Turkey Trot Race Report

My mom’s side of the family all live in Kentucky for the most part, and they wanted to try to get the whole family together for Thanksgiving, so of course my mom couldn’t refuse.  So, my mom and dad drove down from Milwaukee to pick my sister, Scott, and I up in Chicago, while my brother and his wife drove from Pittsburgh.  Normally it takes about 5 1/2 to 6hrs to get to Lexington, but this time it took my parents 3hrs to get to Chicago from Milwaukee, and then it took us 9hrs from Chicago to Lexington, mostly due to really bad car accidents that backed up traffic.  It was a pretty scary drive due to the near freezing rain that was pouring down!  Anyway, when we got in at 1:40am on Friday morning, we headed straight to bed because we were running in the 5k turkey trot at Keeneland that morning.  I have never run a race on such little sleep, but it turned out well!  Scott and my dad decided to stay on the sidelines, while my brother, his wife, Tara, my sister, mom, and I all ran 3.1 miles as fast as we could.  I  was totally unprepared for all the hills and the wind which was going about 20mph, and was only at our backs for about 3min total.  I did my regular dynamic run warm up, and then headed to the start line.  I started near my sister and mom, but quickly split from them.  I was debating up until the last minute whether to go out hard, or just stay with my family, but I couldn’t help my competitive self from going all out.  Normally on a treadmill my 5k pace is about 6:50/mile, so I was kind of hoping for 7 min miles, but that was before I started running the course with all the hills, and once I felt the wind on my face!  I quickly shifted focus and just started eyeing the women in the field, and decided I would be happy if I came in top 10.

It was beautiful along the course!

A little side stretch action.

The turkey trot 5k racers!

Sprinting through the finish, although the whole race felt like a sprint.

A look of relief.  I quickly realized I am not a 5ker.  I felt like I should have been able to go faster, but I just couldn’t.  But, I’m pretty sure I could have maintained the pace I was at for a 10k or even more.

I couldn’t help but immediately want to go to the where the results were posted after cheering my whole family across the finish line.  I grabbed some cider and some sweet bread, and then the results were up!  I placed 126 overall out of about 1,600 people and I placed 9th out of all 700 women!  The biggest news is I placed 1st in my age group 25-29 out of 88 women.  Yay!

 1 Katie Morse            126    9  26   22:47  7:20 Chicago IL

Although not the time I was hoping for, but we never know what the weather conditions are going to be, and I had no idea that the course was hilly, so overall I was pretty happy, especially since I’m not a short distance runner AT ALL.

The race ended at the barn stables, but no horses were in there because it’s not racing season anymore.

What a cool experience, and I was so happy to be doing it with my family too!

Did you do a turkey trot this year?