Beach Day Abs – New 5min Ab Workout

Beach Day Abs – New 5min Ab Workout

Beach Day Abs


Do this workout the morning before you head to the beach to keep those abs looking toned. You can also do it every day this week and tag me @katiehartmorse on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook after you finish the workout. Let me know wha you think! The best part about this week’s workout is you can do it anywhere and wearing anything. You can be at work at do it for a nice little pick me up, or at the gym, or watching t.v at home in your pjs. Follow along to the video below.

5min Total – 1min each exercise

Standing Oblique Twist – 1min each side

Standing Side Crunch – 1min each side

The Assassin – 1min (standing twist side to side at the waist – arms extended)

Happy Ab Tuesday!


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