Daily Workout

Hey Endurance Athletes! This is your daily 12min of strength training!

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As a triathlete and runner, I know the first thing to go is my strength training, that’s why I have launched a daily strength training program! Only 12min. We’ll improve our athletic performance and prevent injuries together. When you finish tag your #sweatyselfie with #getupandtri or #khmlifestyle and me @katiehartmorse. <3

Get it done! Check back here daily to see what the exercises and workouts are.


Total Body!

Perform each of the following exercise for 1min. Do 2 rounds, and take a 30sec rest in between rounds.¬†Then, take¬†a #sweatyselfie and¬†share it with me on Instagram #getupandtri #khmlifestyle for a chance to win this month’s prize pack!

Side to Side Squats

Fast Feet

Side to Sides

Plié Squat Jumps

Plank Jacks

Row to Tricep Extension in Lunge

(30sec each side)