April Bikini Bootcamp

Let me kick your butt this Monday! ;) It’s time to get ready for beach and bikini season! Contact me at katie at theprojectneon dot com to sign up! There is a referral discount so pass the love along too! <3 Look forward to seeing your bright and smiley faces early in the AM on Monday!


A Balancing Act

Life this past week was a balancing act. A balance between doing what I should be doing, and doing what I want to be doing. But, truly, why can’t they be the same thing? Shouldn’t we be doing what we want to be doing? If you ask me, the answer is an obvious….YES!

So, I did do, what I wanted to be doing, because it is what I should be doing. :)

The beginning of the week started with some rest, because I was fighting a cold. Then, I hit my workouts hard. Then rested again, because my workouts wore me out. Then my best friend from college came to visit, and I spent every moment, focusing on spending time with her, catching up, and making memories.

I started out by letting my inner child out…


I jumped off rocks for fun!




There were lots of smiles :)

I got my butt kicked by a Sandstorm


But at least I looked cute in my Coeur Team Kit and my Oakley Women’s Immerse sunglasses. :)

I got brunch with one of my old personal training clients from Chicago! I hadn’t seen Nikolina in 2 years, and it was sooooo much fun to catch up. Next time stay longer :)


Nikolina and I at Honey’s, one of my fave brunch places.

Then Betsy came to town!!!!


We started off with a lagoon loop run! Obviously :)


Life really is a balancing act.


Post run on the beach

We then hit up my absolute favorite café in all of San Diego….The Naked Café. Betsy and I ate brunch here 7 years ago, when we went on a 6 week road trip all around the U.S.


We love this place!

We then made our way to Torrey Pines for some hiking!


Besties <3


Play time in the water!


One of the best views in all of San Diego.

It was then girl’s night out. We met up with my friend Jené and Kelly at Bier Garden for some beers and dinner. And I got to wear out one of my new favorite StitchFix items, this tank. <3


Ignore the evil eyes


Always acting goofy

Since, Betsy is a foodie, it was time to introduce her to the famous Acai Bowl. So, brunch outside at Swami’s it was.


One of the best meals, San Diego has to offer. Refreshing, filling, and delicious!

The last time I went perusing local shops was…????? It was so nice to just window shop, and/or purchase a few fun things. So, we strolled and just enjoyed some time post-brunch looking in stores.


I bought this cute frame for my room. So…true!


I love this!

And then after some fun strolling…we hit up the beach. Again, last time I just laid out and enjoyed the sun was in the BVI…it was time to do it at home! Enjoy all that San Diego has to offer!


I love the beach!


Jené joined us, and of course, we had to take the GoPro out for some action shots!

After a day in the sun, it was time to show Betsy our famous San Diegan sunsets, and of course celebrate with a little red wine. :)


Sunset and wine. Yes please.


Oh…forgot to mention….Miss Seal…she washed up on shore to do some Molting…which is shedding….and because of the latest storm, she somehow ended up being separated from her fellow seals, as they usually all molt together. Poor Seal. :(

Sunday morning, we went to brunch at Honey’s, and I indulged in an artichoke, chicken sausage omelette. YUM!



After dropping Betsy off at the airport, I headed back to the beach, to top off the weekend of some fun in the sun! I couldn’t resist. Training was just going to have to wait til Monday.




Although, I did get some beach running in, just a tad. :)


In love with my new reversible bikini by Maaji Swimwear.


My favorite purchases from the weekend.


Last night’s sunset, reminded me of how in love with life I am.


And this morning’s quote….was a great way to kick off this week!


Cheers to last week, The Balancing Act. Ready to put in a hard week of training to continue my prep for Oceanside 70.3! Hope everyone had a great week!

The Sandstorm Workout

No no no, not a workout to the epic dance song, but I literally worked out in a sandstorm yesterday. On the schedule was a triple brick. 20k TT, 2 mile run, 20k TT, 2 mile run, 20k TT, 2 mile run. Obviously with a warm up and cool down too. This is a typical workout, Beth gives me when prepping for big races. And I love it. I usually head down to Fiesta island, where it’s about 4.1 miles around. There is a paved loop for cyclists and runners, and a lot of people use it for training. 3 loops around equals 20k. It’s perfect. Boring. But perfect. 


The loop I do starts at point 5, and then you just keep going around and around and around.

So, I pack up my car, and drive the 25min down to Fiesta. I hop on my bike and start pedaling, and boom, there is a strong headwind. I thought it would let up at some point, but no, for 3/4 of the loop I had a ridiculous headwind.

Loop 1 – check

Loop 2 – “okay, I guess I’m just going to have to deal with this. This is going to be one mentally tough workout. grrrrr. I hate the wind”

Beginning of 20k TT #1

Loop 1 – “Seriously, I’m going nowhere. I’m pedaling, but not going anywhere.”

Loop 2 – “Wow, I’m really glad I’m not that couple on those beach cruisers, they look like they are about to fall over, they are moving so slow.”

Loop 3 – “Can the sand please stop hitting me? It kinda hurts.”

Beginning of 2 mile run

1st mile into headwind – “Just keep moving, just keeping moving”

2nd mile with tailwind – “I AM FLYING”

2nd 20k TT

Loop 1 – “Why am I doing this?”

Loop 2 – “Seriously, why am I doing this?”

Loop 3 – “I think I have eaten a pound of sand. This sucks. Why am I doing this?”

2nd 2 mile run

1st mile with headwind – “I’m not sure this is really that much fun”

2nd mile with tailwind – “I really don’t want to get on my bike again, and pedal into that f’ing headwind. I should do it. No, it sucks. I should do it. I feel like sh*t. I should do it. OMG, no, no, I’m not going to do it, I’m pretty sure I just saw a sand dune created in the middle of the road.”

And that was the end of the triple brick in a sand storm – that ended up being a double brick. I still was proud that I stuck it out as long as I did. I consulted with my roommate, Keith, who is a pro triathlete who had ridden down to Fiesta to do some efforts too, but after 2 loops, he was like this is ridiculous. He said he has never in all of his fiesta riding experience, EVER had wind like that. And when he was just as pissed off at the wind, if not more, than me, I instantly felt really good about my decision to leave the island, and call it a day after two bricks. :)

I may have bonked, I may have eaten a lb of sand, and I may have been pissed off at the wind, but at least I looked cute in my new Coeur Sports Team Kit and Oakley Women’s Immerse sunglasses ;)



San Diego International Triathlon Race Report

I had signed up for this race because tons of people I knew were doing it, and I had heard great things. It’s always nice to throw some speedy triathlons in there, to check in and see where your speed is at. I hadn’t done any tapering for this race, and in fact had had two BIG weeks of training going in. So, I wasn’t expecting crazy results. But, was just excited to put in a good solid effort.


Standard race day braids.

SDIT is a 1000m swim, 30k bike, and a 10k run. Kind of an odd distance race, but I thought a short swim, and shortish bike, and a longish run, would definitely suit my strengths, or so I thought…


Beautiful morning!

SWIM – 1000m – 16:07 (1:30/100yd) – 6th AG

This is RIGHT on point. My swimming has come a loooong way. I couldn’t believe that I finally had a good swim. When the gun went off, I stayed right with the front of the pack. My friend Jené had told me that our other friend Christine was a good swimmer, so I tried to stay with Christine. She was wearing a sleeveless, so it made it easier to keep her in sight. There was a girl between me and Christine, and rather than try to swim around, I thought I would just sit tight, and draft. So, I did, but then suddenly as we made the first turn, Christine was gone. Seriously? No wonder I felt like I wasn’t working as hard anymore. So, I quickly separated myself from the girl who’s feet I was following, and tried to chase Christine down, although I never ended up seeing her again. So, I focused on just swimming hard.

I think I’ve finally learned how to swim HARD. In master’s (which I go to 2-3x/wk), I push myself outside of my comfort zone. Chasing feet, or leading our lane, and having people chase mine. I have totally gotten comfortable going really hard in the pool. And I finally was able to translate that into the open water on race day.

T1: 1:49 – no major mishaps, got my wetsuit off, threw on helmet, shoes, and off I went.

Bike – 30k – 55:21 (20.2 mph) – 11th AG

All I can say is dang it. I really don’t know how to bike hard. It’s just the truth. When I “think” I’m biking hard, I’m really just “grinding”. That’s the only way I feel like I’m working. So, I need to work on this, because clearly that isn’t how you bike fast. Also, when I should have been tackling hills (p.s this course has 1000 feet of climbing in 18.6 miles), and getting up out of the saddle, I wasn’t. Scared? Maybe. I get up out of the saddle in training, when I do Torrey Pines Hill Repeats, but I don’t “tackle” hills, when I’m just out riding. I need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable on the bike. I need to push outside that comfort zone, just like I have done with swimming. Beth is going to have me work on cadence and tackling hills starting this week. Clearly need to take maybe some bike technique classes or something? I’ve always just functioned off fitness, but now, I think I need to learn how to actually ride one.

T2: 1:26 – racked my bike, threw on my shoes, and took off.

Run – 10k – 52:33 (8:29 min/mile) – 11th AG

The first two miles my legs felt DEAD! Seriously. I could barely move them. At around mile 3, they started to pick up, and feel better, but my stomach was starting to feel wacky. Oh no. Not good. This run, turned out to be somewhat disastrous. With a 3min pit stop, and just overall stomach issues. I was totally bummed, because at mile 3, I was running 7:30 pace, and I knew if I kept that up I would catch at least two girls in front of me, because I could see them. But, then suddenly, without any notice, it just went to pieces. Bummer. Somehow no one passed me, even with the 3min pit stop, so I feel very fortunate about that.

Total Time: 2:07:18 – 11th AG

I have a lot to work on. And most of that is pushing myself harder in training. Not being scared to “hurt”. I know how to do it in running, I’ve learned how to do it with swimming, now I need to learn how to do it on the bike.

Am I pretty bummed with 11th AG, and a 52:33 run. Yes. But, I’ll take it given the circumstances of my run. And without bad races, we wouldn’t know what we need to work on. So, I’m thankful for not having the race of my life on this day, I’ll save that for the BIG one coming up in 10 weeks. :)


Post-race cuddle! It was FREEZING post-race. Who knows where that sun went when the race started.

Props to Jené she had a FANTASTIC race, and got 1st in our AG! Congrats

Side note: Crazy Story…

I went to this triathlon happy hour two weeks ago, and was meeting a bunch of new people. And then there was the typical, where you from, etc. I met this guy Chris, who said he was from Wisconsin. I was like, “me too! Where in Wisconsin?” He says, “Milwaukee”. “Me too! Where in Milwaukee?” He just so happens to have grown up in Fox Point, which is the same suburb I grew up in! We grew up 5 blocks from each other!!! Crazy! #smallworld. So, here’s a pic of Chris and I below after the race. Fun Fact: his mom even taught my bro in 2nd grade. So fun! (Chris also rocked it, and got 3rd in his AG!)


Cheeseheads ;)

11 Weeks Til Ironman Wisconsin

Well I completed my first BIG BUILD week for Ironman Wisconsin specific training.

When Beth, and I spoke, I told her my goals, and well we decided to make my training challenging, yet doable. With the flexibility of being able to work from home at least once a week, this also allows me to put a little extra time in.

Highlights from this week:

- Tempo treadmill sesh with Coach

- First La Jolla Cove swim of the year!

- First 95 mile bike ride of the year!

- Got moved into the 1:30 lane at Master’s!

- Saw the dentist and the eye doc – No cavities and still have 20/20 vision! – In fact, eye doc told me I probably won’t need glasses for another 15-20yrs. SWEET!


Monday – Swim, Run, Strength – Logged 3500yds in the pool, had a nice easy recovery run, and then went to Rehab United for some social strength training. I often do my own strength training workouts, but once a week I like to go get my butt kicked with other triathletes at Rehab United.

Tuesday – Run, Bike – TEMPO TUESDAY! – woohoo! I headed to the treadmill for a good sweat sesh, and hopped on the one right next to Beth. She is speedy, and I tried to feed off her speed and energy as I powered through my speed workout. Believe me it was SWEATY. Here’s a pic of Beth killin’ it. My bike was just an easy spin to recover from the morning tready sesh.


Also, went to the dentist on Tuesday. I usually do my 2x/yr cleaning back at home in Wisco, but I need to establish myself here, and it was time to find a dentist. Ummm…things have gotten high tech. First off, my new dentist is AMAZING. She is full of positive energy, and is a boat load of fun. I needed xrays, and then got my teeth cleaned. This isn’t that exciting of news, except, that I thought it was kinda fun, that everything they did, I could see up on the screen…




Sad story – one of my little “incisors” has had only 25% of the root left for quite sometime. Sadly, it’s about down to 15%. It’s still strong and stable. But, due to my brother accidentally hitting me in the mouth with the back of his head when I was little, has ended up to be a pain in the a$$ now. So, eventually I’m going to have to get a new tooth. WEIRD. But, hopefully not for another 5 or so yrs.

I mean they let you watch t.v and put headphones on you, while they clean your teeth. That’s what I’m talking about. 5 star service. :)

Wednesday – Swim, Bike/Run brick – this is when I was told I can’t swim in the 1:35 lane anymore. ha! So, I moved up to the 1:30 lane, and got my butt kicked. But, it was a good butt kickin’. I need to continue to push myself, and step outside my comfort zone. Sometimes I’m scared to fail in the pool, and so I play it safe, it’s where I’m least comfortable to begin with, but I’m getting comfortable with being uncomfortable in the pool.

My bike/run brick was UNBELIEVABLE. Seriously, it was a PERFECT evening out. I had a tempo brick to do, so I headed to Camp Pendleton so I could really accelerate without worrying too much about cars/traffic. I was sent a new product on the market: HUMA Gels (made out of chia seeds), and I thought this brick would be a perfect one to try the gel out. They sent me strawberry and apple cinnamon. I went with apple cinnamon for this brick. After my killer bike tempo workout, I put the bike in the car, threw the running shoes on, and took my HUMA gel. It was actually delicious. It reminded me kind of of apple sauce. YUM. The texture and the taste. I ran along the Oceanside 70.3 run course, and had a really solid training session.


Sometimes, I just can’t believe I live here. It had always been a dream, and now I live it every single day as a reality. AMAZING!




- No stomach problems

- Taste was delicious

- 100 calories

- Liked the consistency

- I have now tried it before a swim, before a bike, and before a run, and on a brick, and all four times, I loved it, definitely will be adding it to the mix

I also visited the eye doc on Wednesday. I hadn’t had my eyes checked in maybe 10yrs, so thought it might be a good idea, to just double check that all is still grand. And it was. Once, again, my new eye doc, is AMAZING. She’s hilarious, and we just laughed, talked boys, pop culture, fitness, the whole shebang. The whole time I was like this chick rocks. Would highly recommend her.

Thursday – Strength, and Torrey Repeats. I LOVE Torrey Repeats. I still have a lot of work to do with my climbing, and so it gives me an opportunity to get stronger and better.


On my way home from TP, I spun by the Del Mar fair grounds. It was just sooo colorful, and looked like a ton of fun, that I had to take a pic.

Friday – First swim of the year at The Cove! It was a perfect eve for an ocean swim. Beth met up with me there, and we hit the water. We just swam a mile. But, I definitely need to practice more open water swimming. I like The Cove, because there are lots of other people swimming, so you are never alone in the water, but I don’t like it because parking is a nightmare in La Jolla on a Friday afternoon, and the KELP scene is TERRIBLE. Although, it wasn’t too bad on Friday. We stayed for the tri club potluck. It was another awesome day. :)

Beth and I rocking our Zoot Prophet Wetsuits.

Beth and I rocking our Zoot Prophet Wetsuits.


The Infamous La Jolla Cove.

Saturday – It was up and at ‘em for an early morning ride with my friend Jen. She is a stellar cyclist and had to ride 3-4hrs easy, and I had 4-5hrs at “ride as you like with the group”. I love this phrase, because I can smash myself, or go easy. So, the beginning of the ride, we went relatively easy. And about an hour in this happened:


Water bottle cage fell off. DANG!

A screw fell out (reminder to self: always tighten screws prior to a ride). Have no idea where the screw went, we road around looking for it for a few minutes, but then decided to just move on. So, I had no choice, but to leave it on the side of the road, and I put the one water bottle I had in my back jersey pocket, and I still had my one bottle in my aero cage. Bummer.

Anyway, we then met up with pro triathlete Katya, who is SPEEDY on the bike. And I got my butt kicked for the next 3 1/2 hrs. Which was a good thing. I need to work on my cycling badly. I ended up totaling 95 miles with a lot of climbing! I followed it up with a solid tempo brick run. SOLID SATURDAY.

Sunday – Long run, and swim sesh. I headed down the coast Sunday morning for my long run. I rarely run down the coast, and instead usually run on trails for my long run, but thought I’d mix it up. I LOVED every second of it, mostly because every couple miles, I would see someone I knew, and it would give me a rush of energy. I spent a lot of the day, running errands, and tracking my friends who were doing IMCdA. All of whom CRUSHED it! Then I headed to the pool with Jené for an evening swim sesh. She finished before I did, as we had different workouts we had to do, and suddenly she was at the edge of the pool with her phone…I thought she was taking a “vine” or “instagram” video, so I look up:


And boom, she shot this pic of me. ha! Love it!

Total hours for the week: 20hrs 50min


Another big week ahead, and also racing the San Diego International Triathlon this weekend. Should be fun!

Side Note: My friend Anabel finished her first Ironman this weekend at CdA, not only did she finish, but she finished in under 11 hours, and placed 7th in AG. AMAZING! She has inspired me more than I can say. CONGRATS Anabel!

Second Side Note: Three Soas Racing teammates also did IMCdA this weekend, Page, Dawn, and Debbie, congrats to all three of you! So, so proud!

Third Side Note: I signed up to do IMCdA next year in 2014! WOOHOO! It will be Ironman #4, if all goes well at IMWI and IMAZ this year.

A Week of Hits and Misses

Last week, was a crazy week. My boss just recently went on maternity leave, and my plate has gotten crazy full. I’ve had to do a few damage control items for clients, and had to make a last minute trip to L.A that unfortunately put a bit of a wrench in my workouts last week. I HATE missing workouts. Seriously, I have a hard time dealing with feeling guilty, or feeling like I should make them up. How does one move on? Well, like all things, eventually enough time passes, and you forget that you missed a workout. :)

I’m 8 weeks out from Wildflower, the first big race of the season, and slowly I might be being talked into doing Leadman…not sure yet…either way…8 weeks is gonna fly by! That means every workout counts between now and then, at least I feel that way. Yes, a workout here or there might be missed, but I like knowing I did everything I could to put together my best performance on race day.

I definitely made up for those missed workouts this week, and that feeling of guilt, when I had my first 4hr ride on Saturday, and my first real brick too, with a 30min t-run! I forgot all about those missed workouts, and enjoyed the day. :)

bike palm trees

And riding is ALWAYS better with friends…

Beth, Jen, and me...

As per usual, I got my butt handed to me. These two girls (Beth and Jen) were tapering for Ironman Cabo, and just out for an easy ride, and I was huffing and puffing the whole way. We did the Elfin loop, which has some nice climbs, and is a good 3ish hr ride. They dropped off, and I finished up my last hour along the coast, letting my heart rate come back down, and spinning out my legs. Beth gave me permission to stop since I had a hard ride, BUT, I had missed a couple workouts, no way was I not going to do all 4hrs!

poolSunday is a day for “fun” swimming. A day to just float, kick, do some drills, and just have fun in the water. So, when my friend Jene, invited me to go to a swim clinic, I was all in. It was perfect, we learned to swim with a “boom”, and like Cadillacs (thanks Alan for all the AWESOME new swim lingo). I definitely learned A LOT in this swim clinic. It was probably the best swim clinic I’ve ever been to. And when I put what I learned into practice at Monday’s 6am swim practice (which by the way was brutal to get up for due to Daylights Savings), I was crusin’. It felt awesome!

I had a long run to do that day, and ran a new route in a new hood, and it made for a really fun run. I then had one more workout to get in, and even though it was optional, again I saw it as a time to “make up” for those missed workouts. So I headed out along the coast for an easy 90min spin. It was 72 and sunny. And it was 5:30pm and the sun wasn’t even close to setting. It was the perfect end to a perfect weekend.

Coronado 10k Race Report

I flew in late Saturday night. My flight got in at 10:18pm, and I didn’t even get my bags until about 10:50pm, then I had to go pick up my car at the parking garage that was off site. I didn’t get to my friend Hannah’s until 11:30pm, and didn’t fall asleep until midnight. Between my late night Karaoke venture in Colorado, travel and little sleep before the race, I was creating a not so great recipe for race day success. I already was starting to come down with a cold too (P.S I haven’t been sick once since moving to CA, apparently all the travel has finally caught up with me). It was no bueno. I woke up at 6am, race was at 8am, fell back asleep, and woke up again at 6:30am, and started to get ready. Already, my throat was killing me, I was exhausted, and my legs felt dead. But, I told myself, it’s a 10k, it’s just fun, go out and give it your best shot, and that will be the best you have today given the circumstances.

vday race


I look mega tired in this photo. Hannah and I before the race. I then took off to warm-up. My legs felt pretty tired, not gonna lie. And my motivation was you can sleep all day in your bed if you want after this race.

So, the gun went off, and I started out strong. I remember thinking after mile 1, I totally forgot to have any water this morning. Damn. The race is super flat and fast. And I was thinking my goal is to just carry the same pace I did two weeks ago in the Cardiff Kook, or even come in a second faster. I was doing alright. Here were the splits:

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 3.45.09 PM



The 7:45 split killed me. Not sure what happened there, I think it was pretty windy on that mile, but still. So, I believe I ended up averaging 7:27min/miles and finished with a 46:30 which isn’t too shabby, and not too far off my run two weeks ago given the circumstances. Well I get to test my 10k speed off the bike in two weeks!

Oakley Align Bra


Since the race had a Valentine’s Day theme, I rocked my pink and white Oakley Women’s Align bra. I had a lot of ladies asking about it at the race, and after the race on facebook and twitter. You can find it here. I then grabbed a scramble from Seaside Market, went home, put my feet up, ate, hot shower, and took much needed nap.

Super stoked to get back to a routine, and kick this cold!

This medal is pretty rad for a 10k!

This medal is pretty rad for a 10k!

My Show Tunes Playlist

I have always loved musicals. My musical obsession started out with Newsies. Two words: Christian Bale. Who doesn’t drool over a singing and dancing cowboy? ;) I remember coming home from school and watching Newsies with my brother and sister, and just loving the music. I mean Carry in the Banner? Santa Fe? Oh and let’s not forget about “Spot” – I mean when he opens the gate, his hat is off, and his hair falls down…swoon…

Spot from Newsies

Spot from Newsies



My next obsession was Phantom of the Opera. I will never forget seeing this show for the first time in NYC and the chandelier crashing! It was unbelievable. That was the start of my love of Phantom. The music is so moving. I often find myself listening to Phantom at work, it inspires me.

Yup...that's me in the front rockin' a Phantom of the Opera t-shirt.

Yup…that’s me in the front rockin’ a Phantom of the Opera t-shirt.

And who didn’t want to be Sandra-Dee from Grease? Damn…that all black outfit? She was smokin’. I performed a tap dance routine to “You’re the One that I Want”…

Sweet side pony, and poodle skirt!

Sweet side pony, and poodle skirt!

My LOVE of musicals doesn’t seem to fade. Here are some of my favorite tunes:

1. Cell Block Tango (Chicago)

2. World Will Know (Newsies)

3. Maybe (Annie)

4. The Point of No Return (Phantom of the Opera)

5. Everything’s Coming Up Roses (Gypsy)

6. A Spoonful of Sugar (Mary Poppins)

7. My Favorite Things (Sound of Music)

8. You’re The One That I Want (Grease)


9. Cool Rider (Grease 2 – I mean Michelle Pfeiffer rocked it on the motorcycle)

grease2 cool rider

10. Something There (Beauty and the Beast)

11. One Jump Ahead (Aladdin)

12. Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid)

13. I Just Can’t Wait To Be King (The Lion King)

14. Take Me Or Leave Me (Rent)

15. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (Evita)

16. Over the Rainbow (Wizard of Oz)

17. Hair (Hair)

18. Footloose (Footloose)

19. Sherry (Jersey Boys)

20. Grow Old With You (Wedding Singer)

21. Superstar (Jesus Christ Superstar)

22. Overture I (Frankenstein The Rock Opera – my brother wrote a rock opera to the story of Frankenstein – check out the tune here)

My brother's own musical production.

My brother’s own musical production.

23. Overture II (Frankenstein – listen to that tune here)

24. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (Phantom of the Opera)

I often find myself singing these songs in the shower…or honestly I will even sing them out loud when I’m riding…

What’s your favorite musical or favorite song from a musical?

My 28th Birthday Run!

This year for my birthday I thought I would do a birthday run! This may or may not have been inspired by the Mr. Mike Rouse, who had recently run 60 miles for his 60th birthday in Kona, Hawaii. So, I ran 28 miles to celebrate my 28th birthday. This was my journey…


This is where my adventure began….



Then I ran to Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach…



Then UP UP AND UP Torrey Pines…probably my favorite part of the run…it was kind of raining, and the sun was poking through the clouds…I was seriously lovin it…and taking it all in…



I then ran DOWN, DOWN, DOWN into La Jolla…

This was a pretty cool view…body felt good…this was about half way through…



Then I ran to the beautiful beaches of Pacific Beach….(at this point I was feeling like Forrest Gump, but I totally could understand how someone would want to run across the country…it was a really cool adventure)



Then ran into mission valley….



Then this happened….


Then it was time for brunch and mimosas with the girls…the real celebration!

Thanks everyone who joined in, or wished me happy birthday! Super stoked for 28! You all made this year’s birthday celebration super special! xoxo!



Performing Beautifully Days 3&4

Sunday morning began with a a ride to Yountville, to this beautiful park, where we were led by the Tone It Up girls in a strength and toning workout!  Boy, do they like to work the booty just as much as I do.

Afterwards, we had a delicious brunch right there in the park.  We then went back and had about 1hr of free time, before our next activity!  So, we hung out by the pool for a little bit!

We gathered in front of the mansion at the Silverado resort like usual, and were then given the opportunity for a sneak peak at the new Toyota Prius, that is made for someone with an active lifestyle!  How cool is that?

Pro Triathlete Jenny Fletcher and Me

And now it was time to hike!  It was a beautiful hike, and somehow I managed not to take any pictures, mostly because it was so pretty, and I was really enjoying being in nature.  We then had a “picnic” lunch, which had delicious pasta salad, different kinds of sandwiches to choose from, fruit, and cookies.  It was then time to head back, and we had about 1hr of downtime, before we needed to start getting ready for the farewell dinner.

At the farewell dinner, they had a video already made of the entire weekend, including the hike we were just on.  It was super impressive, how fast the photographer and videographer could get things done!  We were entertained with that, which is now on youtube.  Then it was time to boogie down!  I seriously spent 3-4hrs just on the dance floor!  Does that count as a workout for Ironman training?  Probably not, but overall the weekend was fabulous!

Katrina (from Tone it Up), Me, Pro Triathlete Jenny Fletcher, and Karena (from Tone It Up)

Katrina then had a matching Dolce and Gabana bag to my dress, that I could not resist taking a picture of:

Seriously, even the lines match up!

It was then time to call it a night.  This weekend was the most I had stayed up past 10pm in probably the last 4 years!  But, it was all worth it.  I’m still trying to catch up on sleep, slowly but surely I will feel normal again.  It’s been back to reality, and Ironman training.  I am heading back out to the wine country of California in two weeks for Vineman 70.3.  After that the focus will be all Ironman Wisconsin!

Thank you Oakley for the most amazing experience of my life!  Thank you to the other ladies, for making it such a fun weekend.  I’m so excited to have met so many amazing women, who have inspired me to keep going after my dreams.  I’m so excited to be an ambassador of this amazing brand.  To the other women ambassadors, you all are beautiful and I can’t wait til we can get together again!  Who knew, I’d walk away from this experience with lots of new girl friends, who I feel like I’ve known my whole life!

Lastly, Scott, my boyfriend, who is a photographer, thought it would be fun to do a photo shoot of the new Drizzle sunglasses, and here is one of the shots he took, when we were at the beach yesterday.

And here’s all you need to know about the Drizzle sunglasses!  They are definitely a winner, because they are fashionable, yet functional.  We all wore them for all the activities the whole weekend, and they never fogged up, slid off my face, or any of those other annoying things that can happen with sunglasses when you are working out.

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