5 Things I Love About GoMacro Thrive Bars

5 Things I Love About GoMacro Thrive Bars

I’m always on the look out to try new snacks. I love variety, and I also love healthy food. As a triathlete, bars are definitely a healthy snack I like to keep around the house, in my purse, etc. They are the perfect grab n’ go snack. The key for me is to find ones that are low in sugar, because I don’t want to spike my sugar, and sugar if not used right away turns to fat on the body, and well as I continue to make my way into my 30’s (eeeek!) I want to keep the fat cells away, as much as possible. With that being said, I’m always looking for bars that are high in good fat and protein, as it takes longer to digest, and therefore my body can slowly use it as fuel throughout the day.


GoMacro Thrive Bars are delicious. I was excited to work with this local San Diego brand and try their new line!

5 Things I love about GoMacro Thrive Bars

#1 Each bar is powered by superfoods

#2 All ingredients are grown not made

#3 Each one is packed full of plant based protein

#4 They are an independent family-owned and operated business (I love companies like this!)

#5 The farm started in Wisconsin (Where I was born and raised)

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Where are they sold?

You can search your zip code here.

Trader Joe’s


Whole Foods

Or you can buy online here and use THRIVE30 at checkout for 30% off your order!

5 Staple Nutrition Facts

#1 200 calories or less

#2 less than 8g of sugar in each bar

#3 at least 5g of protein

#4 3g of prebiotic fiber

#5 very low in sodium

Lastly my favorite flavor…

Caramel Coconut 🙂 I’ve tried each one, and holy moly, each one is delish but that one is my fave!