Santa Cruz to Bend – Road Trip Day 5

Santa Cruz to Bend – Road Trip Day 5

Road Trip Day 5

After we photographed the wedding in Santa Cruz – we packed up our bags at 11:30pm at night and hit the road towards Bend for wedding #2. (Read about Road Trip Days 1+2 or 3+4) We knew we had at least another 9-10hrs, so our plan was to drive half way, camp somewhere, catch some zzz’s and then continue on. The wedding on Sunday in Bend was at 6pm, so we definitely need to be on point with our travels.

After driving for about 5hrs, we started looking for places to camp. I had looked and found some “dispersed campsites” near Shasta Lake. So, I find this campground, and when we get there it says “area closed”. Seriously? We found another one on the map, but that one said, “area closed” too. When I say there was a sign, there were gates that were up. We couldn’t drive in and just camp anyway. Major fail, and it’s about 4am at this point. So, we see a sign for RV campground, and we drive over, and pull right on in, and just set up our tent, unpacked our Thermarest mattresses, pillows, and sleeping bag, and hit the lights. We woke up at about 8:30am, and Topher had gone to use the restroom and saw that they had showers, so we packed up, rinsed off real quick, and got back on the road.

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One of my favorite aspects of my relationship with Toph is that we are both on the same page, we don’t even have to communicate. We both just start packing up. No one is hitting snooze. No one is complaining. No one is wondering where the nearest “real bathroom” is or why we pitched a tent next to some creepy RV that looked like it’s been having a garage sale outside for about 20yrs. Was it annoying that the campgrounds said “area closed” yes, but whatever. It all worked out and we found somewhere else to pitch a tent. haha.

So, there we were on maybe 4hrs of sleep continuing our drive to Bend. We were looking for some coffee though, and there was no Starbucks to be found on the map for hours. So, we pulled off into the town of Mt. Shasta and got some coffee at a local gas station.


Next stop – Weed, CA. Yup – there’s a town called “Weed” and they are making a killing on selling shirts all about “weed”. It’s actually really funny. We found a cute café for some breakfast and to load up on more caffeine called Ellie’s Espresso and Bakery. We had some bagel breakfast sandwiches, caught up on some reading, caffeinated ourselves, and got back on the road with about 3 1/2hrs more to go!

We GOT this!

When we got to our hotel – Eagle Crest Resort it was about 4:30pm, and we had to be ready by 6pm for the wedding! Holy moly. I tried to nap but it just wasn’t going to happen, so I hopped in the shower, and started to get ready!

Wedding #2 – here we go! This time as guests though. 🙂 So, no standing on our feet for 12hrs back to back. It was a really cute wedding out in the country of Bend, Oregon. It was one of Topher’s long time friends, which meant high school reunion? Everyone was sharing old stories and bonding. Unfortunately, due to the lack of sleep, I honestly ended up inside the lodge by the fire, next to two other people who were already sleeping, and closed my eyes. haha. At least, 2 other people were already sleeping. 😉

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Day 6 coming tomorrow…so stay tuned!