39 Weeks Until Ironman Sweden

39 Weeks Until Ironman Sweden

The countdown continues, and we are nearing when training really starts. Fortunately, since this race is in August, we still have time to enjoy the holidays, and not worry too much about training and kind of doing whatever feels good. I’m really focused right now on strength training, and then I mix up swim, bike, run, on how I feel that day, or what makes sense for my work schedule, etc. There is plenty of time for “structured” training after the new year, so right now is all about strength training and then doing whatever I feel like in terms of cardio for swim bike run.

I love having the flexibility right now, as work is keeping me very busy. Topher and I have teamed up and are working with brands for content creation (photos and videos), as well as influencer outreach, and social media marketing. We are so excited about all the new clients and that we are really busy with work, and that is my focus right now. Down the road we will hopefully hire some interns to help with the work load, and then free up some time for training for Ironman Sweden. (business plug – know anyone who needs photos/videos for marketing material for their business for social media? Or know a business that needs influencer outreach/social media management? We’d love to help! Send me an email at katie@katiehartmorse.com. OR know someone interested in interning for content creation and social media marketing? We definitely are looking for people to intern with us!)

Okay back to training…

Quote of the Week: All glory comes from daring to begin. – Eugene Ware

That is my motto in general right now. I sometimes get so overwhelmed that I don’t even start something. Hence, why I’ve been blogging less, which I apologize for. It’s taken a lot to get the Daily Strength Training going, so that has been my focus. Check it out if you’re interested in improving your consistency with strength training. I know for me it is the hardest thing to stay consistent with as a triathlete, and so I created a 12min daily strength training program for triathletes and runners. It doesn’t matter if you are training for a 5k or an Ironman – it’s important to incorporate strength training, and why not do it every day so that it’s a habit, and we don’t miss a day. You can sign up for my daily email here. Or you can check back daily here to see what the workout is that day.

Workouts Last Week – I track and plan on Training Peaks – 8hrs 33min Total


4 Highlights from the Week:

  • Passing on my first Tri Bike – Felt B16, nicknamed “Nightrider” to a newbie triathlete.
  • Garage Sale – Getting rid of stuff is awesome!
  • Kicking off Team Rogue 2017 – Topher and I started a triathlon team, it is an arm of The Rogue Cycling team, and we are so excited! We had a team ride and BBQ on Sunday, and it was awesome.
  • Filming for a make-up company with Stephanie and Topher and just having such an awesome day!
  • And although this is from the weekend before, Topher and I hiked Torrey Pines with Clem and Bartley and some of their friends, and it was really fun!

6 Fave Photos from the Week:





(Photo by Topher, edited by Me)


(Photo by Topher, edited by me)