Don’t Let Travel Get In The Way Of Your Workouts with These Tips

Don’t Let Travel Get In The Way Of Your Workouts with These Tips

It’s easy to hit snooze when you are traveling. But, getting that workout in, is the key to maintaining energy levels, keeping confidence up, and getting that high to share your positivity all day long. I know that feeling of traveling for hours, or changing time zones, and being zonked, but the one thing that helps me snap out of any jet lag funk or travel funk is a sweat sesh. Not only that but don’t let travel sabotage your long term goals. It’s important to let yourself indulge and have some fun, but working out is a great way to maintain a little bit of routine and still get those feel good vibes.

Here are some tips to make your travel just a little bit healthier next time you are out of town:

  • Get it in first thing in the morning. Even if you are typically and lunch time or night worker outer, the truth is when we are traveling or visiting friends/family, etc. the day will get away from us. Get it in before it gets in the way of your other plans (true of life at home, too).
  • Keep it simple – Don’t worry about the miles or even what it is. If doing 20min of squats, lunges, planks, etc. makes the most sense for where you are, do that. No need to log a lot of time or miles either. 20min to 1hr is just enough to give you that boost you need.
  • Get a workout buddy and make it fun – Often when traveling we are socializing, so why not make your workout social too? Most other people want to stick to their health and fitness goals, and might need that extra support to stay strong and stick with it. Be that person to inspire and motivate your friends and family to workout with you.
  • Take fun workout outfits – I’m always inspired to workout if I bring a new workout outfit or new shoes. I can’t wait to try them on, and enjoy them. Give yourself a little extra boost of motivation to get that sweat in.
  • Join a program or subscribe to fitness workouts – I found that joining Tone It Up really helped me stay on track when I was in Mexico. They have a daily workout that’s different every day that makes me curious to go see what it is, and go do it! I love being held accountable to you all and the community, which also helps, because even if I’m training for a triathlon, if I’m only accountable to myself, it’s easier to let myself down than others. Just being honest. When I’m just doing it only for me, I am more likely to hit snooze or simply just not do it. But, when I’m doing it for others, and I’m being held accountable by others, I will do it no matter what.

Hello Pre-Workout Espresso Latté!


Photo by Topher Riley

A snippet of our Airport Workout

Post-morning workout!

IMG_0997 IMG_0994

Photos by Topher Riley

Now that the tips are over, I want to share with you how I implemented this on my most recent trip to Mexico.

Topher and I had a loooooong day of travel due to many flight mishaps on our way from Tijuana to Cancún. When we were on our layover in Chihuahua, Mexico, we decided we would do a little bit of strength and stretching to get our bodies moving before we had two more flights to take for the day. After staying up all night, and only getting 1hr of sleep on the Tijuana airport floor, and then a couple hrs sleep on our flight from TJ to Chihuahua, we had our caffeine fix, and then started moving. Even if it’s a few lunges and push-ups, some balance exercises, etc. It’s worth it and the body thanks us all for it. We were happy to move around in our new Saucony Life on the Run Sweats. <3

In Mexico, as tired as we were, we got up each day and got our sweat on. It was nice to have each other to workout with, because it made it more fun and motivating. Plus we got to wear all of our new Saucony gear. Shop my outfits below!


  • Katie Morse

    Right?! Me too! Even in my every day life. I just like to do it in the morning. I suppose I look forward to it though. I literally get excited about my morning workouts. haha. #weirdo #fitnessaddict 😛 Oh girl, that espresso latté was definitely one of Topher’s and my fave thing on the trip. We woke up purely to go make them I think. lol

  • I think it is KEY to get that workout in first thing in the morning…at least for me! After the morning disappears my desire to do a vacation workout looses motivation really fast…HAHA! That espresso looks so flipping good…Great tips!