Ironman Recovery

How long does it take you to recover from an Ironman?

I often forget how long it takes to recover from an Ironman. Has it already been 2 weeks? Seriously? My mind wants to get back in the groove, but the truth is my body just isn’t there yet. Every time I try to do some kind of exercise I’m sore for days. DAYS. And every small move I make I’m finding myself creating injuries that are driving me nuts.

soaking up the sun


For example, I don’t know why, but I irritated my hip flexor. I don’t know if it was soccer this past Monday night, or if it was just slowly getting irritated by the hiking I did the day after Ironman, and then the walking around Vancouver, and not stretching like I should have been stretching.


Then, yesterday morning, I woke up, and I reached for my computer that was beside my bed. And in the blink of an eye, I threw my neck out. Seriously. I couldn’t turn it from side to side. Suddenly I had a ball in the back of my shoulder blade and my whole neck was stiff. It was crazy. I went to the pool to loosen it up, but I couldn’t even pull with my right arm it was so bad.

None of these injuries seem like serious injuries, but more like I’m doing too much too soon. I need to listen to my body and let my mind and my body rest. It’s so hard because life goes on. People invite you to do things, and if it’s something I want to do, I say “yes!” of course. And yet, my body just keeps fighting and hating me for making it fight.

So, how long does it take you to recovery from an Ironman?

I was reading this article online. And based on that, it will take me 48 days to fully recover from Ironman Whistler. On top of that, I didn’t rest the next three days like I should have, and then just this past Monday, I played a high intensity indoor soccer game which is 6 v 6. Honestly, it’s so hard to just relax and not work out. But, sometimes, you have to listen to your body, and say this is only temporary. Just chill. Enjoy the extra down time. Because if my body is breaking down without me doing much of anything, i.e reaching for my computer, then clearly my muscles aren’t recovered yet and are totally out of whack.

This is what happened when I tried to start working out too soon after Ironman Wisconsin last year… (mid-ride nap)

This picture says it all for this week!

This picture says it all for this week!


I have been using a tennis ball on my shoulder blade, self massage, ice, ibprofen, and some friends have dug into it as well, and it’s getting better! A few more days, and hopefully I will be good as new, but still should watch what my activities are. Maybe going for a 3hr hike over the weekend wasn’t such a good idea either. That must explain whey I’m so tired today. #ouch



I’m scheduling a massage for this week, which I should have scheduled right when I got back. Lots more stretching, yoga-ing, foam rolling, sleeping, and chilling for this week. Then hopefully after a nice solid week of that, then I can get back at it. :)

Happy Sunday


One Week Post Ironman #4

What did my week look like post-ironman? Sorry for the delay! Try to get these weekly recaps up on Monday, but it’s going up today!

In case you missed my Ironman Whistler Race Report, you can read it here.

It was full of adventure and lots of socializing! haha.

Monday – Woke up very sore and tired, but we were in Whistler! My whole family and my friend Jené, drove 1hr south of Whistler to Squamish to play outdoors. My sister, mom, and Jené and I went on a gondola ride and then went for a short hike and got to cross one of the coolest bridges I’ve ever crossed!

Whistler Day 1.1

Whistler Day 1.4

Whistler Day 1.5

Whistler Day 1.6


We did this while my brother, sister-in-law, and dad, all took my niece, London to a cool park near by. Then we all met up at Alta Lake for some water fun. I couldn’t wait to get my feet wet and get in a bikini!

Whistler Day 1.7

Whistler Day 1.8

Whistler Day 1.10


We stopped by a waterfall before we headed home for the night. I can’t believe how many waterfalls are in and around Whistler. I just LOVE waterfalls. There is something so inspiring about them.

Whistler Day 1.3

Whistler Day 1.2


Then I ate some pizza and went to bed. :)

Tuesday – We woke up early and drove to the airport. My sister, mom, and dad and London all had an early morning flight. And Ty and Tara (brother and sister-in-law) left to go to Japan for a week. I was staying til Wednesday, mostly because the cheapest flight was at 6am, and I wasn’t going to hop on a 6am flight on Tuesday morning, so I opted to stay in Vancouver a day and play tourist by myself. It was fun! I met up with my brother’s best friend, Jay Demerit, who is practically like a 2nd brother to me. He and his wife, Ashley live in Vancouver, and it was good to see him. He has been a rockstar soccer player, playing for the U.S National Team in the South Africa World Cup and has been captain for the Vancouver Whitecaps for the last few years. But, he just retired the same weekend as Ironman. I got a burger and fries and a hard cider, and also got some amazing gelato!

Whistler Day 2.1

Whistler Day 2.2

Whistler Day 2.3

Whistler Day 2.4


Then I went to bed around 7pm, crashed is more like it, and got up early at 3:30am to catch my flight home to San Diego!

Wednesday – After traveling all morning, I went to the beach for a bit, but was too dehydrated and had the Ironman hangover going on, that all I really wanted was a dark cool place to sleep in, and so I headed home after about 30min in the sun. And just slept all day. haha.

Thursday – Back to work!

Friday – Got some froyo – obviously. And caught up with friends at BBQ and Beth and Luke’s.

Whistler Day 3







the girls

The Girls


Saturday – A stretching class, a yummy brunch, an ice cream cookie sandwich and movie night was a must! I saw Begin Again, and if you haven’t seen it, go see it! It’s really good. :)

stretching class

Day 4

Day 5


Sunday – I caught up on some work, and then went to a friends for dinner and girl talk.

It was the perfect week for recovery! I was a little tired from all the adventure on Monday and Tuesday, but before I knew it, I was back to sleeping normally and appetite was back to normal. :)

Now it’s on to Swim24 training and some other fun stuff like soccer and salsa dance class!

Weekday Wardrobe

This past week I was in Whistler and Vancouver for the beginning of the week, as I just did Ironman Canada in Whistler, last Sunday. You can read about my race here. Here’s what I wore this past week:






Sunglasses – Oakley Women // Tank – lululemon // Crops – lululemon // Shoes – not shown – Saucony


Sunglasses – Oakley Women // Dress – Francesca’s // Shoes – Target // Bag – Oakley Women


Sunglasses – Oakley Women // Bikini – Ocean Folk


Earrings – StitchFix (Bay to Baubles) // Tank – H&M // Shorts – StitchFix (Level 99) // Shoes – Toms


Earrings – Claire’s // Tank – American Eagle // Jeans – William Rast // Sandals – Sanduk

Yay for the weekend!


Ironman Canada (Whistler) Race Report

Where do I begin? This race was incredible. I LOVED every second of racing. I feel like the whole time I was out there racing, I could literally feel how much I love this sport. I love the people, the community, the feeling of challenging my mind and body, and getting to see a city by swim, bike, run. Triathlon feels like “home” to me. As much as training had been a challenge, due to my mind not being totally in a place to put in the long hours, I feel like because of my minimalist training approach, I was more stoked to be racing than ever. I was not burnt out going in, or tired, or sore, or anything. I felt fresh. I felt inspired. Excited. And ready to rock! I knew that this race was going to be my last ironman for a bit, and so I was excited to just enjoy it. I had no expectations going in, because I had gone the minimalist training approach – and when I say that – most of my weeks were 10-12hrs, and my longest was 17hrs, and I honestly had no idea how long it was going to take me. I was prepared mentally to be out there all friggin’ day, if I needed to. :)

So, with that here is my race report.


I had swam in the lake a couple times before race day, and I was so excited for the swim. The water was the perfect temperature – 68F, and it is beautiful with the mountains surrounding the lake. The water is soooo clear. You can easily see the person’s feet in front of you, and your hand as it enters the water. I honestly could have stayed in the water all day. The swim is two loops, and it is a big ol’ rectangle.

Side note: I always buy a new pair of goggles at the expo before race day. BUT, TYR didn’t have a booth at the expo, even though they were the swim headlining sponsor. I was pretty upset, not gonna lie. How can you sponsor a swim, and have no product at the expo? I checked all the “tri” store pop up tents too. No where to be found. And, my fear of my goggles leaking came true. It’s okay though. I kind of expected it, so I didn’t freak out, when it started to happen.

There’s a wide start line, so I started kind of near the middle, and then worked my way toward the buoys, it wasn’t too bad of a start. Crowded and chaos like usual, I stayed in the “mess” until the turn 1 buoy, and then I realized how much free space there was about 20yds to the right of the buoys, so I decided, to stay out wide and just make my loops bigger in order to have a nicer, more enjoyable swim. I may have swam more than 2.4 miles, but I didn’t care. I’m soooo glad I made that choice. I seriously had the best swim ever. I feel like if I had made that decision sooner, my swim would have been even faster, but I’m glad that I went for it that early on. I thought to myself, I’m a strong swimmer, and I’m here to enjoy my day, not be annoyed and frustrated the entire swim. So, there I swam all by my lonesome, 20yds to the right of the buoys, and enjoying every pull along the way in the crystal clear waters of Alta Lake.





Swim Distance: 2.4 miles

Swim Time: 1:13:17 – 1:44/100yd

It was an Ironman Swim PR for me!

So, to say I was stoked is an understatement. I mean I was only swimming about 2 days a week, and 3 days a week on a good week. And I mostly swam only for 45min- 2400yds ish, I only did one 4500yd swim. Who knew minimalist training had such amazing benefits? The truth about swimming is, I knew I wasn’t going to get crazy fast, or crazy slow. I kind of feel like once I got to this level of my swim, it’s kind of just stayed the same, and I’m okay with that for now. Because when it comes to Ironman, or even 70.3’s, even if I took off another 5sec per 100, I would only save a few minutes. And in order to lose another 5sec/100yds of my swim, I would have to be in the pool almost every day, and get a lot of technique training, etc. and well I’m not trying to be a pro or be in the Olympics, so I’m content with just being fit for now. :) So, yay for a PR and minimalist training!

T1: 4:46 – Nothing crazy here. It was a bit longer than I anticipated because I had to put my arm warmers on, it was chilly in the morning, and obviously I was wet from the swim. I’m really, really happy I went with this decision. And it was still right around all of my other ironman T1 times.


Oh man, what can I say about the bike? It is A LOT of climbing. I knew it was going to be a lot, because I had friends who had done the course before, and according to their Garmin’s it said 7,000 ish feet of climbing. Yup, you read that right. Wisconsin is around 6,000, and another 1,000 was going to be tough. Although, Wisconsin is rolling, so you can practically power up the other side, so your speed doesn’t slow too much. In Whistler, it’s more mountainous, so your speed really slows, because there are long slow climbs. It was definitely challenging, but it was also BEAUTIFUL!

The bike is 1 “loop”. We have a nice long descent from the start out to Olympic Park, and then we climb and climb and climb up to the park, and then we descend back down, and then we climb back up to Whistler Village, and then a long descent to Pemberton, and then a VERY flat out and back in Pemberton, and then 20 miles of climbing back to Whistler. Yup, 20 miles straight of climbing. My average for those last 20 miles was 11.98mph. It’s kind of funny. I knew that we had 20 miles of climbing, so when I got to Pemberton on the flat section, I decided to really push it, and get my average mph up as high as I could, so that when I started climbing, my overall average wouldn’t be soooo bad. I remember getting to the start of the flat section and being at an average of 17.5mph, I made it a goal to be at 18mph by the end of the flat section, but I was at 18mph by the turn around, so then I made it a goal to be at 18.5mph before I started climbing those last 20 miles, and I did it! I like setting little goals like that through the race, it makes the time fly by, and gives you something to work towards.

I honestly felt great the whole bike. My legs felt fresh, and I was ready to just get after it. The only downside on my bike was that like usual my gearing got all messed up! I am soooo frustrated with my bike, it’s not even funny. I have taken it in to the bike shop a bunch, I have new cables, new chain, new cassette, everything, and my gearing just sucks. I don’t know why. But, by the middle of the bike, I only had 5 gears left working in the big chain ring, and 6 left working in the small chain ring. Seriously. It was crazy. All I can say is at least the easiest gear worked, because I needed it for those last 20 miles. haha.

Anyone else ride a Felt B16? Do you have trouble with your gearing?

What I ate and drank:

- 2 bottles of Powerade (Strawberry Lemonade) – I train with Osmo Nutrition and Powerade, but come race day, I have been using Powerade for the last two ironmans, and my bike rides kicked ass, so it was more of a superstition than anything. haha.

- 2 bottles of water from aid stations

- 1 bobo’s oat bar

- 1 pack of PowerGel Blasts (Strawberry Banana)

- 1 SunRype Strawberry Fruit Strip





Bike Distance: 112 miles

Bike Time: 6:38:17 – 16.87mph – 7,326 ft of climbing

T2: 2:09 – Nothing crazy here. Typical quick in and quick out. I did ask for sunscreen, and I don’t know why they don’t use spray bottles. I mean I looked like a crazy person with white paint everywhere, when I ran out. lol.


I LOVE the run. Yes, it’s the most painful part, but it’s where I’m happiest, and it’s my strength. I just smile the whole time. I love being around all the people, and high fiving the kids, and seeing my family. It is just so much fun. I always start out slower than I think I should because I know I’m going to be out there for a while, and I’m only going to get slower, so my goal is to just keep running. To hold a pace that feels comfortable and just never stop running.

The run is two loops and there is A LOT of climbing on the run too. It’s kind of relentless. No super long crazy climbs that I can remember, but it’s just constantly up and down. My goal was to stay focused, and to stay positive, and love every second of it. I kept thinking to myself, isn’t this fun? I get to do this! I get to challenge my mind and my body. And I’m going to be a 4x ironman! How cool is that?

What I ate and drank:

- Cup of water at every aid station (which was about every mile)

- 1 pack of PowerGel Blasts (Strawberry Banana)

- Coke at every aid station the last 5 miles.

Total Distance: 26.2 miles

Total Time: 4:19:05 – 9:53min/mile – 2800ft of climbing







Total Distance: 140.6 miles

Total Time: 12:17:34

I was stoked at the finish line! And I felt the best I have ever felt post-race, and during the race. Part of me thinks that maybe if I trained a bit harder, I could have gone faster, but another part of me, LOVED every second of minimalist training. I was able to have a balanced life and still have a super successful race. And I have never felt better in a race. My stomach felt great. My legs felt great. And most of all, I was the happiest and had the most fun I have ever had. Was it fun chasing girls down at Ironman Wisconsin last year and getting 6th? YES. Was it fun PRing at Ironman Arizona last year after my bad bike crash? YES. But, I honestly felt amazing the whole time during this race, and post-race, I was able to eat for the first time EVER. STOKED!

Thanks everyone for all your support in my journey in finishing my 4th Ironman. I’m excited for new challenges and adventures to come! I’m thinking of possibly an xterra triathon, some trail running races, and more fun things. But first up, the Swim24 Challenge! If you’re interested in donating to help teach kids how to swim, you can do so here.

Thank you to Coeur Sports, Osmo Nutrition, and Saucony for the new Kinvaras! Very thankful to have the support I have.

Also, a HUGE thank you to all the cheers from fellow racers, spectators, and all the shout outs on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with the spectators at this race. I was amazed. I thought nothing could compare to Wisconsin, but Whistler did not disappoint. There is something so calming and sweet about Whistler. Everyone is so warm, helpful, and friendly. It felt like my whole family was cheering me on along the course, oh wait, they were. haha! Thank you to my family for being there for me every step of the way. You have always supported my dreams, my goals, and I can’t thank you each enough. My mom, dad, Jenny, Ty, Tara, and of course, little London. London brings tears to my eyes, when I see her. She is the sweetest niece, and makes me excited for the day that I get to have my own kids. What a beautiful journey this all has been. Much love to you all!






post race





Ironman Whistler Pre-Race Day!

Nearly 12hrs away from the start of Ironman Whistler! Before I swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run 26.2 miles. It’s been quite the journey prepping for this race. Living in the moment, dealing with a bit of burn out, and training in a way I have never trained in order to get myself to the starting line, happily, and ready to race!

I’m excited to see how the day goes tomorrow!

If you want to track me, go to here – You can also find your way to that link by going to

I’m bib #505 or you can type in my first and last name :)



As far as race week – it’s been light and fun!

Monday – 10 mile run

Tuesday – REST DAY!

Wednesday – Travel Day! 45min spin on the bike and a short hike to a beautiful waterfall in Whistler



Thursday – 1 mile swim in Lake Alta and a 35min run



Friday – REST DAY!



ironman canada 3

ironman canada 2

Saturday – 10min swim, 30min bike, 15min run – shake out workouts!


ironman canada 1


Thanks so much for all the good lucks and well wishes!!! No matter how long this one takes me, I’m going to love every second of being able to do this, and getting to see all of Whistler by swim, bike, run. :)

See you at the finish!



Weekday Wardrobe

Things are getting crazy around here with Ironman Canada this weekend. I leave for Whistler tomorrow! Will try to post while I’m up there. :)

Here’s what I wore last week:

Monday (1)

Dress – Myan – from Francesca’s // Shoes – Toms // Earrings – Francesca’s // Bracelet – Zad


Top – Sanctuary (from Stitchfix) // Pants – Margaret M (from Stitchfix) // Shoes – Toms // Bracelet – Zad // Earrings – Brighton


Dress – Miami (from Francesca’s) // Shoes – Michael Kors // Bracelet – Zad // Earrings – Brighton


Jeans – Joe’s Jeans // Top – 41Hawthorn (from Stitchfix) // Sandals – Target // Bracelet – Cindy Vega Jewelry // Earrings – Brighton


Jeans – American Eagle // Top – Collective Concepts (from Stitchfix) // Shoes – Michael Kors // Bracelet – Zad // Earrings – Claire’s

One Week til Ironman Whistler

ONE WEEK!!! Really less than that. 5 days!

I’m looking forward to traveling to Whistler. Whistler is beautiful and breathtaking. Last year there were even bears that were crossing the run course as people were running along. It’s crazy! I just can’t wait to experience all that Whistler has to offer through swim, bike, run. I went last year for a wedding, which happened to be the same weekend as Ironman, and I just fell in love with the town.

Here is what last week looked like:

Monday – REST DAY!

Tuesday – Unplanned rest day – oops

Wednesday – 7 mile run around the lake near work, which I just love.


Thursday – 1hr bike with 5x3min race pace intervals – dropped Night Rider (my tri bike) off at Nytro so that Tri Bike Transport could take it up to Whistler. It’s soooo nice having someone else deal with that. Traveling with a bike can be a pain.

tri bike

Friday – Swim 2700yds


Saturday – 3hr bike on the trainer



And then I met up with a friend and we grabbed brunch at Naked Cafe, my favorite place for food, then wandered around Solana Beach and looked at shops, and had a blast, and then we met up with another friend, and we all got mani/pedis, and had girl talk time. And then we had dinner at a friends house, got locked out, and then the following happened…video below.

race day nails


Sunday – 3600yd swim in our local 50meter pool. I don’t go to this pool enough. Honestly, whenever I go, it makes me fall in love with swimming.


And then a beach day and concert with friends :)




It was a perfect taper week!

I did my long run yesterday – 10 miles…

10 mile run


Total Training Time: 8 1/2hrs


And now only 5 days to go! Everyone always asks how I’m feeling, and I swear race week, I just shut down and can’t talk about the race to anyone. lol. I just want to get through the week, get to race day, and try not to think about it, so that I can sleep. I easily get anxious about things, and can’t sleep. So, it’s best to not really think about it, and just think about everything when race day comes. haha.

Thanks everyone for the support! You all are amazing!!! Let’s see how minimalist training works for me. :)




2 Weeks til Ironman Whistler

Last week was a crazy week! One thing that I’ve learned is life does not disappoint with changes. Changes are inevitable. The hard part is that we can’t predict them. All we have to do is accept them, and adapt our life to whatever the change is.

So here’s what the week looked like:

Monday – REST DAY!

Tuesday – 1hr 20min ride on the trainer – 3x5min intervals

Wednesday – 7 mile run and Salsa dance class!


Thursday – 2400yd swim


Friday – 2hr + walk – I went to Legoland for the day, and was so exhausted from walking around, that my run and bike for that day did not get done.


Saturday – 70 mile bike + 6 mile run


Sunday – 8.5 mile run with my friends Jené and Jessie + 4500yd swim




My body feels the best it’s ever felt leading into an ironman, probably due to the minimal training plan I’ve done. I’m looking forward to seeing how this ironman plays out. It’s been quite the ride. I’m looking forward to spending time in Whistler. It is a magical place, that is inspiring and makes you feel alive. I’m also excited to see my family! I miss them!

2 weeks til #4!

Weekday Wardrobe

This week was a crazy busy week! I was trying to do everything, which is never feasibly possible. My life will slow down or at least there will be time for more blogging in 2 weeks! Can’t wait to start doing it more frequently again!

I also really like my feet to be comfortable, so I either wear sandals, or cute sneakers, and then when I wear anything with height, I love a good wedge, or I invest in really nice heals. But for me, I always have a strap. I can’t walk very well in “typical” high heels, plus they aren’t really my style. So, here’s what I wore:



Urban Outfitters Tank // Joe’s Jeans // Sandals from Target // Earrings from Claire’s


Dress came in my first ever StitchFix box back in February // Michael Kors shoes // Zad bracelet // Claire’s earrings


Earrings from Claire’s // Top from Urban Outfitters // Jeans from Urban Outfitters // Bracelets from Cindy Vega Jewelry // Shoes from Vans


Earrings from Claire’s // Dress from Urban Outfitters // Shoes from Michael Kors


Earrings from Banana Republic // Top from one of my StitchFix boxes // Joe’s Jeans // Tom’s Wedges

Question: Are you one of those people that when you find a brand you like you stick with it? Or do you tend to shop a lot of different places?

3 Weeks til Ironman Whistler

Well friends, I made it through my biggest week of training! YAY!!! I can’t believe I did it. It’s been quite a battle getting through training but mind over matter. I can honestly say, I have never trained this minimally heading into an ironman, and so I knew getting in the BIG workouts were super important. And that I had to do at least one century ride and one 18 mile run, so that I can at least go in with confidence. :)

Here’s how this week panned out:

Monday – Rest day!

Tuesday – I didn’t mean for this to be a rest day, but it was, because work was just really busy this week. I knew I had a three day weekend coming up, so I didn’t worry about it too much.

Wednesday – 7 mile run and 1hr salsa dance class!



Thursday – 3100yd swim

Friday – 3300yd swim, 1hr run with 3x5min intervals, 2hrs 30min ride w/ 2 x 30min intervals


Had to have red, white, and blue froyo to celebrate the 4th!

Saturday – 102 mile ride




Sunday – 18 mile run and 30min swim




After my run, I decided to hop in the ocean for a little natural “ice bath” post-run. It was soooo hot out on Sunday. Also, I didn’t have time to go to the bike shop to pick up some sports nutrition for the run, so I opted to head to the local market to pick up some fuel. I decided to try out gummy bears for the run, and they worked like a charm! Seriously. Stomach was happy. Glucose and energy levels stayed up, and I had one of the best long runs, I’ve ever had in the heat.

It was a solid week, even with two rest days on the front end. It helped that it was a 3 day weekend, so I was able to train hard for 3 days. My body honestly feels great. Better than it has in the past. Maybe it’s all the rest I’ve given it while training for this ironman? It will be interesting to see how race day actually goes. If this minimalist approach works for me. Before Ironman Arizona, after my crash, I couldn’t train at my normal level of training, and so I definitely raced that race with minimal training, and it went well. But, I had all the Ironman Wisconsin training still in the bank. So, we’ll see what happens!

I’m just soooo thankful to have made it through the week, and gotten in the BIG workouts. Sooooo very thankful. 3 weeks to go til race day! I can’t believe it. #4 is right around the corner.

Total Time: 16hrs 48min