12 Must-Read “Self-Help” Books

For those that don’t know, I’m OBSESSED with self-help books. I love being introspective. I love learning about how people tick, how we can all work together, and how we can better ourselves. I’m constantly trying to become a better person, and I’m also constantly trying to understand others. I love how each one of us is different, and it’s fun to learn about how we all work.

12 Must ReadSelf-HelpBooks

Here is a list of my Top 12 Self-Help Books (I know there are TONS more, and I have sooo many on my list, but here are the ones that I’ve read so far that I love)

1. The Power of Now – I read this right when I moved out to California, and it truly helped me live in the moment, and has some pretty powerful words on love, and it honestly kind of helped me through a tough break up. It’s deep, but well worth the read.

The Power of Now

2. From Good to Great – I read this book when I worked at lululemon, my first year out of college, and it taught me a lot about business, and how to be my best and go after what I want.

good to great

3. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – I read this when I was a senior in high school. The whole high school had to read it, and honestly, some were obvious, but it really changed my life, and taught me some solid lessons.


4. Daring Greatly – I read this recently, after seeing it on my friend Erin’s reading list on her blog, and it’s inspiring and fascinating. This seriously is a good read.

daring greatly

5. The Five Love Languages – This book taught me a lot about how I show love, and also helped me understand how others show love. This teaches you about your own needs, as well as others needs, and understand what makes you feel loved, and what makes someone else feel loved. Really good read for relationships!

The 5 Love Languages

6. Quiet – I am not considered an introvert, although I have some introverted tendencies, surprising, I know, but I find “introverts” fascinating. haha. I think they are more mysterious because they tend to spend more time “alone”. This brought up a lot of questions about what makes someone an introvert, and how introverts make a huge impact in our world.


7. The Power of Habit – My sister recently just suggested this to me, and it is really interesting. How do we form habits? How do we break habits? Can we break a habit?

the power of habit

8. Why Men Love Bitches – This book says a lot of things we as women already know, but the way it is written really teaches you and reminds you, to be YOU. To OWN you. To not CHASE men. And to know what you deserve and don’t settle for anything less. Men want women who respect themselves, so don’t bend over backward when they are being assholes. A man is more likely to respect and go after the woman who respects herself, and waits for the man who gives her everything she deserves. Lots of helpful tips.

why men love bitches

9. Wild – Although this is not really a self-help book, this really made me feel empowered to be independent and follow my dreams. It’s kind of like an “Eat, Pray, Love” book, but I love that she went on a outdoorsy adventure in nature, and that’s where she learned about herself. This book is inspiring beyond belief.


10. The Alchemist – Surprisingly, I didn’t read this as a kid, and only read it a couple years ago for the first time. Although it has a religious aspect tied into it, the message is truly sweet and a good reminder of what’s important in life.

the alchemist

11. The Road Less Traveled – This is HUGE. It’s really introspective, and makes you look at how you see things, either YOU are responsible for the world’s problems, or the WORLD is responsible for yours. Very interesting, and makes you really think about YOU.

the road less traveled

12. How The World Sees You – We too often look down on ourselves, and think we are average or below average. This book is all about helping you figure out what’s unique and amazing about you, and encouraging you to see that and believe that you are unique and amazing!

how the world sees you

I am always looking to read more self-help books, so if you have any favorites, shoot them my way! It’s interesting to learn about ourselves, and to learn about others. I find these books to be inspiring and uplifting and they help teach us all little nuggets to help us live our lives to the fullest.

Show How You Neon Calendar

Show How You Neon is a campaign I’m super excited about! If you haven’t read about it, you can read about it here. I thought it would be fun to add a calendar so that it inspires us all to post something each day and share the Neon Love!

Mondays - A Quote That Inspires

Share on Instagram and Twitter! Every month I will be giving away cool prizes for you all to win by sharing How You Neon! Use #ShowHowYouNeon and/or #ProjectNeon in your posts for a chance to win. Let’s paint the world in neon and build a community of people inspiring each other to live the best life they can live!

Half Marathon Training Continues!

3 weeks til the Temecula Half! Here’s how training looked last week…

Monday – Soccer! – Played for 40min. Man this kicks my butt every week. Seriously. It’s amazing that I used to play this every day until I was 22. I’m hoping it is helping bring back my fast twitch muscles :P

Tuesday – 45min spin in the morning and an evening 7 mile run – that was picture perfect. I averaged 8:15min/miles and it felt easy. I think that speed is coming along!


Wednesday – 5 mile run – nice and easy at 9min/mile pace

Thursday – 3 miles easy


Friday – REST DAY!

Saturday – Unexpected rest day! Just a lot going on, and decided another rest day was in order.

Sunday – 10 beautiful beach miles to end the week!


I’m really enjoying the off-season to be honest! My intention is to swim and bike 2x a week in each sport, and focus on running, but if the swims and the bikes don’t get done, I don’t freak out. It’s kind of nice.

25 miles of Running (28 including soccer)

This is my second open half marathon ever, so I have no expectations, and have no idea how it will go. It’s a hilly course and on trails mostly, so right now, I’m just enjoying focusing on running, getting the miles under my legs, and focusing on speed and strength workouts to get fast again! The real test will be when I do the Carlsbad half marathon in January! :)

If you are interested in signing up for the Temecula Half still, feel free to use my discount code: FRIENDSOFKATIE

I would LOVE some race day buddies!



The Start of My NEW Weekly Vlog

I’m going to start doing a weekly Vlog! So, start tuning in on Saturdays for the release of a new vlog :)

Here’s is #1


Feel free to send in questions, leave them in the comments section here, tweet me, send me a private message on Facebook, leave a comment on IG, or use hashtag #AskKatie on Twitter.



Weekday Wardrobe

Life has been a bit crazy the past two weeks, and I haven’t been the best at taking photos every single day of my outfits, or getting this post up! So, here is a compilation of outfits over the past two weeks. :)


Top – Sanctuary (StitchFix) P.S I’m obsessed with this sweater! // William Rast Jeans // Old Navy Flip Flops // Earrings – Brighton


Top – Urban Outfitters // Joe’s Jeans // Shoes – Tom’s // Earrings – Claire’s


Top – Urban Outfitters // Joe’s Jeans // Shoes – Tom’s // Earrings – Claire’s


Top – Tart (StitchFix) // Joe’s Jeans // Vans


Sweater – Sanctuary (StitchFix) // Kensie Jean’s (StitchFix) // Steve Madden Booties


Top – Three Dots (StitchFix) // Free People Jeans // Anthropologie Boots // Earrings – Claire’s // Sunnies – Oakley Women


Top – Sanctuary (StitchFix) // Jeans – Free People // Tom’s



Jacket – Urban Outfitters // Dress – Francesca’s // Boots – Anthropologie // Earrings – Claire’s

StitchFix just keeps getting better. I receive my 10th box on Monday, and honestly every box my stylist improves more and more, and it is exactly what I’m looking for. I highly recommend this service if you haven’t tried it yet. I would LOVE it and give you much thanks if you use my referral code if you decide to give it a try! Any of the links above work, or you can use it here. If you get overwhelmed with shopping, or you don’t have the time for it, but you love clothes or want to give yourself a make over, then try this! I promise you won’t regret it. Best thing that ever happened to me. :) I LOVE fashion, but I hate shopping. So, it’s a win-win!

Hope you all had a good week and are enjoying your weekend!




I have been trying to come up with how to incorporate Project Neon and how to truly make an impact on the lives of people all around us, and instead of using a different hashtag every month, and creating a different challenge, I wanted to create something monthly where each of you || SHOW HOW YOU NEON || for a chance to win different prizes. My goal with Project Neon is to inspire people to live a fun, fit, and happy life! And ultimately have all of you inspiring others as well. I want everyone to live the best life they can live, and I want all of us to work together to shine our Neon all around.




The month, #ShowHowYouNeon on Instagram and Twitter for a chance to win giveaways from The Feed and Gregory Packs.


The Feed – Win a special Harmony Bar edition Feed Box, with a bunch of my other favorite fueling options inside! It is the ultimate KatieHartMorse Box! :)

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Ultimately, just show what makes you come alive! Whether it’s a walk in nature, hanging out with your pup, doing yoga, surfing, running, you name it! Let’s inspire each other to live the best life we can live. A life full of NEON! :)

Here are some of my favorite ways to #SHOWHOWYOUNEON







Can’t wait to see how YOU share your NEON! #projectneon #showhowyouneon

Life Lesson – The Journey of You

I have always found that life truly is about creating oneself. And in creating yourself through experiences we will become confident in who we are. Make life about || C R E A T I O N||.


|| M E M O R I E S ||

|| A D V E N T U R E ||

|| L O V E ||

|| T R A V E L ||

|| F A M I L Y ||

|| F R I E N D S H I P S ||

This is your life || This is your story || Create it.

Life Quote

The Sand Cloud

Ever find yourself at the beach, or the park, and looking for something to place under your head for a pillow? I swear, I’m always trying to make my bag or backpack as comfortable as possible, but I never really do get comfortable. The Sand Cloud made a genius invention! Never go to the park or beach again, and not have a comfortable resting spot for your head.


Literally, one day, one of the founders went to the beach to try to take a nap, and he tried using his backpack, but could never get comfortable. He was like we gotta make something where people can go take a nap on the beach!


And that was how the Sand Cloud was born. Through a lot of trial and error of trying different towels, pillows, and designs, they finally created the perfect pillow + towel prototype. And I got to try it out! I’m not kidding. For the first time ever in my life, I actually fell asleep at the beach! :)



I’m also a side and stomach sleeper, and although I didn’t get a shot of me sleeping on my side or stomach, I’m not kidding, I really did fall sleep, and have the best nap ever. Also, the sand comes off the towel super easily, dries really easily, and is crazy comfortable. I seriously think they hit the nail on the head with this invention. You definitely need to try this! It’s worth it.

A little shake out action before packing my beach day up for the day! It’s light, comfortable, and truly does make the perfect companion for a solid nap at the beach or park. :) Interested in learning more? Go here.




They also have a super rad Instagram account, that I love to follow. You can also “like” them on Facebook.

Happy Napping!



12 Faves of Fall + My Fall Bucket List

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. There’s just something about the changing of the seasons, that gives us an opportunity to feel renewed and “start over”. No need to wait til the “New Year”, create new goals and challenges with the changing of the seasons. :) And never forget to think about what you love most about that season, and then develop some kind of bucket list around your faves. What I love about bucket lists is it helps us live the life we imagine. It keeps us doing, experiencing, learning.

My 12 Faves of Fall

1. I like the smell of the cool/crisp air

cool crisp air

2. The changing colors of the leaves

Colors of Fall

3. Everything is pumpkin flavored

pumpkin bread

4. Hot Cocoa

hot cocoa

5. Sweaters


6. Booties

fall booties

7. When my nose gets just a little cold :)

8. Trail running

trail running

9. Pumpkin Carving!

pumpkin carving


10. Honey Crisp Apples

honey crisp apples


11. Candles and Hot Baths



football season


So what 12 things are on my fall bucket list this year? Who wants to join me? Post your pics of doing any of your fall bucket list items during the month of October to win a The Feed Box!

Fall Bucket List

What are your favorites about fall? And what’s on your fall bucket list?

Conundrum Hot Springs Backpacking Weekend

I was craving a backpacking getaway weekend, and so I booked a ticket to Colorado to go hiking with my best friend from college, Betsy, and my sister, Jenny. I flew in to Denver Thursday night after work, and Betsy picked me up from the airport. We had some girl talk before we hit the hay.

Friday morning and I went for a run in City Park. It is beautiful. I was LOVING all the greenness, everywhere! I had to run 8 miles for my training for the Temecula Half marathon I’m running at the end of October. It was fun to be at a higher altitude (although Denver isn’t in the mountains, but it’s still higher than sea level), but because it’s flat, I was running sooooo much faster than my typical min/mile in San Diego. I averaged 9min/miles for all 8 miles. It felt great!



city park

After that, I had a little photo shoot with Betsy’s kitties, before heading to a local coffee shop to get some work done.





There is the cutest bike shop/coffee/bar a few blocks from Betsy’s house, called the Denver Bicycle Café. I got some good work done there, and then had lunch at The District next door. My lunch was amazing! I had a delicious sandwich and a Strongbow for lunch. J I was lovin’ it. Then headed back to Betsy’s to get some more work done.


Took a nap at around 5, before Betsy got home at 6. Oh my goodness. I hadn’t taken a nap since probably before I got employed again. It felt sooooo good. I was knocked out cold. Then we cleaned up and headed to REI to get some last minute stuff for our weekend backpacking trip.

We had dinner at the coolest place, Linger. I’m obsessed with it. The food was fantastic, and they have a really cool rooftop bar. The bar is a “food truck” bar. Who knows how they got it on the roof, but it’s awesome. Then it was home to pack our backpacks for our hike. My sister drove down from Fort Collins late Friday night, and slept at Betsy’s, so that we could all wake up early Saturday morning and drive to Aspen together.

I had never been to Aspen, and was excited to see a part of Colorado I hadn’t seen, because I have been nearly everywhere else. The drive was beautiful, and all the Aspen trees were starting to turn yellow. It truly felt like fall. Sometimes I miss the seasons living out in San Diego, but I just LOVE the ocean. We parked at the trailhead, grabbed our bags, and started walking. :)




I was soooo excited to disconnect from the digital world for a bit, and just be in nature. No headphones, no phone, no t.v, nothing. Just Betsy, Jenny, and I and nature. I LOVE to camp and hike, and hadn’t done so in too long. Every step of the hike, I just felt so in love with nature. It was beautiful. Betsy had been wanting to do this hike, and I was of course so excited to do it too. She had picked out a hike that takes you to these beautiful natural hot springs up in the mountains. We couldn’t wait to get on our swimsuits and sit in the beauty of nature. The hike is 9 miles to the hot springs (8 miles to the start of campsites). It is 2,400 feet of climbing, and we had to cross rivers and waterfalls. We had our balance challenged a few times, and I just couldn’t get enough. All I could think is I need to do this more often. After a little over 4hrs of hiking, we got to the Conundrum Hot Springs, and it was packed. It was seriously like a party on top of a mountain. It was crazy! Everyone was camping, and sitting in these beautiful hot springs. I just love that everyone had to do this amazing hike to get there. It was cool to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who love being in nature and adventures and fitness! So, we got on our suits and hopped in with everyone else!










Because it was like a mini-city, it was tough to find a campsite. We ended up having to camp in a non-designated camping area, just like a few others, but we got to sleep to the sounds of the rushing rapids of the river. It was unreal. Seriously, I thought, is this real? Is this real life? We get to do this! How amazing.


hot springs

hot springs 2

It started to rain while we were in the hot springs, so after a few hard ciders, and people starting to get naked. Haha. Yes. It’s a “hippie” hot spring, where nudity is allowed if you so choose. We headed back down to our campsite to cook dinner in the dark and the rain. My sister brought a mini stove, and we had bought dehydrated meals where we just add water. And let me tell you, they were soooo good! Seriously. Sooo good. We had garlic mashed potatoes for all of us to share. My sister had pasta primavera, and Betsy and I split Meat Sauce Lasagna and White Bean Chicken Chili. I was shocked at how good the meals were. And we had Bananas Foster for dessert. After our bellies were happy, we climbed into our tents, and listened to the rain and the river. My dream. I just love falling asleep to any kind of water. It’s so peaceful and soothing, and just makes me happy. It was pretty cold. I slept in a hat, long sleeve, long pants, tall ski socks, and a down jacket. And then snuggled into my sleeping bag (I had borrowed Betsy’s friend’s sleeping pad, which man those things have come a loooong way, they are like mini air mattresses, haha.) I fell asleep pretty fast.


It stopped raining during the night, but then as soon as we woke up at 6:45am, it started raining again. And all I could think about was how much I was loving it. I just love the rain. It felt good, and made me feel alive. We packed up our tents and backpacks in the rain, and then headed out onto the trail again. It was pretty muddy, but beautiful. 9 ½ miles later (longer on the way back because we got a ride from where we parked to the trailhead, and this time we had to hike to the car), we were back at the car and in reality. Stopped at Whole Foods for a warm sandwich on the way back to Denver, stopped by Betsy’s real quick to pick up some of my stuff, and then straight to the airport. Haha. Didn’t even have a chance to shower. I’m sure the people on the plane are loving how I smell. ;) (I’m writing this on the plane right now)



It was a short trip, but it was just what my soul needed. A weekend in nature with some of my favorites. I can’t wait to do it again, hopefully soon! And it makes me sooo excited to go camping and hiking in Thailand. Ahhhh! Only 2 months til I leave!

If you are looking for a rad hike to do, I highly recommend doing this one. It was an unbelievable hike and the hot springs are worth it! The party was awesome, but I would love to do it again on a weekday when there are less people, and we could have the hot springs all to ourselves. I bet it is crazy tranquil and lovely.

What a fun weekend! I hope you all had a good weekend too!