The “Get It All” 5min Ab Workout

The “Get It All” 5min Ab Workout

I hope you all enjoyed your 5min ab workout break last week, while I was traveling, but we are back! Every Tuesday releasing a new 5min ab workout. Why 5min abs? Because, why not? Easy to do, easy not to do, but over time 5min every day will make a difference. Fitness is not an overnight thing. We don’t just wake up tomorrow after doing a 30min ab workout and have 6 pack abs, so why not make it small, something doable, that you can do every day? Do 5min every day, in addition, to eating clean, and your abs will be revealed in no time!

The “Get It All” 5min Ab Workout

As always if you’d prefer to just write it down and put it somewhere, here it is or you can follow along to the video below. 🙂

1x through 1min each exercise

Single Leg Lower

Crossover Crunch (1min each side)

Roll-Up Crunch




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