45 Weeks til Ironman Sweden

45 Weeks til Ironman Sweden

Breakthrough week! I have been really struggling getting back in to shape. Getting triathlon fitness back is never fun. It’s way more fun to train when you at least have a little bit of fitness. Why has it been so tough? Let me catch you up to speed if you are just tuning in. I started out 2016 with a fall on a trail run, spraining my ankle. After healing my ankle, I started getting back into shape, as I was training for St. George 70.3. I had a decent race, although, it was a hell of a day. Afterwards, I fell victim to ITband syndrome. I probably did too much too soon leading up to St. George, and therefore put myself in injury territory, and I stopped focusing on my recovery like stretching, foam rolling, and self massage. That plagued me for about 3 months, and only now am I starting to train again. Yay!

In the middle there, I did the Tone It Up Bikini Series, which was awesome, and I felt really fit in other ways, but I lost a lot of my aerobic fitness. I have spent the last 6 weeks slowly building my aerobic fitness back up, and this past week, I finally had a breakthrough in my fitness. Yes, I have done some really tough rides, like Henshaw 3 weeks ago, and I have been riding in Santa Cruz and Bend, but it was very very slow. I’m still not fast, but I’m at least breaking through the barriers that I’ve created to start getting some speed back.

I was excited to do some more cycling this past week in Ojai with Topher’s family to celebrate his mom’s bday! Her real birthday is October 27th, but it’s one of those birthdays where we will be celebrating all month, which is really fun!

Here’s what the week looked like…

P.S I have received a lot of people asking what tool I’m using to take the below screenshot. I use Training Peaks to plan and analyze my workouts.


As you can see, I only got 4 days of working out in, but it was still 11hrs of training for the week. Monday and Tuesday, I slept nearly 10-11hrs every night. I think I just suddenly hit a wall where my body really needed the sleep to recover from all the work I’ve been putting in. It may not seem like a lot of work for Ironman training, but when I’m just getting my fitness back, and I’m upping the training load, it can really take it out of me. It was just what I needed because with that solid sleep, I think I really absorbed all the hard work I’ve been putting in.

Wednesday – Easy run

Thursday – 50 miles w/ 2400ft of climbing

Friday – 77 miles w/ 7400ft of climbing

Sunday – 11 mile run (my Garmin died, and I forgot to charge it, so I have no idea what my elevation gain was, I just wore my Fitbit Charge so that I could see my avg HR)

A few photos from the cycling. I will be doing a post specifically on Ojai because it was such an awesome destination for training and exploring.

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Photos by Topher Riley

Products I used this week that I love:

Hope you all had a great week of training! Also, if you haven’t checked out my daily strength training workout for endurance athletes, head on over to my new page and see what it’s all about!