Dream Sponsor #5 Kiehl’s

As a triathlete, I sweat A LOT, and shower A LOT.  One thing that I try to take really good care of is my skin.  I have never really had acne as a kid, but when you sweat all the time, it’s hard not to get some zits here and there.  When I played soccer in college, one really hot pre-season I got a bunch of little bumps on my forehead, and didn’t know how they got there, or why.  But, it definitely was a form of acne.  One weekend, when we were away on a soccer trip, I had forgotten to bring face wash, or rather I didn’t own any, because I rarely washed my face.  I know gross, I mean I showered and rinsed and stuff, but I never actually had any face wash.  So, my friend Betsy, kindly let me borrow her’s, it was from Kiehl’s and she started telling me about it.  I used it once, and then next morning, no joke my forehead had cleared up.  I was seriously surprised.  I had never seen anything work quite like it.  It was MAGIC.  I decided I had to have this stuff, and I have been using it ever since.  Not just the face wash, but then I started learning about other products they had, especially as I became a triathlete.

As a triathlete, you hydrate your skin, dry your skin out, are in the sun all day, sweat all over your body, etc.  It is hard to keep nice skin.  Seriously.  So, here’s what I do to try to keep my skin nice:

After workouts, when I’m in the shower I use the Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser.

I then follow that up with the Blue Herbal Lotion, unless I’m showering and then just going to bed, then I put on a stronger moisturizer, the Ultra Facial Cream, to ensure that my skin really hydrates and rejuvenates over night.

If I have a blemish of some sort, then prior to putting on the lotion, I will use the Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion and dab it on those areas, and follow it up with the Blue Herbal Spot Treatment.  If you think you have an astringent or spot treatment that works, you haven’t tried the best.  I’m not kidding, again, these things work over night!  You just put it on and woosh it’s gone!  The Blue Herbal line, is their line for “acne”, but I find it works great in keeping my face fresh and acne free after all the dirt, dust, sweat, etc. that I get on my face during all of my workouts.

Now, we all know that feeling when we get out of a highly chlorinated pool (what pool doesn’t have a lot of chlorine in it, I don’t know), and our skin feels dry and we start itching all over.  I’m not kidding, swimming 4x/wk in a pool, dries out my skin like you wouldn’t believe, in addition to the showers I’m taking, and I just start itching like crazy!  So, after Kiehl’s kindly gave me some body lotion samples to try from their Creme de Corps line, I was sold.  This stuff was like heaven.  I used to use just The Body Shop or Bath and Body Works lotion, or stuff from Walgreen’s, but this stuff is AMAZING!  It is expensive so, I generally only use it on swimming days, and use my less quality lotion on non-swimming days, just so that I can keep it the Kiehl’s body lotion in my budget.

The next best thing about Kiehl’s is you get rewarded for recycling!  Bring in your empty bottles, and you can receive a free lip balm, a travel size product, or a full priced item, depending on how many empty bottles you bring back, they give you a little punch card to keep track, and add it all up, so eventually you will earn the full priced item:)  How cool is that?  All their products are natural, which is a bonus too.  I just recently was given samples of their Sunflower Color Treated hair care product line, and I was again impressed.  It smelled great, and made my hair feel great too.

I LOVE KIEHL’S, and I would love to be an ambassador for them.