Steamboat Half Marathon Race Report


My best friend from college, Betsy, and I were chatting (she lives in Denver), and she was telling me that she was going to Steamboat for the Steamboat half marathon. Even though, I had just raced the Rock n’ Roll … Continue reading 

Rock n’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon Race Report

Who's ready to R O C K n' R O L L?!!!!  #Saucony26Strong @saucony #saucony #RnRSD

I’m not going to lie, stand alone half marathon’s intimidate me. Shoot, stand alone running races intimidate me. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s that you can’t suck at one event, and hope that another event will help bring you … Continue reading 

I Wear Liquido

As some of you might know, I LOVE patterned workout pants, so it was no surprise that I fell in love with Liquido, as they make some of the most fun patterned workout pants out there. They recently launched a campaign called, I Wear Love, and I was fortunate to take part. Clothes are not just clothes, they don’t just make us look pretty, but they change the way we feel. Every morning, when we wake up we have the choice to put on something that feels like “me”, that makes us feel confident, and happy. Clothes are more than just a fashion statement. They can change the way a person feels inside.

I was excited to share that #IWearAdventure – this is one way that clothes make me feel. They make me feel adventurous and like I want to go explore the world. :)






They have lots of other options for the tank, and I’ve paired it with the awesome Peacock patterned leggings. I’m loving running, yoga-ing, and all that jazz in my Liquido Active wear. Here are some photos that I also shared on Instagram. :) Happy Adventuring! xoxo! Katie

This is how I feel about these pants  #releasingmyinnerrockstar  // Where is the shaka emoji when you need it?!?!   #iwearlove @liquidoactive  @earthgirladventures

This is how I feel about these pants #releasingmyinnerrockstar // Where is the shaka emoji when you need it?!?! #iwearlove @liquidoactive @earthgirladventures

Hey ladies (or dudes with long hair )! A tutorial of the side French braid pony  is now up on YouTube --> link in profile <-- Let me know what you all think, and maybe I'll make more!

Hey ladies (or dudes with long hair )! A tutorial of the side French braid pony is now up on YouTube –> link in profile <– Let me know what you all think, and maybe I’ll make more!

I ~ W E A R ~ A D V E N T U R E  @liquidoactive #liquidoactive #iwearlove // Happy Memorial Day weekend!!! Hope you all have fun adventuring!!!

I ~ W E A R ~ A D V E N T U R E @liquidoactive #liquidoactive #iwearlove // Happy Memorial Day weekend!!! Hope you all have fun adventuring!!!

Tutorial: How to do a side french braid up-do!


Well you all said you wanted a tutorial on how I do my side french braid up-do. So, I gave it a shot! Let me know what you think, and I will start to make more of these, if you … Continue reading 

Tips for Staying True to You

Dream your dream; and realize that you are more than just a dreamer; you are the point of origin for its reality. -@stevemaraboli // It's up to us to take action to make our dreams reality. An inch of movement will bring us closer to our dreams than a mile of intention. We can want all day long. We can dream all day long. But it is only through A C T I O N that we can actually bring life to our goals and dreams. ᒪIᐯE today and ᗰOᐯE yourself toward your dreams!  #morningthoughts

I want to tell you a story… In high school, I dated a guy for 3yrs, and music was his life. I like music. I like all kinds of music, folk, pop, country, rock, but I’m not a live music … Continue reading 

Workouts of the Week

To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. -Buddha  || 10 miles of morning glory

I am falling behind people! This past week has been crazy with work, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up any time soon. I don’t mind, but it’s definitely making getting my workouts in a challenge. Plus, … Continue reading 

All NEW 10min Ab Workout

I promised you all new ab workouts, and so here is the first one! I’m still working on my video skills, but hopefully this is an improvement from the past ones. :) I’m trying as hard as I can to bring you all top notch quality content along with top notch quality workouts!

A R M S ~ A B S ~ and ~ B U T T  #nuffsaid #showhowyouneon

A R M S ~ A B S ~ and ~ B U T T #nuffsaid #showhowyouneon

The Ab challenge is running til June 21st. Follow along with my ab workouts and share your photos on Instagram using #ShowHowYouNeon for a chance to win prizes from Roka Sports, Coeur Sports, Osmo Nutrition, Bobo’s Oat Bars, and Liquido Active!

Can’t wait to hear your alls feedback on this new ab workout! Let me know what you think!





Personal Growth

I read a quote recently that says, “When you stop learning, you stop growing.” A struggle I have that I recently realized is that I’m always striving for “perfection”. To not make mistakes. To be the perfect person whether that be at work, in potential relationships, in friendships, etc. I’m terrified of anyone seeing faults in me. I’m terrified that if I make a mistake that makes me a worse person. But, really, aren’t mistakes how we learn? AND, let’s be serious, no one is ever going to be perfect.


I feel like I take criticism really well, but sometimes if it comes from specific people, I take it personally, and see it as a “defect” instead of an area where I can grow. I see it as “maybe this person won’t love me anymore, or like me anymore” instead of that’s something I need to work on. I try not to criticize others because I can always spin a criticism into a positive. Or somehow I see it as an opportunity to help someone else. I don’t see it as a fault, or a reason to not love someone. In fact, when I learn people’s faults, it usually makes me love them even more. So, why can’t I turn around and think the same thing about myself?

Why can’t I accept that mistakes don’t equal “you suck”. Mistakes don’t mean you can’t move on or move past them. Mistakes don’t mean you need a “fresh start” or a “clean slate”. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn and to grow. The problem is when we make the same mistakes over and over again. If we never learn from them, then we aren’t growing.


I’m constantly striving to grow. I love to reflect and to be introspective. I want to be a better person. Every day I try to be better. When I look back at my life a year ago, 3yrs ago, 5yrs ago, 10yrs ago. I have grown. I have learned. And it is something that we must accept that we will continue to make mistakes. We will continue to learn. And we will continue to grow. That is part of the life journey. We will continue to be challenged. To have to ask for forgiveness. And to practice forgiving others. We will learn how to let go and move on, over and over again. We will learn how to love, over and over again. So, I ask you, just like I ask of myself, to let go of “perfection” and simply strive to be the best version of yourself every day. To accept that you will make mistakes, and that when you do, to acknowledge them, learn from them, and move forward.

So, what was it that I learned this week? To stick to my guns. Probably will learn this one 100 more times in life in different scenarios, but to truly trust and own what I want and what I deserve and to not settle for anything less than that. That it’s ok to step away from something that isn’t what you want or deserve. To trust actions not words. :)

What did you learn this week in life?


Ab Fitness Challenge

Last year this time I challenged all of you to do 5min of abs a day! I created a TON of ab videos for you to follow along to, and I’m challenging you all to do at least 5min of abs a day from now until June 21st, the first day of summer! Why? Because who doesn’t want kickass abs for bikini season? I mean this girl does. And I want to rally all of you to join me, because I need to get my butt in gear and start doing abs every day! I’ve totally gotten off my game, and I want all of you to join me.

Who got their abs in this morning?!?! Share a pic of you doing your abs or of your abs using #showhowyouneon to win prizes from @osmonutrition @rokasports @coeursports @bobosoatbars !!!! Challenge ends June 4th! Ab workouts are up on my YouTube channel -->

I have some awesome giveaways too! Share your ab/ab workouts photos on Instagram using #ShowHowYouNeon for a chance to win prizes from Roka Sports, Bobo’s Oat Bars, Coeur Sports, and Osmo Nutrition! AND, I have two pairs of women’s size 10 Saucony Kinvaras to giveaway. I’m a 6.5 and when Saucony sends me shoes, they always throw in an extra pair to give away – size 10. So, ladies, if you are a size 10, and want to win a pair of never been worn Saucony Kinvaras then get to posting on Instagram with #ShowHowYouNeon :)


Check out the ab videos I made last year here, and start getting your 5min of abs in –>


I’m in the process of making new ones for you all! They are going to be 10min instead of 5. I mean we need to step up our game! So, keep an eye out for new videos coming your way.

Get after it, and share your ab photos to inspire others to get their abs in every day! #ShowHowYouNeon



St. George 70.3 Recovery Week

It’s amazing how tired one gets after a 70.3 and putting it all out there. The day after races, I’m always still full of energy. I swear caffeine just stays in my system for a long time. So, hiking Zion, I was still all jazzed up. But, then all week, this past week, I’ve been dragging. I’ve been sleeping 10-12hrs and then this past weekend, I took a 2hr nap on Saturday and a 2hr nap on Sunday, and was still sleeping like a baby at night. Like seriously, black out style sleep. I can’t tell you one dream I had, which is abnormal for me. I usually remember dreaming every single night. Nope, not this past week. I don’t have any major races lines up pronto, so I decided to not worry too much about it, and take as much rest as I could. So, this week has been kind of boring to be honest. The other thing, I like to do on these weeks is do things I don’t always have time to do. Fortunately, it was a fun week with lots of social things, so it lined up perfectly!

Monday – REST DAY and drive back from St. George. I’m pretty sure I got home, ate dinner, and crawled in bed at about 7pm.

Tuesday – Swam 2400yds. And then went to a friend’s to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Carne asada burrito and margaritas was just what this girl wanted.



Wednesday – Unexpected rest day. I was just zonked. Book Club! I hadn’t been to book club in a few months, so it was fun to see all the girls. I hadn’t read the book, but who cares, I was there for the socializing. I mean we usually spend the first hour just chatting anyway.

Thursday – Swam 2800yds and then had all good intentions to go to dinner with friends, but was exhausted. Was asleep by 7:30pm. ha!

Friday – Again, an unexpected rest day. I was just beat. And got my hair did. 😛 LOVE going to the salon!


Saturday – 2hr ride – felt great to get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Followed that up with a 2hr nap. haha. Then went out with my friend Courtney who was in town visiting.




I had been wanting to wear these pleather pants out for awhile, so having Courtney in town was just the excuse I needed to rock them out!


After a mini photoshoot, we then felt like getting blow outs, so clearly we had to do a take 2 😛



We then met up with some friends, had a drink, and then went out for sushi!!! It felt good to just go out and hang! Courtney and I have known each other since we were 3. It’s always good to see her! We can pick up right where we left off, probably cause we still talk almost daily. 😛



Double Trouble. 😛

Sunday – 1hr 30min run – again, felt awesome! But, it really took it out of me. Had brunch with Courtney, and then when I got home, again, I took a 2hr nap. Ugh!

90min of ᗰIᑎᗪ ~ ᗰᗩᗪᑎEᔕᔕ today.  The words from this poem played through my head... It becomes an illness, the way you come and go. the way you love and hate. the way your mind fucks your heart and your heart fucks your mind. one day it will all make sense. one day you will get so used to the fact, that you are you and it’s okay to be a little mad. we all are. •r.m. drake - I swear @rmdrk knows exactly how to speak to the human soul. Not every day is easy. Our hearts and minds are constantly in battle in this life. Some times our decisions are easy, sometimes they are really rough. But one thing I've learned is that in time everything does make sense. And everything does work itself out. It's not always how you think it might or how you "want" it to, but it does. Let the universe and it's energy pull you. Don't force it. And trust in the journey. What's meant to be will find a way, but sometimes we have to let go first for it to truly find it's path.


Brunch at my fave…Naked Cafe, and then a stop by the beach. :)



And, of course, a Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful and inspiring mother! She has taught me so much about life. How to be loving and kind and give until it hurts. I love her to pieces! She is my hero and my inspiration. This photo says it all about who she is as a mom. She is my biggest fan, and I am hers. Love you!


So, that was my week this week. Not a whole lot of training, but a lot of sleep and a lot of FUN! Eventually, the energy comes back, it always does, but damn, I’ve been tired. Cheers to a new week! My next race is in 3 weeks, the Rock n’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon.

Hope everyone had a great week!