Countdown to 30 – Life Lesson #5 – Be Kind

practice compassion

Be Kind. It seems obvious. And yet, too many people go through their every day lives, not executing this simple rule. I seriously don’t understand people who go through life, complaining, yelling, and getting mad at other people all the … Continue reading

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Countdown to 30 – Life Lesson #4 of 29 – Embracing What You Got

strong is the new sexy

We were all born with certain genes, traits, that at some point in our life get made fun of. For me growing up, it was that I was “muscular”. Seriously. As a girl in elementary school, middle school, high school, … Continue reading

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Weekday Wardrobe


This week was a combination of old and new. :) It’s finally getting to be fall weather around here. I’m waking up and it’s 55-60 degrees. Yes, I know that’s still warm, but that’s cold here for San Diego! So, … Continue reading

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Countdown to 30 – Life Lesson #3 – Laugh At Yourself

Life Lesson #3Laugh at Yourself

There is nothing worse than taking yourself too seriously. Part of life is understanding and accepting that we aren’t perfect, and that we will make mistakes. Whether that’s tripping up a flight of stairs, or bonking your head on the … Continue reading

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Countdown to 30 – Life Lesson #2 – Cultivate Friendships

Life Lesson #2Cultivate Friendships

I am very lucky to say I have a few best friends. A lot of people argue that you can’t have more than one best friend, but I argue you can. All of my best friends, are from different areas … Continue reading

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Countdown to 30 – Life Lesson #1 – Sing in the Shower

What do I mean by “Sing in the Shower”? Honestly, I mean Sing in the Shower! This is an important life lesson. What does singing in the shower mean, what does it do? It lightens us up, makes us not take ourselves too seriously. I mean we are singing out loud to nobody, while we are butt naked, shampooing our heads. Singing in the shower is fun! Dancing in the mirror with a hairbrush is fun too. What I love about both of these, is it allows us to be silly, even when we are alone.

singing in the shower 1

Life gets tough, there are ups and down, and responsibility, and sometimes the only place for a little bit of silliness is when you are all by yourself singing in the shower. It’s also where nobody is judging you, no one is criticizing you, and you can be totally yourself. Sing whatever song you feel like, sing it on key, sing it off key, it doesn’t matter. But, sing :)

silly quote

Today’s photo is from the day I was born…

Yes. I was born with a full head of brown hair. But, that didn’t last too long. :P

baby pic

My older sister, Jenny, and my older brother, Ty, holding me :)

And the exercise I chose to do 30 reps of today was indian style crunches :)

indian crunches

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post – Life Lesson #2, a new quote, pic, and exercise!

The Countdown to My 30th Birthday!

Tomorrow marks 30 days til my 30th Birthday! I can’t believe it’s almost here. Soooo much has happened in the last 29 years. I have learned a TON. Had lots of BEAUTIFUL moments, and plenty of LOW moments. But all have shaped me in to who I am today. I am excited to step into this next decade with a little more wisdom to help me live the most fulfilling life that I can. But, first I want to celebrate the last 29 years. I want to do that by counting down to 30. Every day I’m going to share a photo from a year in my life (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.), a life lesson I have learned, and a quote to go along with that life lesson. And of course, I have to sneak fitness in there somehow. So, I will also be doing 30 reps of a different one of my fave exercises every day. Join me and help me countdown! I LOVE Birthdays, so yes, I’m making a || B I G || deal out of this one. Plus, it’s also the countdown to my trip to Thailand! So join me here, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as I celebrate the less 29 years of my life and step into the next decade. :)


I made a little video to kick it off! Watch it below:

Cheers to a NEW decade!



KHM Faves #3

This week’s vlog is all about Pura Vida Bracelets, BrioGeo Hair, Suki Skin Care, American Rag, Activyst, and #ShowHowYouNeon. Check it out below! :)

Make Your Own Acai Bowl

I LOVE acaí bowls. I remember having my first one when I got to San Diego. I had never heard of them before, but fell in love instantly. They are refreshing and filling and healthy (well as long as you don’t put a ton of peanut butter and chocolate in it). Anyway, I wanted to start making them at home, because well, I don’t only want to be able to have one of my favorite things when I eat out. And I wanted to be able to put what I want in it.

make your own acai bowl

First, how is the word “acai” pronounced – aah-sai-eee

I said this wrong and was corrected multiple times when I first moved to San Diego, until I finally caught on. :) So, don’t feel bad if you have been saying it wrong.

Next – I needed to track down where to buy frozen acai packets. I know Sambazon makes them, which is a company that makes acai, and a lot of restaurants out here use their product to make their acai bowls. I looked to see what stores here sold Sambazon frozen acai.

Sprouts sells them, and fortunately we have one only a mile away!


In order to make an acai bowl you need to mix the frozen acai with something – I chose coconut milk, but you can use soy, cow, or even apple juice. Honestly, mix it with whatever floats your boat. :) I also, add a banana in to thicken it up and sweeten it naturally. I also have been adding in a scoop of Osmo Active Recovery if I’m making one after a tough workout.

I add 1/2 a cup or 1 cup of granola – depending on how hungry I am, add in some fruit, whatever I have in the kitchen, and add a sprinkle of coconut and chia seeds! Here’s what mine looked like this week





Total Ingredients:

- 1 packet of Sambazon acai

- 1 cup coconut milk (or liquid of your choice)

- 1 banana

- 4 different fruits of your choice to make it colorful and fun!

- 1/2-1 cup granola

- sprinkle of coconut

- sprinkle of chia seeds



Garmin, GoPro, SuperGoop, StitchFix, and a Life Lesson!

This week’s vlog, I tried recording in my bedroom. The lighting was ok, so I will have to work on making it better, I wish I had more windows! Either way, I’m sharing some more of my faves, as well as the life lesson of the week!

If you have a question you want to ask me, and you want me to answer it in my next vlog, use #askKHM on Twitter, or leave a comment here, or on YouTube. :)