6 Weeks til Ironman Whistler

Holy crap! Time is seriously flying. 6 weeks? I mean, really…6 weeks? How did that happen?

This week ended up a bit bigger than last week, due to that unexpected change of my long run day from Sunday to Monday. I felt great leading into the week. I felt energized, strong, and mentally ready to go! I am not overwhelmed anymore with the training, but I think that’s because there’s only 6 weeks to go. There is not much sacrifice left before race day. So, I’m just putting my head down, getting the work done, and making sure I recovery properly.

One thing that I have learned over the years, which might be tomorrow’s post…but that is to not compare your training to anyone else’s. Or how you recovery, or what your body’s needs are. Every person’s body is different. I have a friend, who can smash herself. She can train hard and long hours, and go to social functions, and be totally fine off only 7-8hrs of sleep a night, and still kill it in races. I, on the hand, need 10hrs of sleep a night during ironman training, sometimes a nap on the weekend, and can only handle 1-2 social functions a week. We are all different, and that’s the beauty of it. Listen to your body. Listen to your needs. And do what’s best for you.

So, here is what this past week looked like…

Monday – 14 mile run, followed by 30min of strength (I needed to make a workout video for Project Neon – which you can workout to here)


Tuesday – 2800yd swim


Wednesday – 1hr 10min bike w/ 10x2min hard intervals and salsa dance class!


Thursday – 6.65 mile run easy and a 1hr 15min easy spin on the bike

run along coast

Friday – 1hr tempo run – last 20min hard – I did this per usual on the treadmill – and I’m definitely starting to show some improvements :)

Saturday – 51 mile bike ride – cruisin’ – but I beat my last 50ish mile bike ride by 4min. So, that’s a good sign!

Sunday – 11.5 mile run with 1500ft of climbing. I like doing my long runs on trails and with a lot of climbing because it keeps it interesting and I know the tough routes will pay off on race day.

long ride

long run

Totals for the week:

Time: 13hrs 22min

Distance: 132 miles

I missed two swim sessions this week, but that was due to some life factors. I have some good news to share…but for today I’m still keeping it under wraps. And so there was much celebrating to be had! :) I don’t feel too bad about missing the two swim sessions. My swimming time isn’t going to greatly improve from now until Ironman race day, but it’s important to stay strong and keep a feel for the water. And I have my Swim24 challenge coming up on August 30th! But, it is what it is, and I got the important sessions in. This week is a BIG week. And I’m ready to tackle it!

Cheers to new beginnings!



Sweet mimosa bar!

mimosa bar

What I Ate Wednesday

Ever since my 14 mile run with 1500ft of climbing on Monday, I have been hungry. Do you ever get so hungry, you’d rather eat than go workout again? Yup. That’s been me the last two days, but don’t worry I got my workouts in anyway :)

So, here’s what food looked like today…

Acai Bowl – made fresh at home – I have been LOVING making my own acai bowl. It’s kind of fun.


Today’s had: 1/2 cup granola, 1 packet of sambazon frozen unsweetened acai mixed with 1 scoop osmo active recovery and a banana, with 1 banana, 1 plum, 1 white peach, 1 kiwi, a sprinkle of coconut and chia seeds. YUM!

2 pieces of peanut butter toast – whole wheat and 1 tablespoon of trader joe’s salted peanut butter on each piece

Egg scramble – 3 eggs, 1/4 cup onion, 1 roma tomato, 1 handful of spinach, 3 pieces of black forest ham w/ 2 pieces of whole wheat toast

Gees – I was heavy on the bread today huh? haha! Apparently my body still is craving things to restore the glycogen stores after Saturday’s ride and Monday’s run.

And then 1 fage greek yogurt w/ honey


It was a solid day!

1hr 10min bike w/ 10 x 2min hard intervals and 1hr of salsa dancing class!



A New Challenge

Do you know what’s exciting? Setting new goals and new challenges.

My tuesday tip for you – always set new goals and new challenges. It keeps us growing and changing and learning.


I grew up trying every single sport you can imagine. Seriously. I even tried playing little league baseball, because I looked up to my brother, and wanted to be like him (for at least a short period of time ;)) and so, I asked my dad if I could try out. He said, “Of course, princess!” Seriously. Well, after one season of doing cartwheels by the pitching mound, we decided that wasn’t a good sport for me. But, anyway, in the summer, we belonged to a Tennis Club (not a country club, because there wasn’t a golf course) – but you know, there were tennis courts, hard courts and clay courts, and two swimming pools. I spent practically every day there as a kid growing up.

I remember being on The Town Club Swim Team, we practiced at 3pm, M-F. Yup. I was on the swim team. I loved it. We did relays, and I remember being the best at breast stroke. Too bad that’s the slowest stroke and definitely would not help me in a triathlon race today. Anyway, when I found my love of gymnastics and soccer, tennis, diving, swimming, water ballet, all started to take a back seat in the summer.

I remember getting in the pool for the first time when I decided I wanted to try triathlon about 5 years ago, and I was slow. But, I knew how to do the different strokes, and would swim a lap, take a breather, swim a lap, take a breather. I also, often got motion sickness while re-learning to swim. I think I just wasn’t used to spending that much time in the water or something. I used to feel nauseous a lot, and get kind of dizzy. It was weird.

As much as I prefer running, and have made some awesome goals for myself running wise, like qualifying for the Boston Marathon and then running it (recap here), as well as some hefty cycling challenges, like last summer when I thought it would be a good idea one week post-Wildflower Half to do a stage of the Tour de California. You can read about that experience here. But, I have never really done a swim challenge before. So, when Swim24 fell into my lap, I was like I have to do this!


I am soooo excited to be not only helping out behind the scenes with Swim24 but also leading a team to be a part of this crazy challenge!

So what is Swim24?

Imagine swimming for 24 hours to save a life. That is what Swim 24Challenge will do.

- Teams of one to twelve people will swim for 24 hours in a relay format.

- Each team will raise a minimum of $1,200. That’s only $100 per person! The average cost to teach a child to swim is $100, so each member of a 12-person team will raise enough money to save a life. What an incredible sense of accomplishment to be part of a team that swims to save lives!

- What’s more, staying together for 24 hours dedicated to a common purpose and goal is a wonderful opportunity for team building and team preparation for the event will encourage all participants to stay fit!




Join me in saving lives! Make a team and let’s all set a new challenge for ourselves!

My goal is to raise $1200 individually – please consider donating to save a life here.



7 Weeks til Ironman Whistler

Another solid week in the books! I can’t believe only 7 weeks til I do another Ironman. Holy crap! I actually no longer find race day intimidating, what I find intimidating is training for one! haha.

Here’s what this week looked like…

Monday – Rest day! Which really means Froyo day! (yes Froyo deserves to be capitalized…haha!)


Tuesday – 1hr 10min Bike w/ 8x1min intervals and 10min off the bike run, followed by a 2200yd swim


Wednesday – National Running Day! And I had a 6.5 mile run planned, so it worked out perfectly. :)

national running day

Thursday – 1hr easy spin

1hr easy spin

Friday – 50min run w/ 10x2min intervals 1min jog in between – I did these on the treadmill as I always do, so that I can see if I’m improving. I like to have a controlled environment for speed workouts :)

Saturday – 70 mile bike ride, 1 mile OTB run, and a 2700yd swim. Solid day which deserved…

long ride

ice cream sandwich


Sunday – the pool was closed so I ended up moving my long run and swim to Monday…today

14 mile run, 3,000yd swim, 30min strength (this was because I had to record the Brazilian Booty Workout for Project Neon today :)

long run

Solid week! Body is feeling good. Head is feeling good. :)

14hrs 22min of training!

Only 7 weeks to go…

Happy training everyone!


Thursday Motivation

motivational quote


I love this quote. Because sometimes in the middle of a attaining a goal, things get hard. Really hard, and we have thoughts about giving up, quitting, etc. Every choice, every experience is a learning opportunity. The truth is, I have thought a few times prior to starting this 4th round of Ironman training, about just not doing it. Everyone said, you don’t have to do it. And I said. But, I do. I signed up for this. I have to do it. And I will be more upset if I don’t do it, than if I do.

Why did I start doing triathlons in the first place?

I started because I like challenges. I wanted to try something new, and see what I was capable of. I went from being a college soccer player to a marathoner. Then I set my sights on Boston, and I qualified, and then I raced it. I kept creating new challenges for myself. The next one was to do a half ironman, and then a full ironman. And after doing 1 Ironman, I wanted to do it again, to see if I could get faster, and beat my first ironman time.

The truth is, I always started something because I liked the idea of overcoming a challenge. Doing something for the first time, that I had never done before. And proving to myself that I could do it. After finishing 3 ironmans in less than 12hrs. I started to wonder…is this the best I have?

I started to get overwhelmed with the idea of doing long rides or runs, because I wanted to get faster, not get slower. And as I got slower, I got more discouraged.

And that is why, I signed up for this 4th ironman in the midst of making spontaneous decisions, and not really thinking about how I would feel mentally or physically going into this race after the year I had last year. But, why did I ever sign up for any race? To see if I can beat the time I put out there before. Whether it be in 1 of the 3 sports, or all 3 sports.

And so with that, I will pour my heart and soul into these remaining weeks of training. I will give everything I have, to try to put together the best race possible that I have within me. Because that’s why I started. I started to challenge myself. And so, I have set quite the challenge ahead of me. To see if I can do these least amount of training hours, and yet get faster. :) I’m starting to feel better than ever though. I am not drained. I am getting energized. I am getting excited. And I want to give this all I have.


What I Ate Wednesday

After one week with my awesome Farm Fresh to You box, I was trying to finish using everything before my next box comes on Thursday. P.S If you haven’t tried this company yet, you should! I have gotten CSA boxes in the past, but this one is delivered to you! It’s amazing!

First off, they also have some fun add-ons like eggs and trail mix. Also, you can pick things to exclude from your box. So, if you don’t like something or your allergic to something, you can ask to not receive it! I love this, because I stopped getting CSA because they would put things in it that I didn’t like to eat, and then it just went to waste. And I didn’t like carrying a heavy box with me on the bus or train in Chicago. Too difficult.

Anyway…here’s what my food looked like for the day:

- 1 Sunrype Fruitsource bar – Strawberry flavor

- 1/2 banana – would have eaten the whole thing, but half of it was kind of gross. It was an old banana. Too much brown.

Then I went for a 6.5 mile run! It was amazing and I felt great!

- Egg scramble with 3 eggs, 1/4 cup chopped onion, 1 chopped roma tomato, 1 handful of spinach, 3 slices of ham, some left over chicken (about a 1/4 cup) – and then half an avocado on top – with 3 chopped up golden potatoes that I sautéed in a pan – won’t be doing that again it takes too long! – microwave :)



- I had a glass of chocolate milk after my run too :)

A few hours later….

- Then I had two packets of trader joe’s brown sugar oatmeal with 3 additional tablespoons of organic brown sugar – I mean seriously – they do not put enough brown sugar in those oatmeal packets! ha!

- a few pretzel crisps probably about 8 with hummus

Then I went to my first Salsa Dance Class! I love to dance, and I love latin dances, and after dancing salsa in Miami, I decided I wanted to really learn how to salsa. It is so fun!

I then headed off to book club and had…

- a small taco salad – lettuce, 1 tablespoon black beans, 1 tablespoon corn, 1 tablespoon guacamole, 1/2 of ground turkey, 1 tablespoon salsa – and some grapes. (meant to take a photo and I forgot)

Anyway, it was a delicious and satisfying day filled with great food!

Triathlon Race Day Tips

Triathlon season is upon us, and I thought I would share my top tips for race day. :)

race day tips

Pre-Race Tips

1. Do not change anything. If you shower before races. Shower. If you eat a banana and oatmeal. Eat that.

2. Don’t forget to put Glide or some body anti-chaffing stuff EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere. Especially for those doing 70.3′s or Ironman’s. Under the boobs ladies, in between the butt cheeks, I know TMI, but you do not want a miserable shower post-race. I promise.

3. Tighten everything on your bike so no lose screws or wheels make for a unlucky day on the bike.

4. Charge your gadgets!


Swim Tips

1. Electrical tape your timing chip strap because you can’t count on velcro. I have heard horror stories of people losing their timing chips during races, and it sucks. Big time. So, I have always put electrical tape around my timing chip.

2. Before the swim, tuck your timing chip under the leg of your wetsuit so that it stays put during the swim too, and you don’t have any drag. :)

3. Just keep swimming. The swim for the first bit, of any distance, is like a washing machine of people all trying to find space. Just be kind to everyone around you. Try to keep your head down and just keep swimming. The craziness will eventually pass.

4. Try to get in the water before the swim start to warm up a little bit and adjust to the water temp, especially if it’s cold.


Bike Tips

1. Make sure to know how to change a flat. And carry Pit-Stop just in case you run out of tubes or Co2 cartrages, or in case you are using tubulars.

2. Pace yourself. Do not start out too fast. It’s a triathlon. Let your heart rate come down from transitioning from swim to bike, and just fall into your groove.

3. Keep right. In a race, it’s really important to keep right to avoid crashes, just like you would in training rides. There are people trying to pass, and it’s safe to stay to the right.

4. Before any turns, look behind you to see if someone is close, again just to be aware to avoid any crashes.


Run Tips

1. Don’t start out too fast. It’s easy to get pumped up and have an adrenaline rush but look at your watch and check yourself. Listen to your body. And think, can I hold this pace for the whole “x” miles? Slow down. It’s better to try to negative split in a race, than crash and burn, and end up walking.

2. Ice, ice, and more ice. Even in cooler race, ice down the sports bra, or back of the neck works wonders, as do cold wash cloths. Do not pass these up. These will help you keep your core temperature down and have a better race.

3. Wear socks, unless you have practiced doing long runs without them. You will end up with really bad blisters, most likely, and will be an uncomfortable run. Also, socks help prevent rubbing when you are pouring water on yourself at every mile.

4. Keep a smile on your face. I promise it helps with the pain. :)

Finish Line Tips



Happy Racing!!



8 Weeks Til Ironman Whistler

8 weeks

Unlike the week before, this week was super productive in terms of training! I finished every single workout planned, and loved every minute of it. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s only 8 weeks left, and now I’m motivated more … Continue reading

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What I Ate Wednesday

what I ate wednesday

It’s too hard to do a “weekly” recap of my food. I don’t keep track all that frequently, and I don’t really want to write down what I eat every single day. So, I’ve decided to change this day from what … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tips – Avoiding Burn Out

I’m going on 5yrs of triathlon training/racing, and 8yrs participating, training, racing, etc. in endurance sports. And I think I’ve been trying to avoid burn out since I started endurance sports. Maybe burn out isn’t the right word, because I’m not sure I am currently burnt out or ever was, but just found myself being interested in doing other things. I think, often, when people are not interested in “training” or have lost the motivation to “train”, we call this “burn out”. But, what if someone just simply has interests outside of “sport”? What if they see not spending time with family and friends and not making memories with family and friends as a sacrifice? Or what if they would rather go do “xyz” than “train, are they really burnt out?

I guess in order to not feel “burnt out”, “training” should never been seen as a sacrifice. :) So, here are some of my tips to always keep triathlon, training, running, biking, swimming, whatever you do, fun!

Webster’s Dictionary Definition of “Burnout”

the condition of someone who has become very physically and emotionally tired after doing a difficult job for a long time

So, keeping this in mind, I guess, it’s when you get sick of doing something after doing something for a really long time. So, how do we avoid getting sick of triathlon? or running? or whatever thing we are doing?

Here are my tips:

1. Change up your goals – sometimes train for a marathon or an Ironman, sometimes train for a 5k, do a mountain bike race, a swim race, do some crazy hike you’ve wanted to do, go kayaking, learn how to do an eskimo roll in your kayak. Just keep your goals changing. :)


2. Vacation 2x-4x a year – no, not a traincation (meaning training camp vacation), not a racecation (meaning a destination race), a real vacation, where you have no training plan, you wake up and do an activity that you feel like you doing. Ideally, 1x per quarter, so that you get a full and total break :)

soaking up the sun

3. Leave the watch at home – forget about power, distance, time, speed, etc. once a week. Just enjoy being active, and allowing your body to move through space, and really feel what you are feeling, whether it be physical, emotional, or mental, and take time to stop enjoy the view, or if you run into a horse pet it ;)


4. Train with friends – a lot of us like to train solo, and some people love to always train with people. Either way, I find that every once in awhile training with friends, and making it more about being social, than an actual workout makes training more fun!

Even though this was post crash, I was glad I was riding with friends!

Even though this was post crash, I was glad I was riding with friends!

5. Change up the scenery - try out a new bike or run route. Or go to a different pool. It makes training so much more fun, when sometimes you do it on the treadmill, sometimes the road, or something the trail.



What are your tips for avoiding “burn out”?

What is your definition of “burn out”?