Tone It Up Week 5 Bikini Series Recap – Round 2

Tone It Up Week 5 Bikini Series Recap – Round 2

The Tone It Up Bikini Series Round 2 continues. Last week was a crazy week! It honestly wasn’t easy, we were in Joshua Tree most of Monday, and then Tuesday through Thursday was full of work and meetings. Thursday night, we celebrated Topher’s parents 37th wedding anniversary, and Saturday we went up to Laguna Beach for an engagement shoot. Talk about traveling. And it’s not going to stop anytime soon, but I love it. One of my favorite things to do is to adventure and explore and go to places I’ve never been. I’m all about experiencing life.

Now, with all that being said, it definitely makes eating clean a challenge. Making good decisions and not being overcome by temptation isn’t easy. When we were in Joshua Tree, we went to Von’s and bought healthy food for snacks. We did eat Chipotle on our drive back, but it’s not so bad right?

When we were home, I tried to keep it simple by making the same things every day. That way there wasn’t too much grocery shopping, and we used what we had for the most part. The one thing I stuck to every day was getting in my 5 daily moves. This is so important for me so that I start my day off on the right foot. As some of you know, I’ve been reading The Slight Edge, and it is making it very easy for me to see how all the small little choices I have add up, which is making it easier to make the right ones in the moment. The right thing is easy to not do, and just as easy to do. Why do we make life harder by making the easy choices even harder and falling for the “traps” in life?

Life is full of tricks, who’s going to fall for them and who’s going to figure them out? It’s like playing that game growing up, what’s behind each door? Or which door is going to lead me to….? If you choose the wrong door, you end up going down one path, if you choose the right one, you end up going down a different path? Why do we fall for the tricks life plays on us? The crap food? The laziness? The lack of discipline to spend money vs. save money?

As I start to view life differently, and my choices differently, it’s becoming easier and easier to make the right choices. Say the right thing, do the right thing, and become my best self. It’s so easy to not do something kind, but it’s so easy to do something kind. How our acts of kindness can change the world. Why don’t we do them? Because it’s just as easy not to do them, as it is to do them.

That’s my motto this week.

It’s just as easy to do something, as it is not to do something. Easy not to do, easy to do. The choice is yours.

With that, despite the tricks set in front of me, I feel like I did a descent job combatting them. I also had fun along the way making new recipes that I was scared to try out last time, and I’m so glad I gave it a go this time! It was worth it. Here are some highlights from the week.


  • Rode my bike for the first time since May for nearly 3hrs.
  • Ran with no pain and I got 3 decent runs in
  • 5 daily moves every day
  • Foam rolled/stretched every day
  • Reading 10 pages in The Slight Edge every day
  • Cheering people on at the Solana Beach Tri
  • Meeting my new friend Julianne – follow her on Instagram, she’s a rockstar! (I love that she reached out to me on Instagram, and we had never met before, and we just hit it off! If any of you are ever in town, I’d love to meet you!)



  • Traveling
  • Eating out
  • Sticking to routine
  • The heat – it’s really hard to get excited about hot dinners right now and cooking. I’d love to hear some “cool” recipes that people are making for dinner to beat the heat. We don’t use air conditioning here in San Diego, and so it makes it hard to get up the motivation to turn on the oven. Which is why, I’m not going to lie, we ate froyo for dinner last night. But, I only had berries as toppings. That was a huge win for me. 🙂

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It was a fun week! And if you missed Topher’s and my date night meal this week, read it here! I’d love to see your version. Tag me on Instagram: @katiehartmorse

As for how much I’ve lost since rejoining Round 2. I have no idea, because I forgot to weigh myself this morning! Oops. I will give you all a better update next week with some before and after photos updated!