Colorado Part II – Illegal Pete’s, Vday, Karaoke and more…

Highlights of Part II of my trip in Coloardo:

- Illegal Pete’s (TWICE)

- Many Frozen Yogurt dates (3 in 8 days)

- Karaoke

- Running in Washington Park

Sunday through Thursday I stayed with my sister in Fort Collins. So, I bought a guest pass for the Fort Collins Club, where my sister works out, so that I could get my workouts in.

Monday – Swim and Row

I had never been on a row machine before, so I was kinda pumped to try something new. Here is what I learned:

1. I have no grip strength

2. My arms got tired FAST = arms are weak

3. I’m competitive even on the row machine – was trying to row “faster” than the two dudes next to me ;)

row machine

Tuesday it was off to Boulder, one of my favorite cities in Colorado. Why? Because Illegal Pete’s is there. What is Illegal Pete’s you ask? It is the best burrito restaurant I’ve ever been to. Yes, I know it’s a bold argument, but I’ll tell you why. It’s really simple too. After putting all the ingredients in the burrito, they MIX it up! Yes, they MIX it. This makes it amazing because you don’t get a bite of just one ingredient, like every single other burrito I’ve ever ordered. So, every bite had a mix of chicken, black beans, pinto beans, guacamole, lettuce, salsa, cheese, cilantro, and onion. YUM!Β 

Illegal Pete's


We then stopped off at a coffee shop, because I needed to do some work…



Wednesday – Met up with my friend Kim, who is also an Oakley Women’s Ambassador…

Oakley Ambassadors

Thursday – I headed to Denver to visit my friend Betsy – Thursday was Valentine’s Day…and what better way to celebrate than with a Vday Brunch at Lucille’s. Then we both had to work, and we met up later for a fro yo date!

fro yo


And we watched the movie “360″ – really good…although we both didn’t feel like we had closure at the end…

Thursday was also quite snowy, and while inside at a coffee shop, I couldn’t resist the urge to go catch snowflakes…



I also received this sweet message on Vday, which made my day!

She is the sweetest Valentine I've ever seen. Love my niece, London.

She is the sweetest Valentine I’ve ever seen. Love my niece, London.

Friday – I went for a run in Washington park. It was windy and cold. And I didn’t take my phone because I needed a break from technology. It was peaceful and I loved every second of it. It was then time to hit the local neighborhood bar. Betsy and I met up with a couple of her friends, and it just so happened to be Karaoke night…


Before I continue about our Karaoke performance(s), I just want to say…I have never seen more good looking men all in one place. That goes for Denver in general too. Seriously, single ladies, move to Denver ;) My friend Betsy said, that’s why it’s nick-named “Menver”. I have never heard of that, but seriously there’s a lot of men, and a lot of good looking men at that with midwestern values :)

Okay…back to Karaoke…Betsy and I had our fair share of Karaoke performances in college, so we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to sing together. We had the “great” idea, as we always do to sing songs, that we “think” are going to be awesome crowd pleasers and then…fail. Our “brilliant” idea this time was to sing “What’s Going On” by “Four Non-Blondes”. We started out strong, we had some people say “I love this song”…and then the “oooing” begins. There is so much oooing in this song, it is stupid. Nevertheless it mad for a not so entertaining Karaoke song, but probably an entertaining performance…we did get a standing ovation from a few people.

Then I tried to sing “Good Girl” by Carrie Underwood. NEVER try to sing a Carrie Underwood song for Karaoke, not sure what I was thinking. Thank goodness this was late in the evening:)

Saturday was my last day in Colorado so first up was a fun run with Betsy. She is training for a half marathon, so we headed to Washington park, her favorite place to run.

Wash Park


After a loop or two around the park, we headed back to her place, cleaned up and went downtown because Betsy had never been to Illegal Pete’s, which gave me a great excuse to have a Round 2!

Illegal Pete's

Round 2! It's sooo good!

Round 2! It’s sooo good!


My sister came and met up with us, and then we walked to our favorite book store “Tattered Cover”. I LOVE this independent bookstore. I could spend hours there. Of course I walked out with two new books.

Tattered Cover

I had an awesome trip! It was so good to see my sister, and my friends Betsy and Kim. I will definitely be back again soon! As for training for the week, it was a recovery week, so I enjoyed having the extra time to spend with some of my favorite people.

Now I’m two weeks away from my first tri of the season, Desert International Triathlon. Time to get back to work!