Don’t be a Starfish with this 5min Ab Workout :P

Don’t be a Starfish with this 5min Ab Workout :P

Not that kind of Starfish, people!!! The Starfish that just sits on the beach, and doesn’t move. This ab workout will make you feel confident in your bikini, and get you up moving and grooving in the sand, showing off your hot bod that you work so hard for. So with that you can follow along to the video below or get a timer out and do it on your own! 🙂

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Starfish 5min Ab Workout

1min each exercise

Standing Side to Sides

Plank w/ alternating knee to chest to leg lift (30sec one side, then 30sec the other side)

Standing Forward Crunch

Starfish Hip Dips (1min each side)

Let me know what you think! Again, I’m sharing previously made workout videos to get your alls feedback before I start making new ones. What do you like about these videos? What would you like to be different? Do you like short workout videos or would you prefer longer ones? Abs? Arms? Legs? Cardio? Leave me a note in the comments!


  • Katie Morse

    Lynn! Thanks so much for the feedback! I will make that happen! 🙂

  • Lynn Walker

    Love your 5 minute workout series! Would enjoy seeing more leg and arm videos. And I like the 5 minute length, perfect for days when I don’t have time for my usual workout.