One Week til Ironman Whistler

ONE WEEK!!! Really less than that. 5 days!

I’m looking forward to traveling to Whistler. Whistler is beautiful and breathtaking. Last year there were even bears that were crossing the run course as people were running along. It’s crazy! I just can’t wait to experience all that Whistler has to offer through swim, bike, run. I went last year for a wedding, which happened to be the same weekend as Ironman, and I just fell in love with the town.

Here is what last week looked like:

Monday – REST DAY!

Tuesday – Unplanned rest day – oops

Wednesday – 7 mile run around the lake near work, which I just love.


Thursday – 1hr bike with 5x3min race pace intervals – dropped Night Rider (my tri bike) off at Nytro so that Tri Bike Transport could take it up to Whistler. It’s soooo nice having someone else deal with that. Traveling with a bike can be a pain.

tri bike

Friday – Swim 2700yds


Saturday – 3hr bike on the trainer



And then I met up with a friend and we grabbed brunch at Naked Cafe, my favorite place for food, then wandered around Solana Beach and looked at shops, and had a blast, and then we met up with another friend, and we all got mani/pedis, and had girl talk time. And then we had dinner at a friends house, got locked out, and then the following happened…video below.

race day nails


Sunday – 3600yd swim in our local 50meter pool. I don’t go to this pool enough. Honestly, whenever I go, it makes me fall in love with swimming.


And then a beach day and concert with friends :)




It was a perfect taper week!

I did my long run yesterday – 10 miles…

10 mile run


Total Training Time: 8 1/2hrs


And now only 5 days to go! Everyone always asks how I’m feeling, and I swear race week, I just shut down and can’t talk about the race to anyone. lol. I just want to get through the week, get to race day, and try not to think about it, so that I can sleep. I easily get anxious about things, and can’t sleep. So, it’s best to not really think about it, and just think about everything when race day comes. haha.

Thanks everyone for the support! You all are amazing!!! Let’s see how minimalist training works for me. :)




2 Weeks til Ironman Whistler

Last week was a crazy week! One thing that I’ve learned is life does not disappoint with changes. Changes are inevitable. The hard part is that we can’t predict them. All we have to do is accept them, and adapt our life to whatever the change is.

So here’s what the week looked like:

Monday – REST DAY!

Tuesday – 1hr 20min ride on the trainer – 3x5min intervals

Wednesday – 7 mile run and Salsa dance class!


Thursday – 2400yd swim


Friday – 2hr + walk – I went to Legoland for the day, and was so exhausted from walking around, that my run and bike for that day did not get done.


Saturday – 70 mile bike + 6 mile run


Sunday – 8.5 mile run with my friends Jené and Jessie + 4500yd swim




My body feels the best it’s ever felt leading into an ironman, probably due to the minimal training plan I’ve done. I’m looking forward to seeing how this ironman plays out. It’s been quite the ride. I’m looking forward to spending time in Whistler. It is a magical place, that is inspiring and makes you feel alive. I’m also excited to see my family! I miss them!

2 weeks til #4!

3 Weeks til Ironman Whistler

Well friends, I made it through my biggest week of training! YAY!!! I can’t believe I did it. It’s been quite a battle getting through training but mind over matter. I can honestly say, I have never trained this minimally heading into an ironman, and so I knew getting in the BIG workouts were super important. And that I had to do at least one century ride and one 18 mile run, so that I can at least go in with confidence. :)

Here’s how this week panned out:

Monday – Rest day!

Tuesday – I didn’t mean for this to be a rest day, but it was, because work was just really busy this week. I knew I had a three day weekend coming up, so I didn’t worry about it too much.

Wednesday – 7 mile run and 1hr salsa dance class!



Thursday – 3100yd swim

Friday – 3300yd swim, 1hr run with 3x5min intervals, 2hrs 30min ride w/ 2 x 30min intervals


Had to have red, white, and blue froyo to celebrate the 4th!

Saturday – 102 mile ride




Sunday – 18 mile run and 30min swim




After my run, I decided to hop in the ocean for a little natural “ice bath” post-run. It was soooo hot out on Sunday. Also, I didn’t have time to go to the bike shop to pick up some sports nutrition for the run, so I opted to head to the local market to pick up some fuel. I decided to try out gummy bears for the run, and they worked like a charm! Seriously. Stomach was happy. Glucose and energy levels stayed up, and I had one of the best long runs, I’ve ever had in the heat.

It was a solid week, even with two rest days on the front end. It helped that it was a 3 day weekend, so I was able to train hard for 3 days. My body honestly feels great. Better than it has in the past. Maybe it’s all the rest I’ve given it while training for this ironman? It will be interesting to see how race day actually goes. If this minimalist approach works for me. Before Ironman Arizona, after my crash, I couldn’t train at my normal level of training, and so I definitely raced that race with minimal training, and it went well. But, I had all the Ironman Wisconsin training still in the bank. So, we’ll see what happens!

I’m just soooo thankful to have made it through the week, and gotten in the BIG workouts. Sooooo very thankful. 3 weeks to go til race day! I can’t believe it. #4 is right around the corner.

Total Time: 16hrs 48min



7 Wants

10 day You Challenge

This is a good question. Part of me wants to answer big picture, but knows that most of it is just going to sound generic. And then part of me wants to answer, “right now”, but that stuff seems to shallow. So, maybe a combo? Here we go…

1. To swim with dolphins out in the wild

2. To someday marry a guy who is my best friend and lover, and have a family with him.

3. To inspire others to live a happy, fun, active, and healthy life.

4. To eat ice cream every day and not get fat. :P

ice cream

5. To get a dog and a cat.

siberian husky beach

6. For everyone to try to practice kindness as often as they can.

7. To eventually work for myself – blogging full time :)

4 Weeks til Ironman Whistler

I can’t believe I’m officially 1 month out from my 4th Ironman! Craziness. And this week, being a holiday week, is going to fly by, and then only 3 weeks til race day.

This past week was pretty solid. I felt very good, and ended on a strong note.

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – 1hr trainer ride with 10x2min intervals and a 10min brick run


Tuesday night, I got food poisoning, and therefore Wednesday was kind of a wash.

Wednesday – Salsa Dancing Class – I made it to salsa dance class, but took a 30min nap before it.

Thursday – 1700yd swim, 5 mile run, and a 1hr easy spin

wed swim


Friday – 7 mile trail run


Saturday – 85 mile bike ride



My mid-ride stop/snack/pick me up! A bottle of coke, and this convenience store now sells dark chocolate acai – my favorite – and I don’t buy too often, cause I will eat too many. But, they had a snack pack size, and it was the perfect treat mid-ride.




Sunday – 10 mile trail run and a 2300yd swim


Total Time: 13hrs 30min

I’d say it was solid, given that I got food poisoning Tuesday night and got no sleep. I was super happy. And my long ride felt awesome. It was the longest I had ridden since Ironman Arizona. So, super stoked about that!

Here’s to 4 weeks to go and my biggest week this week!




8 Fears

10 day You Challenge


8 fears is a lot of fears to come up with, but I’ll do my best.

1. Sharks – yet I’m fascinated by them, and think they are one of the most amazing animals on the planet. I’m afraid of them, but that’s because I respect them.


2. Crashing on my bike – I never had this fear, until I ended up actually crashing and it was just as bad as I had imagined.

3. I’m scared of the day I lose someone close to me.

4. I would be scared if I suddenly couldn’t travel and see the world.

5. I would be scared if I no longer could workout.

6-8 – repeat 1-3.


10 Day You Challenge

10 day You Challenge

I saw this blog post series that has been going around that bloggers have been doing, and I thought I would take a break from my regular weekly postings to partake.

Here are 10 “secrets” of mine:

I want to pre-face this with, if these were really secrets, then I wouldn’t be telling you. haha. BUT, here are 10 things, I don’t share regularly with people.


1. I don’t drink anything caffeinated. I can’t because I will be up all night or for many nights. Yes, I’m that sensitive to it. Plus, honestly, I don’t really like the taste. I like the idea of both, but if I’m going to drink something hot, it’s going to be hot chocolate. :)

2. I sing in the shower. Seriously. I love to sing in the shower. My “go to” song is Galileo by Indigo Girls.

3. I often leave piles of clean clothes on my bedroom floor for a week or even two. I end up just wearing the clothes in the piles, so that they go away. I don’t know why it’s so hard to put them away. It just is.

4. I didn’t use body lotion until moving to San Diego. It’s so dang dry here, that my body itches all over if I don’t put it on.

5. I use two different kinds of mascara.

6. There are plenty of nights during Ironman training where I have gone to bed before 7pm.

7. I probably look at Instagram, at least 5x a day. I just love it.

8. I wanted to be Britney Spears when I was in 8th grade.

9. I sleep to a thunderstorm every night (I play the same one on my phone) – I’ve been sleeping to this exact thunderstorm for the last 6yrs.

10. I freak out and charge my phone if it goes below 50%.

5 Weeks til Ironman Whistler

I’m prefacing this blog post with: We have to live in the moment and still live life.

I think the hardest thing about Ironman training is, it leaves little room to be spontaneous. And if you are a spontaneous person like myself, who also enjoys a schedule, it makes life very complicated. haha. I like having a plan, at the same time, I totally love not having a plan, or I like when something new comes up, and then I scratch the plan and do whatever that is.

Also, I would like to add, that last week, I started back at work!!! Yay! I’m back at Internet Marketing Inc., as a Social Media Project Manager, and am so stoked to be back doing what I love! So, ironman training and a real job, are pretty difficult to maintain, if you want to have a life outside of those two things.

So with that here’s the week:

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – 1hr 15min bike with 8x3min intervals, 10min OTB run, and 2800yds in the pool. SOLID day of training!

Wednesday – 7 mile run – felt awesome during this run!



On Wednesday, I found out that I had a visitor coming from the Dominican Republic, who I was so excited to spend some time with. They were flying in on Saturday and had a 10hr layover on their way to Taiwan for a bike conference. I knew this was going to make the weekend challenging, but I was not going to miss out on seeing them!

Thursday – 1hr 15min bike easy and 2700yds in the pool. Another solid day!

Friday – 6.5 mile run on the treadmill with 5x3min intervals

Saturday – 16.5 mile run



So, I knew I needed to be at the airport by 12:45pm, to pick them up at 1pm. Which meant I needed to leave at 10:15am, because you never know how long it’s going to take to get to L.A due to traffic. So, I made sure to get my long run in, as that’s all I had time for on Saturday, and then had a blast with them all day Saturday. Seriously. I had never been to the Santa Monica pier, but we watched a street show, and rode the ferris wheel. It was so much fun!





Sunday – NADA. After getting home at 1am, I was exhausted from the week. Waking up early, going to bed late, all to get work and training done. So, I slept until I couldn’t, and then I decided the 85 mile bike ride I was supposed to do just wasn’t going to happen, because I wanted to meet some friends at a bar to watch the USA World Cup match vs. Portugal. The World Cup is only every 4yrs, and there was no way I wasn’t going to watch the game. Plus, we have a chance of moving into the next round. Needless to say there was no way, anymore training was getting done for the week.

I have always said, I’m going into this ironman to have fun, and just do it. And I want to live my life in the meantime. I know I will finish, it just might not be the best time I’ve ever had, but I will get through it.

5 weeks to go! It’s coming up fast! :) We’ll see what happens on race day with training like this. haha!

Total Hrs: 9 

Tuesday Tips – Train for YOU

This week’s tip is: Train for YOU :)

Everybody’s body is different. Our minds are different. Our physical abilities are different. It’s actual beautiful that every single person on this earth is different from each other. How amazing is that?

I remember in college, how two people who weigh about the same, are of the same gender, and would drink the exact same amount, some how, one would wake up with the worst hang over and it would take them a couple days to recover, and the other would bounce back right away.


Or, some people never seemed to need sleep. They could just go, and go, and go. Whereas I, I was always sneaking in naps, and getting 9-10hrs of sleep a night. I swear I just need more sleep than some people. This has been the case since I was a little girl. My parents always said I was a sleeper, but then once I was up, I was UP. Full of energy and life. I think that’s the thing, I exhaust myself every day, because I wake up with adrenaline pumping, and essentially at the end of the day I crash. Like big time. I don’t actually know why I like to sleep and need more than some people, but I always have, and probably always will.

So, why the heck am I talking so much about sleep and comparing my sleep to other people?

Because, for the longest time, I used to compare my training and how I would recover to other people. Well, at least for the first year or two. I would ask myself, is this normal? Maybe, I’m not built to be a marathoner or ironman. But, the truth is, I just recovered and trained differently than others. And that’s okay. Sometimes we need more recovery time, sometimes we need less. Sometimes we are injury prone and have to be careful how much running we do, while others seem to be able to run forever.


The biggest tip I can give you is listen to your body. Give YOUR body what YOUR body needs. Do not see someone else, and think that you should be like that, or that you should be doing what they are doing. Learn from different training plans. Try high volume, try low volume, try 2 build weeks 1 recovery, 3 build weeks 1 recovery, 1 build 1 recovery, try 3 weeks without a rest day, try a rest day every week. The biggest thing is that our needs change. Our abilities change. Our mental strength and stamina changes. Life changes. We change. And we need to be willing to adapt our training to the change in our mind, body, and souls. BUT, don’t for one second look at someone else, and think you need to be doing what they are doing.

You can learn from other people. You can try new and different ways to train. But, when you find something that works for you, stick with it. And for me, I have just learned that I need sleep. Like need sleep. Always have, always will. So, when I go home from a party early because I want to get 9-10hrs of sleep, it’s because I don’t want to be grumpy and unfunctional the next day. :)