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I’m excited to announce that I’ve been accepted into the FitFluential Brand Ambassador program! I’m stoked to be part of such an amazing brand that daily is connecting like-minded individuals and brands who are inspiring the world to live a healthy, happy, and more fit life! I love the positivity that shines through FitFluential.

What is a FitFluential Ambassador?

FitFluential Ambassadors are social media influencers who work with FitFluential’s brand partners. FitFluential’s goal is to successfully connect brands in the fitness space with influential fitness enthusiasts. An ideal match is one where the FitFluential Ambassador (and their audience) matches with the brand’s target market. Our Ambassadors have a strong presence on their social media channels, high quality content with a definitive voice and a passion for fitness-related topics.


Beach Running


Life Lesson – Use Your Words


We are often told the two following things:

“Less is More”


“Actions speak louder than words”

But sometimes the opposite is true, sometimes not saying anything, or not saying enough leads to questions or miscommunication. Actions people have to interpret, I suppose words we have to, too, to a degree, but the more we use our words, the less there is to “figure out”.

This could be as simple as the date and time of a meeting. I was planning a meeting with a client over the past few days, and there was only true time mentioned, and so I assumed that that was the time we were meeting up, even though it technically was another meeting within that meeting. Thank goodness, I double checked, because otherwise, I would have showed up at a different time than what the client was expecting, even though the client didn’t voice the time they thought I was going to show up.

Crazy, right?

Where this really becomes a problem is when boundaries or expectations need to be defined. People are always worried about hurting people’s feelings, but the truth is, people’s feelings get hurt more, if boundaries or expectations aren’t set. For example, I’m planning a 30th birthday trip, and I really want to do it by myself. I have never traveled truly alone, and so it’s something I want to do to launch this new decade in my life. I know I “hurt” a few people’s feelings who wanted to go with me, but it’s better I communicate it, and let them know the reason, than just going, and then them wondering why I didn’t invite them.


Another example, dating…so you go on a first date, and you just aren’t feelin’ it, and the other person is really into it. Do you say, yea, sure call me! Or, yea let’s do this again. Or, do you be up front, and say you’re just not feelin’ it, you’re sorry, and give you and that person closure, so that they don’t have unanswered questions, and they can just move on, and so can you. Yes, these conversations are tough, but they are important.

Are you afraid of tough conversations? We ALL are! But, the more we become comfortable with having them, the easier it is for everyone to live their lives with closure and feel like they can keep moving forward with their life, and not have questions about what if, or why not, etc.

Going back to more business examples, this is true in terms of employment or potential clients. If you aren’t interested in a potential employee, right on the spot, maybe give them some feedback as to why, and what they can work on. That way they aren’t wondering why they weren’t hired. I realize this isn’t always scalable in a business sense, but when you can do it, do it. :) It helps people improve, and allows them to not wait to hear back from an employer that they really like, and keep looking for jobs (which they should be doing anyway, but still).


It’s not always easy to tell people what they mean to us, in fact, too often, we wait until time is nearing it’s end to tell people, but why? I recently went through a frustrating situation where I knew a particular journey in my life was over, it’s okay, honestly, not everything is meant to workout, but this person couldn’t express the impact we had on each other’s lives, and what the time we spent together meant. It’s kind of a bummer, because it’s something I just don’t understand. Maybe, because I like expressing myself, I like using words, but shouldn’t we all be able to use our words? What’s so scary anyway? We are all just people trying to live the best lives possible. Life is a journey. It has challenges. It has ups. It has downs. And in the end, if there is something we can say to help someone continue to live a beautiful life, I think we should.

So, use your words. I’m not saying that every day all day, you need to oversaturate your life with how important people are to you, or constantly have boundary setting conversations, because life should be fun, but when there’s an opportunity, snatch it up!

Use your words to help, heal, love, support, clarify. Use them for good. This is the only way words should be used. That doesn’t mean people sometimes won’t get their feelings hurt, because they might, people don’t always like what they hear, but it might bring them peace, closure, and then allow them to heal. And it doesn’t mean there won’t continue to be miscommunications, but if we can work harder to use our words, it will help us all understand each other better.

Let your actions be your guide, and let your words provide the clarity. 

Tuesday Twelve – Habits of Always Fit People

Being fit comes down to a lifestyle. The people who never sway more than 10lbs up or down a year, are the ones that truly get it. I mean we all gain a little here or there, and then we lose it here or there. That’s natural. Believe me, I swear every year heading into fall I’m at my skinniest, and then come March, I’m like how did these 10lbs creep back on? It’s impossible to stay at the exact same weight all the time. BUT, there are definitely  habits that “always” fit people do to stay within those 10lbs and never allow themselves to get past that.


1. Eat clean 90% of the time – I like to think of this as a daily 90% of the time. It gets complicated outside of our daily habits, so if 90% of the day you eat lean, green, and clean, then there’s that 10% for a piece of chocolate, or a muffin, or pasta, etc.

2. S L E E P – Good sleep is crucial to keeping your hormones in balance. Getting at least 7hrs of sleep a night is important to a keeping your metabolism up and not overeating.

3. Do something active every day – Honestly, even if it’s taking the stairs all day for one day, and never taking an elevator, or it can be a hike, a swim, a bike, a strength workout, or maybe it’s just taking your dog for a 10min walk. But, every day (for the most part, obviously people get sick, or are traveling, etc.) do something that gets your body up from the sitting position.

4. Push it! – When it’s time to get into the groove and really break a sweat, don’t hold back! You want to feel the burn, and really maximize burning those calories.

5. Love Who You Are – Your fitness level is different from others. Every day should be a competition with yourself, not with anyone else. This helps you keep a positive mindset and not feel defeated. After all, this is your life journey, not someone else’s. So, don’t worry about someone else, just focus on yourself.

6. Ch ch ch change it up! – Don’t do the same class every single Monday at 6pm. Change up your workout routine, that way you don’t get bored, and your body has to keep up with the different muscles that you are working, which keeps the body’s metabolism up, and helps you to continue to see results and/or not lose results.

7. Drink LOTS of Water – Staying hydrated is important to prevent overeating, but it also gives you energy so that you can get after your workouts. It also keeps your skin healthy, and I always feel like drinking water is like giving my body a shower, it keeps all your organs clean and functioning. :)

8. Be Positive – I was going to say “stay” positive, but the truth is, it’s truly being positive. Think positive, act positive, which will allow you to be positive. This is a healthy habit to embody. Give off positive energy to others and also give it to yourself, and this will help you stay fit both mentally and physically.

9. Balance – Allowing yourself to have busy weeks, where you might only get in 3 workouts, and you might have to eat out for most meals, and then have weeks where you are able to workout every day and cook every day/night. Give yourself the ability to change and adapt to your own life. Not every day or every week can be the same. Life happens. So, be adaptable. And understand that it’s okay to not have every week be a perfect week.

10. Don’t Dwell -The above brings me to not dwelling. Always fit people don’t dwell when they indulge in ice cream, or don’t get their workout in. They simple just move forward. Tomorrow is a new day, and sh*t happens.

11. Thank Your Body – You get to workout. You get to be active. Be thankful that your body is able to do the things you make it do. So, when you it’s time to workout, instead of dreading it, think, “Yes! I get to do this. I can’t wait to get after this workout!”

12. Find What You Love To Do – If you are dreading doing a workout, maybe it’s not the kind of workout for you. Some people LOVE group fitness classes, some people LOVE team sports, maybe you’re thing is running, maybe it’s stand up paddleboarding, maybe it’s hiking, maybe it’s yoga. There is something for everyone, I promise. Find out what it is that you love and do it often. And it doesn’t have to be just one thing, in fact, it usually isn’t, which is why it’s good to change it up, like I mentioned above. But, the key to always being fit, and loving how you stay fit.

Would you add anything else to the list?

Fitness Monday – Nature Inspires Me

I’ve always enjoyed nature. I grew up playing LOTS of team sports, and pretty much was outside all day, every day, as much as I could be, growing up in Wisconsin. Then, I discovered running after playing soccer in college, and I found the treadmill. To me, the treadmill became a love, not a dread. I loved seeing the numbers, and pushing harder, and having a controlled environment where I could see my progress. As much as I love the treadmill, and honestly I am motivated by seeing numbers, and seeing improvements, there is nothing compared to the inspiration that running outdoors in nature gives me.

Nature 1


Nature 2

After leaving Chicago, where most of my workouts were inside, since it was a major city and bitter cold or thunderstorms, or too many people, you name it, it was a breathe of fresh air when I picked up and moved out to San Diego. Every day, I have the option to go outside for my workouts or inside. It’s crazy, how seriously, every day it’s an option. I never have to workout inside because of the weather or traffic, etc. I can choose to. It’s easy to fall in love with San Diego for that very reason. I mean I just did a 24hr swim challenge at an outdoor pool. Not only did I swim outside, but we slept outside. No tent, no bug spray, just us and the stars. Granted I didn’t really sleep, but the point is, this place is amazing.

Nature 4


Nature 3

This past week has been filled with beauty that is indescribable. All I’ve wanted to do was get outside and capture every moment. I mostly ran this week, as I’m training for the Temecula Half marathon, and running is an easy way to get outside and enjoy the scenery.

What inspires you most?

The Ocean? The mountains? The prairie? Lakes? Rivers? Forests? 

I LOVE it all, but to me, the ocean is where my soul finds peace, love, comfort, happiness. When I see the ocean, every single worry, trouble fades away, and I feel F R E E.

Nature 5

Nature 6

Nature 7


Here’s what this past week’s workouts looked like:

Monday – 5 mile run Nature 8

Tuesday – 6 mile run

Wednesday – 3 mile run

Thursday – REST DAY!

Friday – accidental rest day – was exhausted still from Swim24 and thought I’d better catch up on my sleep.

Saturday – 3,000yd swim and an 8 mile speed workout on the treadmill. 2 mile warm up, 4×1 mile repeats at 8:20min/mile pace (yup, I’ve gotten real slow from Ironman, who knew that I would get this slow. I mean I’ve run an entire marathon at 8min/mile pace. So, it was a bit of a rude awakening, but it will be fun to see my progress), 1/4 mile jog after each, 1 mile easy cool down.


Sunday – 2,000yd swim

It was a great week! And I’m really enjoying having a little extra time back in my days by not having to workout 2x/day. It’s given me time to catch up with friends, have fun with photography and polish up my photography skills, and just recoop from a very busy year with 3 ironmans. My body is very thankful for this rest I’m giving it. :)

Happy Monday!

It’s still summer! So, get outside and enjoy what’s left of this daylight and warmth that we have.



P.S What is your favorite treadmill workout? AND, where’s your favorite place to run outside?

Weekday Wardrobe

This week’s weekday wardrobe. Monday was a holiday – Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone enjoyed a 4 day work week. I sure did! Although, it was jam packed last weekend with the Swim24 Challenge. Which exhausted me, and now this week, I’m trying to catch up on blogging, sleep, and just things around the house and errands. Like get my oil changed! Dang, that always sneaks up on me!




Top – Urban Outfitters // Jeans – Free People // Shoes – Michael Kors


Top – H&M // Jeans – Tilly’s // Shoes – Vans // Bracelet – Francesca’s // Earrings – Bay to Baubles (from a StitchFix shipment)


Hair – one side funky with the french braid, the other side classy with the low messy bun.


Dress – 41Hawthorn (StitchFix) // Shoes – Michael Kors // Bracelet – 31Bits (StitchFix) // Earrings – Claire’s


I usually blow dry my hair with my head flipped over, today I blew it dry like how hair stylist do. To be honest, I’m not sure I really notice a difference. I feel like when I flip my head over, it gives me more volume. Do you flip your head over or blow dry standing up straight?


Casual Friday this week. I honestly just felt like being in my workout clothes, even though I didn’t workout yesterday. Top – lululemon (power Y) // Pants – lululemon (wunder under crops) // Shoes – Saucony Kinvara 5


This is the I want to look cute, but I’m too lazy to blow dry my hair look. I often do this little twisty thing in my hair when my hair is wet, and I don’t want to actually do it. Going to try to put together a vlog series of the different hairstyles I do, because if I can do them, you can! :)

Happy Weekend!



Swim24 Challenge Recap

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of participating in the first swimming relay of it’s kind. Swim24 is a charity event that was raising money for the San Diego Junior Lifeguard Foundation’s Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Program. All money raised goes toward giving swim lessons to kids who’s families can’t afford them. Drowning is the #1 cause of death for kids 5 and under. The challenge given was to gather a team of 2-12 people and swim for 24hrs straight to raise money and awareness for Drowning Prevention. Swim8

Two weeks out from the event, I only had 5 people signed up to be on my team. It was going to be a loooong 24hrs of swimming. Fortunately, our team pulled through and found 4 more people to help swim! One of which we accumulated on the day of the event. More to come on that. We ended up with 9 people. Thank goodness!


The event started at noon on Saturday, August 30th. We brought a tent, blankets, pillows, lots of swimsuits, goggles, and dry clothes, both for during the day, and warm clothes for at night. The event took place at the University of California – San Diego pool – Canyonview. There were a few areas around the pool, including grassy areas, that people set up camp for the 24+hours that we were going to be there. We found a grassy spot, and saw other people grabbing lounge chairs to sleep on. Not a bad idea. So, we grabbed a few for ourselves, and opted to forego the tent. I mean were we really going to sleep, anyway?


All 8 of us check-in and were ready to go. We didn’t have a real plan in place, and decided to be flexible. In fact, a woman who swims regularly saw signs for the event, and decided to just show up on event day to see if she could participate. We had room on our team, and of course, we happily accepted her on our team, and were excited to have her contribute. Fran was a big ball of positive energy, and one that we would need on Sunday. A small backstory on Fran: Fran’s husband got in a BMX accident in 2010, and landed on his head, and broke a bunch of ribs, which ended up creating a wound in his aorta. He was rushed to the hospital and at one point during surgery was pronounced dead. He survived, and as he recooperated, unfortunately, a blood clot had gone to his brain. Long story short, Fran’s life changed forever. She is now the primary care giver for her husband, and rarely has time for herself to do the things she loves. You could tell by Fran’s energy that this was an experience that she will never forget and that she truly embraced. It reminded all of us to live in the moment, and not take anything for granted. Although Fran couldn’t stay over night, she came back the next morning and brought bagels and coffee to us sleep deprived swimmers, and brought back the energy we needed to complete this event. She was a pure joy. And for a glimpse of 24hrs we could see through her eyes, as if everything in life is a miracle. It was truly a blessing to have met her.


Okay, back to the event. So, with 9 of us, and 2 not being able to stay over night, we started out with 15min increments, rotating all the way through our 9. We did another round of 15, then a round of 30min, and then a round of 15, before Jill and Fran both had to take off. We then to get through the night and allow for a bit of rest, all 7 of us overnighters swam for 1hr. We then went back to 30min increments, and then Fran and Jill met back up with us in the morning to finish out our round of 30min. We then went to 10min increments, and then finished up with 45min of 100yd relays, all swimming as fast and hard as we could. We wanted to get as many yards as we could. None of us went in with a competitive mindset, but as the numbers were adding up, we all started setting small goals for ourselves. It was kind of cool to see us all reach them. By the end, we were exhausted. Throughout the 24hrs there was a DJ, a band that came and brought a bunch of energy, food for dinner and breakfast, water, and a whole lot of fun.


Night Swimming

Night Swimming

Night Swimming

All the news stations, NBC, Fox, etc. came to cover the event, which was really cool. There were a total of 19 teams that participated in this 1st year charity event, and teams had anywhere from 6 to 12 people on them. There were high school swim teams, club teams, triathletes, and those who just love to swim. Every team had their own strategy going in, and it was interesting to see each team try to swim for 24hrs. By the end of 24hrs, as a whole group, we had raised over $61,000. It costs $100 to teach a kid how to swim in the pool and ocean, and teach them water safety as well in the pool and ocean, which means 6,100 kids will be given water safety and swim lessons. Sooooo cool! I can’t wait to participate again next year! Thank you to all those who donated in your own way, whether it was monetarily, positive thoughts and energy, or supportive and kind words. It was more than we could have asked for, so thanks!



Fun Facts:

Our team – Mermaids and Mermen

Total Yards Swam – 88,850

Total Miles – 50.48


Total Yards Swam – 11,100

Total Miles – 6.3

Total Time – 2hrs 57min

Total Time Slept – 0

This challenged inspired me to challenge all of you, which brings me to the September Fitness Challenge! The Project Neon September Fitness Challenge is to swim 30 by Sept 30th. That’s 30,000yds by the end of September. That’s on average 1,000yds a day. You can do it!


Life Lesson – Timing

It’s funny how life works. Timing truly seems to be everything. I have no idea what the universe has in store for any of us. I just had a thought…man, wouldn’t that be kind of cool, if we could just see a glimmer? Actually, that’s a scary thought. It’s scary to not know what is coming, but it’s also exciting, and if we knew what was coming, would we live our lives differently?

Life is full of “what ifs” and timing. I like to believe we have some control over our lives and what trajectory our lives take. Every day we make choices, decisions, that impact the rest of our life.

timing 1

Have you ever seen “The Butterfly Effect”? Great movie. It seriously opens up your mind about how our lives change based on the tiniest decisions.

It could be as simple as whether you go for a run or not tomorrow morning, and whether you could have met someone on that run who would offer you a job opportunity that would change your life, or meet a person that could be the love of your life, etc. Or it could be bigger, like if you go on a backpacking trip in Thailand or a beach vacation in Greece.

timing 2

Timing has become a big part of my life since moving out to San Diego. And I’m not sure what it all means. I think the number one thing I have learned is that, each person who comes into my life, teaches me something new. And every day I take a step forward and keep creating a beautiful story.

timing 3

In your life, have you met someone, where the connection between you is like electricity, but no matter what you do, the timing just isn’t right? And there’s nothing you can do about it. I suppose there is never, nothing, you can do. But, maybe they live in another country, maybe they have a girlfriend/boyfriend or are married.

timing 4

It’s funny, we are all made up differently, but for me, I put LOVE, above everything else. I’ve noticed this. I don’t know why, but my dream is to find the love of my life, to travel with my best friend, raise a family, and just share my life, and for them to share their life with me. Some people are more career oriented, or focused on success, etc. There is no right or wrong way to live life, and we are all wired differently, and we all have our own contributions to make to the world, and our own purpose for being here. Which is why, be who you are, say what you feel, and live your own life and passions, and what’s meant to be will be. The people who are meant to be in your life will be, the career you’re supposed to have will be, and truly we are all just trying to figure out the best way to live this life as happy as we possibly can. Know that each person is making decisions based on their own happiness, and if two decisions add up to the same decision, then the timing matches. It all comes down to two people choosing the same thing. Whether that be a person choosing you for a job opening, and you choosing them to take that job, or someone choosing to be with you, and you choosing to be with them. No matter what, if the two choices aren’t adding up, then keep moving forward, eventually the right choices will match up.

timing 5

Someday it will all make sense, and all the pieces will fall into place, there will be no questions, there will be no what ifs. But, for now, where you are in this exact moment is where you are supposed to be. Let life evolve, don’t force it.

Tuesday Twelve – Beauty Products

I swear we are all, always searching for our favorite beauty products, and so I thought I’d share with you all, my top twelve right now. :)

Add text


1. Super Goop – CC Cream 35SPF

2. Neutrogena – Oil Free Eye Make-Up Remover

3. Bumble and Bumble – Thickening Hairspray

4. Kiehl’s – Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream

5. Kiehl’s – Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment

6. Benefit – They’re Real Mascara

7. Smashbox – Hyperlash Mascara

8. Two-Faced – Eyeshadows

9. Smashbox – Eyelid primer

10. Sumita – Eye Contrast Pencil

11. Dove – Deodorant

12. Sephora Lip Gloss


Do you use any of these? If so, which ones? 

Half Marathon Training Commences!

Ironman Whistler may be over, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more racing to do! I’m enjoying all this extra time to spend it how I want to spend it, but I still love setting goals. I don’t think I will ever be just a “gym-goer”. I just don’t have it in me. I like training for things, improving, and challenging myself.


The first challenge up is the 24hr swim relay this coming weekend to raise money for “Waterproofing America” initiative. All proceeds will go to the San Diego Junior Lifeguard’s Foundation’s water safety and drowning prevention programs. If you are interested in supporting the cause, please donate here on my fundraising account. :)

beach run

After swimming for 24hrs, and honestly I’ll probably have to swim 3hrs of that 24. #ouch. Then it’s time to get into full blown half marathon training. I’m excited to focus on running for a bit. I love to run. And I lost a lot of my speed training for ironmans over the past few years. I want to get my speed back, and then prepare myself for next summer when it’s triathlon season again. I haven’t run an open half marathon since 2010. How crazy is that? But it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and get speedy again! My best half marathon time is 1:37:xx. I don’t think I’ll do that for this one, but you never know. I’m hoping for 1:50, and then I’ll keep working my way back into the 1:30’s from there.

sunrise run

The half marathon I signed up for is the Temecula Half. If you are interested in racing and haven’t signed up yet, feel free to use my discount code for 10% off:


I’ve been loving every second of running! I had to take a break from running for about a month after ironman whistler because I was getting too sore after every workout. Since taking, nearly two full rest weeks, I’m feeling much better and my body is finally recovering faster! I’m also enjoying playing soccer on Monday nights, although my legs are still getting used to all the agility and shooting. In fact, my quads are so sore after every game from shooting the ball!