Charge on the Go

Charge on the Go

These days I seem to never be able to keep my devices charged. Whether I’m traveling, camping, spending a day at the beach, whatever it is, my phone or laptop, etc. lose battery so fast, before I know it, they are dead. Thank goodness there are companies out there like Lander, thinking ahead, and creating products that help us stay charged up. Lander created a portable powerbank that makes it easy to charge your phone, iPad, laptop, camera batteries, etc. on the go. I love this especially when I’m camping, because I don’t want to turn my car on to charge my phone, or if you are off hiking in the wilderness and your car is no where in sight, that makes Lander’s portable powerbank even better.

The holidays are just wrapping up, but the new year is almost here, and 2017 vacation plans are starting to be made. If you have a camping trip coming up this year, this is definitely a must have. Obviously, most campers are looking to unplug…BUT…we all still carry our phones with us to take photos, or bring cameras, etc. This ensures that you don’t have a freak out because you forgot to charge the batteries.

It is for the explorer in all of us. It comes:

  • pre charged
  • has illumawave reflective lanyard
  • smart charge technology
  • an auto off energy saving mode
  • 5200 mAh Compact External Battery
  • Micro USB cable
  • Travel Case

Happy Charging Adventurers!



  • Katie Morse

    hahaha. I love it!!! Happy New Year to you too, Tina!!!

  • I have TWO powerbanks on hand at any given moment, because I’m THAT dependent on technology. HAHAHA!

    Happy New Year, Katie! All the best for you in 2017. 🙂