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5 Fall Athleisure Looks To Get Right Now

Athleta was a staple to my wardrobe last fall and winter, and I don’t see it changing any time soon. Their clothes are so comfortable, soft, and fit like a glove. I have hand picked 5 outfits that you will definitely see me rocking this fall. A lot of their 2015 fall/winter clothes are on sale right now. I almost bought out the store last year, and am kind of kicking myself, now that I see that so much of it is on sale now! I wish I were more of a sale shopper. Seriously. If you are, good for you! Don’t miss out on these awesome deals.

Outfit #1

The slip on sneaker is on point, paired with a comfy legging, and cardigan. Cardigans are hot right now. I have already purchased two. They are the easiest thing to throw on with a dress, t-shirt, leggings, jeans, etc. The must have item for the fall. And, of course, we can never have enough bags. Upgrade your gym bag and go out and about and to the gym in style.


Outfit #2

For that outdoorsy look. I love olive green for the fall. Boots are a must, and as someone who likes to hike and do a lot of different activities, it’s great to have a fashion boot, so that I can wear it both for coffee dates and on beautiful fall hikes. I own the below pants in black, but I’m going to get them in olive green, and I own the sweater, too. I love them both! This tote is so versatile! I’ve been loving gray more and more lately because it just goes with everything. A girl can never have enough beanies for the fall and winter. This vest is super lightweight but blocks the wind and keeps you warm, days might be warm here in San Diego, but fall and winter, nights get cool!


Outfit #3

When I’m feeling sporty glam. I love pairing a sweater with a fitted dress. It makes the dress more casual and creates a nice day look, paired with sneakers. Always gotta add some flair to complete the outfit, scarves are a must have fall item, and when I used to live in Chicago, my ears were always cold, so I would stock up on cute headbands. And I love this gym bag, it would make for a great overnight or weekend bag, as well.

Outfit #4

Supes Sporty. Pretty much you can workout in the staples of this outfit, the leggings and the high neck crop top tank, and throw the cardiganbeanietote, and sneakers on for the to and from look. Perfect for yoga or pilates days.

Outfit #5

I went out to dinner a lot in nearly this exact same outfit last fall and winter. I just love how it’s full of basics which makes it timeless. I love the glam leggings, I wear these all the time, and this flannel might be the softest and most comfortable flannel I’ve ever owned. If you don’t have an athleta flannel in your closet yet, get one. You won’t regret it. Check out their other flannels here. Keep warm with the vest and beanie, and make it sporty with cute sneakers and gym bag.