On Fleek Obliques!

On Fleek Obliques!

It’s time to carve that waist line, and get those “v” lines that look amazing in a bikini. Get your obliques on fleet with this workout. You can follow along to the video below or I have outlined the workout for you, in case you want to write it down, print it out, etc. (Just a reminder I’m resharing the ab workouts I made a few years ago, 1 to get your alls feedback so that I can make more, and 2 to see what the interest is in me making more fitness videos). In addition to the Tone It Up Bikini Series (you can read my update on my progress here) that I’ve been doing, I wanted to implement my own 5mins of abs per day challenge. I am following one routine per week. So, this week it’s all about those obliques. I did this workout this morning, and will do it every morning til next Tuesday. Join me!


Your….On Fleek Obliques Workout!

Standing Side to Sides – 30sec

Total Side Toner – Side plank (on forearm) w/ side leg lift – 30sec each side

Side Plank hold – on forearm – 30sec each side

Side Plank w/ Knee to Chest – on forearm – 30sec each side

Hip Dips – on forearm – 30sec each side

Standing Side to Sides – 30sec

Follow along to the video below if you want. Yes, the music cuts out half way through. Oopsies! I have since purchased music that I can use in my videos moving forward, but please don’t judge my beginnerness in this video. 😛


Let me know what you all think!


  • Katie Morse

    Meeghan! You did it! Congrats! So proud of you for giving it a go. And yes, now you can work on improving, but for now, enjoy the high of finishing it. Happy Oblique Week! New video to come tomorrow 🙂

  • Meeghan O’Donnell

    LOVE the videos Katie! My challenge starts today. First Oly race was Sat and 3:33. Not stellar but hey I did it and now I can work on a sub 3 for the next one!!! Yay! Was so psyched to just know I could do it. My buddy who did it too (he Qs annually for Kona so I trust what he says!) said the bike course is one of the most challenging around, so feeling good about that one! HILLS after HILLS and by the 10th one I was like bring it on, seen you before! So many fun peeps there too. Loving the fact that everyone cheers everyone else on! Now, oblique week wooooo hoooo!!!!