About Katie Morse

Name: Katie Morse

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Current residence: San Diego, CA

This blog IS…all about creating a place to engage, share, inspire…all things….fitness. style. fashion. beauty. food. life. love. laughter. It is the ultimate place where I want to share my secrets to living life to the fullest with pure positive energy.

I am….Strong. Passionate. Loving. Fearless. A Risk Taker. Driven. Ambitious. A Goal Setter. A Dreamer.

Favorites: hot chocolate. triathlon. running. waves crashing. sunsets. sunrises. deep and meaningfuls. quotes. love. reading. writing. photography. inspiring. dreaming. haagen daaz ice cream. siberian huskies. adventures. traveling.

Dislikes: greasy hair. bad smells. leftovers. liars. cheaters. complainers.

My Life’s Journey….gymnast. soccer player. college soccer player. athletic training student. personal trainer. fitness guru. marathoner. ironman triathlete. blogger. model. Oakley Women’s Ambassador. Coeur Sports Ambassador. social media guru. branding. photography. public speaking.

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