A Balancing Act

Life this past week was a balancing act. A balance between doing what I should be doing, and doing what I want to be doing. But, truly, why can’t they be the same thing? Shouldn’t we be doing what we want to be doing? If you ask me, the answer is an obvious….YES!

So, I did do, what I wanted to be doing, because it is what I should be doing. :)

The beginning of the week started with some rest, because I was fighting a cold. Then, I hit my workouts hard. Then rested again, because my workouts wore me out. Then my best friend from college came to visit, and I spent every moment, focusing on spending time with her, catching up, and making memories.

I started out by letting my inner child out…


I jumped off rocks for fun!




There were lots of smiles :)

I got my butt kicked by a Sandstorm


But at least I looked cute in my Coeur Team Kit and my Oakley Women’s Immerse sunglasses. :)

I got brunch with one of my old personal training clients from Chicago! I hadn’t seen Nikolina in 2 years, and it was sooooo much fun to catch up. Next time stay longer :)


Nikolina and I at Honey’s, one of my fave brunch places.

Then Betsy came to town!!!!


We started off with a lagoon loop run! Obviously :)


Life really is a balancing act.


Post run on the beach

We then hit up my absolute favorite café in all of San Diego….The Naked Café. Betsy and I ate brunch here 7 years ago, when we went on a 6 week road trip all around the U.S.


We love this place!

We then made our way to Torrey Pines for some hiking!


Besties <3


Play time in the water!


One of the best views in all of San Diego.

It was then girl’s night out. We met up with my friend Jené and Kelly at Bier Garden for some beers and dinner. And I got to wear out one of my new favorite StitchFix items, this tank. <3


Ignore the evil eyes


Always acting goofy

Since, Betsy is a foodie, it was time to introduce her to the famous Acai Bowl. So, brunch outside at Swami’s it was.


One of the best meals, San Diego has to offer. Refreshing, filling, and delicious!

The last time I went perusing local shops was…????? It was so nice to just window shop, and/or purchase a few fun things. So, we strolled and just enjoyed some time post-brunch looking in stores.


I bought this cute frame for my room. So…true!


I love this!

And then after some fun strolling…we hit up the beach. Again, last time I just laid out and enjoyed the sun was in the BVI…it was time to do it at home! Enjoy all that San Diego has to offer!


I love the beach!


Jené joined us, and of course, we had to take the GoPro out for some action shots!

After a day in the sun, it was time to show Betsy our famous San Diegan sunsets, and of course celebrate with a little red wine. :)


Sunset and wine. Yes please.


Oh…forgot to mention….Miss Seal…she washed up on shore to do some Molting…which is shedding….and because of the latest storm, she somehow ended up being separated from her fellow seals, as they usually all molt together. Poor Seal. :(

Sunday morning, we went to brunch at Honey’s, and I indulged in an artichoke, chicken sausage omelette. YUM!



After dropping Betsy off at the airport, I headed back to the beach, to top off the weekend of some fun in the sun! I couldn’t resist. Training was just going to have to wait til Monday.




Although, I did get some beach running in, just a tad. :)


In love with my new reversible bikini by Maaji Swimwear.


My favorite purchases from the weekend.


Last night’s sunset, reminded me of how in love with life I am.


And this morning’s quote….was a great way to kick off this week!


Cheers to last week, The Balancing Act. Ready to put in a hard week of training to continue my prep for Oceanside 70.3! Hope everyone had a great week!

Snowy Saturday

I woke up yesterday to a beautiful snowy day here in Chicago.  I loved watching the snow fall, and we actually accumulated a few inches.  I really wanted honey crisp apples, and seriously who can say no to a walk through the park to the farmer’s market on the first real snow of the season?  As much as I prefer warm weather, I think snow is beautiful.  So, Scott and I walked the mile through the park to the farmer’s market.  We came away with A LOT more than honey crisp apples.

We also got candy onions, yellow onions, shallots, leeks, lettuce, pretzel rolls, and beef tenderloin!  So excited about all of our goodies!  Loved the walk in the snow too!

What are your favorite things to get at the farmer’s market?  Is your farmer’s market within walking distance?

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I love to hike, and I wish I lived somewhere where I could hike every day, because there is something so refreshing about walking up and down mountains or hills and breathing in the fresh air.  So, I was more than excited when there was a hike planned over Thanksgiving weekend while we were in Kentucky.

We went Saturday morning after brunch, and headed out to a place where there was a lot of history.  We hiked near a river, where there were lots of old stone houses, that the historical society is trying to keep intact.  The houses were built in the 1790′s, and there were lots of walls where slaves had stacked stones to protect the property.  It was quite fascinating to see some of the old structures from that time.  We hiked all along the river til the end of the hike, and then hiked back.  It was beautiful!

We had to cross a bridge, which was kind of scary for me, not because of the heights, but because it swung a little bit.  I love roller coasters, I don’t mind heights, but as soon as there is a swaying sensation I get nervous.  But, of course, I crossed anyway.

I was demonstrating that you can workout anywhere:)

Do you love to hike?  Where are some of your favorite places?

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Birthday Part II

My parents drove in from Milwaukee last night to celebrate my birthday with me this weekend.  So, last night my parents, Scott, and my sister all went out to dinner at a restaurant called Kuma’s corner.  They are notorious for long wait times because it is a tiny bar like restaurant.  They are really well known for their burgers, and I love a good burger and fries.  We got there at 5:30, hoping that the wait wouldn’t be so bad because it’s early, it was already PACKED!  There was a 2hr wait, but we knew that it would be long going in, so we decided to wait.  We all had a drink at the bar, and just caught up, and honestly before we knew it our name was being called, and it had been 1hr 30min.  Wow, I didn’t know I was capable of waiting that long to eat!  But it turned out to be a perfect time to eat dinner, 7pm.  They offer crazy gourmet type burgers, and I decided to go with their “Famous Kuma Burger”, which is a burger, cheddar cheese, bacon and a fried egg on a pretzel bun.  All the burgers come with waffle fries.  It was AMAZING!  I ate the whole burger.  It was so good.  I didn’t manage to eat more than 5 fries because the burger was HUGE!  But, it was worth the wait.

Here I am eating my burger on my birthday, and it was delicious!  You can check them out at http://www.kumascorner.com.

We then went home, opened presents, and had a little bit of my ice cream birthday cake, although most of us were pretty full.  Today, we went out to brunch at Yolk, and I got an egg white omelette and fruit, and could barely finish half of it because I’m pretty sure I was still full from last night.  haha.  We then hit up an awesome PACKER bar, The Spot in Ravenswood!  GO PACK GO!  It wasn’t one of the packed to the max bars, instead we made reservations for a table, and sat down and pleasantly enjoyed the game.  They have half time giveaways, and polka dances after every touchdown, and if you are in green and gold you get a free trip to their bloody mary bar, where you can make your own bloody mary.  It was pretty cool, and although I don’t like bloody mary’s I checked out the “make your own bloody mary bar” and it looked awesome!  I highly recommend it.  I didn’t get any food or drink there, just simply enjoyed watching The Pack destroy the Vikings, and spending time with my family.  I think I’m over eating out for awhile, 3 restaurants in 3 days is a lot for this girl.  I’m ready for some home-cooked meals!  But, I had so much fun this weekend.  It was the perfect birthday!  Now it’s time to go get a Regimen workout in!

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Birth Day

Today is my 26th birthday!  I’ve never been one to be shy about birthdays!  I love them.  I love other people’s birthdays, and I love my own birthday.  It is the one day of the year that is special to you, and it can be all about you.  I love making it all about other people, and I love having a day where it can be all about me.  I know that sounds crazy, but seriously I love birthdays!

So, last night I went out to dinner with my friend Maureen, my boyfriend Scott, and my sister Jenny.  We went to a tapas restaurant in Chicago, called 1492.  It was awesome!  The sangria was amazing.  It was a great way to start off the birthday weekend activities!  Today, I did a cardio dance workout to start out my day, then Scott made me an awesome brunch with turkey bacon, eggs with tomato, onion and cheese, and some potatoes with onions, as well as some chicken gouda sausage.  Delicioso.  Then Scott, my sister (who is staying with us for three weeks), and I went on an hour long walk along Lake Michigan.  It is gorgeous out today!  I love just walking and talking.  I will update you with more later, but here are a few pictures so far, one of them is the birthday cake that Scott got me, he couldn’t wait to show me!  haha.  It’s an ice cream cake my favorite, and I couldn’t stop talking about how much I wanted an ice cream cake.

I think I’m going to like the next year of being 26!  Now, we are off to go see Morning Glory!

Are you a shy birthday person or do you shout it to the world?

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