!

This medal is pretty rad for a 10k!

This medal is pretty rad for a 10k!