42 Weeks til Ironman Sweden

42 Weeks til Ironman Sweden

This week was definitely a recovery week. I think my body needed it after the last few weeks of tough workouts. My social schedule was pretty packed, too. A birthday celebration, and a wedding, that’s enough to make me so tired, I’ll be in bed by 8pm every night for a week. Sometimes I really love weeks like this because it’s all about fun, and not about intensity and structure. Oh, I also made it to the pool twice this week. That was a HUGE win for me. I’ve decided making a date with a friend is what I need to get me to the pool early in the morning right now, when the sun is coming up so late.

Any who, this is what my week looked like for training. Again, super unstructured right now, but when real training starts after the new year, I will share more of the details of each workout, because each workout will have a purpose. Right now, I’m just swim, bike, running, and doing what I feel like.

Quote of the Week: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

I could totally focus on what’s coming, and get all ahead of myself, and not train because I don’t need to yet. Fitness starts with doing what you can right now. Not trying to force anything, and not getting ahead of where the body is right now. If an injury comes up, do what you can – that’s the beauty of training for 3 sports. Although, I’m happy to report that I’m currently injury free. 🙂

This is what this week of training looked like on Training Peaks, which is where I plan and document all of my training. Total of 11hrs 35min. And I did 10min of strength every day. Join my 10min of daily strength plan here.


4 Highlights from the Week:

  • Kris Riley’s 60th bday (Topher’s Mum) – we went on a 60 mile bike ride to celebrate 60, and then I took Kris to Pure Blow Out Bar in Encinitas and then we went and got our nails done at Happiness Nails. We had so much fun! And then we all went out to dinner at Campfire. Our new favorite trendy restaurant.
  • Shooting our last wedding of the year. It was at a ridiculously cool venue, and the clouds were putting on a show for us. Made our job really fun and easy!
  • Coffee dates at Zumbar with Toph
  • Hiking Torrey Pines with Devon

6 Fave Photos from the Week:







Hope you all had a great week! Happy Halloween!!!

And cheers to my 5yr anniversary of moving to San Diego. I moved here exactly 5yrs ago today. 🙂 And lastly, tomorrow kicks off my birthday month. lol So, woohoo!