Cycling McKenzie Pass + 10 Barrel Brewing

Cycling McKenzie Pass + 10 Barrel Brewing

mckenzie pass

Rocking my La Passione Camo kit (Men’s XS – I just loved the kit on Toph so much, I ordered it in XS. Love it!) And rockin’ a Felt ZW3 Disc road bike that I fell in love with. Riding bikes is fun again! Photo by Topher Riley

There is nothing like cycling McKenzie Pass. It has been my dream to travel the world and cycle the most beautiful roads and landscapes on this earth. This is just a taste of what I want to do. When Topher and I first cycled Zion, I couldn’t wait for more cycling adventures with him. I’m not going to lie though, there’s something about cycling on a road bike vs. a tri bike, especially when traveling and adventuring.

McKenzie Pass isn’t just epically beautiful, but it is a safe ride, and the route is simple. Out and Back. Climb, climb, climb, descend, descend, descend. You can either go all the way to the other side which is 36 miles and then come back for a total of 72 miles OR you can just climb to the peak and ride back.

We chose to climb to the peak and ride back down, as my legs were still pretty spent. I hadn’t been riding much, and we wanted to ride to explore and just enjoy nature and the wind blowing in our hair. 🙂

Start in Sisters, Oregon at Blazin’ Saddles and follow the Bike Scenic Route signs. It’s seriously that simple.

mckenzie pass

Here are my stats from the ride…

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.06.57 PM mckenzie pass

As you can see, there’s plenty of climbing in only 15 miles, and then you descend back down, making it only a 2hr ride for us. We definitely want to go back and ride the full pass. The forest greenery and riding by the lava fields is an experience I will never forget.

DSCF7905 DSCF7951 DSCF8554

Photos by Topher Riley

When we got to the top there was this one little chipmunk among the lava fields. No other friends in sight. And back in Zion, there was a chipmunk that Toph wanted to “play” with, but I was afraid, so this time, I sat back, and enjoyed the Chipmunk Show! 😉 He was so friendly and cute!

mckenzie pass

Things to note when riding McKenzie Pass…

It’s COLD. Even in the summer, it’s cold riding up to the top and it gets very windy, in fact there is a point that’s called “Windy Point”. We didn’t know this, and we didn’t bring any cold weather gear, so we are thankful that Blazin’ Saddles hooked us up! I was stoked on getting some Assos arm warmers.

The best way to warm up? A beer! Thanks 10 Barrel Brewing for an awesome dinner filled with pizza our fave and beer. I love 10 Barrel Brewing and trying their seasonal beers. I’m a cider and sour lover, and they make the best ciders and sours. Of course, our night wouldn’t be complete without our other fave, ice cream. We searched for the best spot in town, and we definitely found it! Bontá Natural Artisan Gelato. Simply delicioso!

10 barrel brewing 10 barrel brewing


We can’t wait to go back and explore some more, and do the entire McKenzie Pass!

  • Katie Morse

    Thanks Tina! Oh yea, I’m definitely getting a road bike. It comes in September! 🙂 haha

  • Those cycling photos are gorgeous! I wish we had equally scenic biking routes over here, but not every part of my country is bike-friendly as of yet. 🙁

    Are you considering getting a road bike now, too? 🙂