About Katie Morse

Name: Katie Morse

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Current residence: San Diego, CA

This blog IS…all about creating a place to engage, share, inspire…all things….fitness. style. fashion. beauty. food. life. love. laughter. It is the ultimate place where I want to share my secrets to living life to the fullest with pure positive energy.

I am….Strong. Passionate. Loving. Fearless. A Risk Taker. Driven. Ambitious. A Goal Setter. A Dreamer.

Favorites: hot chocolate. triathlon. running. waves crashing. sunsets. sunrises. deep and meaningfuls. quotes. love. reading. writing. photography. inspiring. dreaming. haagen daaz ice cream. siberian huskies. adventures. traveling.

Dislikes: greasy hair. bad smells. leftovers. liars. cheaters. complainers.

My Life’s Journey….gymnast. soccer player. college soccer player. athletic training student. personal trainer. fitness guru. marathoner. ironman triathlete. blogger. model. Oakley Women’s Ambassador. Coeur Sports Ambassador. social media guru. branding. photography. public speaking.

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  • http://earthconnections.wordpress.com Christopher Snell

    March on, brave one…

  • http://jaredrexclark.wordpress.com jaredrexclark

    I tip my hat to all of those who have completed a marathon or any sort of Ironman competitions!!

  • http://triingforpro.wordpress.com ktfit

    Thanks! You too Eric!

  • http://myroadtokona2014.wordpress.com Eric Engel

    Keep up the good work! I’m also training for Ironman Wisconsin this year. Trying to qualify for Kona 2014. Good luck in your upcoming races this season!

  • http://triingforpro.wordpress.com ktfit

    Thank you!

  • http://lifehardcore.com F. Mohr

    Very cool blog! I like the idea. Good luck with your plans!

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  • Anonymous

    So excited for you in finishing your first Ironman and good luck going pro! It’s awesome to see a woman succeeding in this field.

  • http://triingforpro.wordpress.com ktfit

    Congrats on finishing your first IM! Checked out your blog, and I look forward to following you as well!

  • endurance2010

    Hi Katie,

    I just came across your blog! I finished my first IM this year and look forward to following you on your Journey – best of luck and safe training!



  • Michael

    I’ll be interested to see how you progress and the things that you learn. I’m also just beginning my triathlon experience. Just really started training for my first in July. I’m not quite as ambitious or young as you. I will attempt an olympic distance this summer. Not sure if you can do it, but if you had a section for ‘lessons learned’ that would be great as I’m trying to learn as much as I can. Right now, I need to figure out how to get more energy. I find myself tired after training early in the morning.

    Good Luck with your training and your races. Congrats on Boston, although it didn’t sound like a fun run.