Keep Sparkling with this 5min Ab Workout

Keep Sparkling with this 5min Ab Workout

I hope everyone had a fabulous July 4th weekend! Topher and I had fun riding bikes, seeing comedy shows, going to BBQ’s, having a BBQ and watching the Tour de France. Anyone else watching the Tour? One of my dreams is to ride around Europe and stay at bed and breakfasts, and whenever I watch the tour, I get the itch even more to go do it! Anyway, keeping up with my Tone It Up workouts wasn’t the easiest over the weekend, because I wanted to ride my bike and run. I know strength is important, and I made sure to get my 5 daily moves in every day, at the very least, but then I spend the other time getting my cardio fix on.



After we’ve stuffed our belly’s full of pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, corn on the cob, watermelon, and anything else that comes with 4th of July weekend (ahem…ice cream :P), I love spending 5min every day doing a core workout to flatten out my tummy, and at the very least at least make me feel like it’s flat. haha. So, here is this week’s 5min ab workout. Do it every day with me this week and tag me on Instagram (@katiehartmorse) when you’ve completed it!

You can write down the workout below or follow along to my YouTube video. Have fun! 4th of July may be over but who says the sparklers have to stop? Below is your keep sparkling ab workout.

Keep Sparkling 5min Ab Workout

2x through 30sec each

Crossover Toe Touches

Plank w/ Leg Lifts

2x through 30sec each

Spideys (alternating bringing same knee to same elbow in a plank position)

Flutter Kicks

Knees to Chest

Happy Tuesday!


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