How to Heal from ITBand Syndrome and Get Running Again!

How to Heal from ITBand Syndrome and Get Running Again!

Well, I did it! I finished up my first 30min run in a month, totally pain free! I have received a lot of messages from you all out there saying you have been struggling or struggled with ITband syndrome, too, and a lot of you were wondering what I was doing to make mine heal. So, I wanted to share with you my Rehab Program so that you can get back out there, too!



For 4 weeks, every day, I did the following:

FOAM ROLLING – 12min total

ITBand Roll – 2min each leg – hold on hot spots for 10-20sec

Quad Roll – 2min each leg – move leg around from inner to outer to find where your hot spots are and then hold or do little rolls to break up that scar tissue and roll out the muscle in that area – hold hot spots for 10-20sec

Adductor Roll – 2min each leg – this is more critical than you think. The outside of your leg might feel tight, but so is the inside for compensating for the weakness in your glutes and then the pain in the outside of your leg. Again, tiny hard rolls on those hot spots and hold for 10-20sec until it loosens.

Lacrosse Ball Rolling – 12min total

This really friggin’ hurts, but it is worth it, and I think it’s really what got me back out there even faster!

ITBand Slow Roll – 2min each leg Slowly roll it up and down your leg, with each tiny roll hold for 10-20sec and do little side to side movements to break up that scar tissue

Glute Roll – 2min each butt cheek. Again, slowly roll it around your butt until you find hot spots, then make little forwards and backwards and side to side movements breaking up the scar tissue and loosening up that muscle. I found that my gluteus medius on the outside of my bum was the most tight, closer to my hip, but you will have to roll around and see where your tightness is. Again, hold on hot spots for 10-20sec

Hip Flexor Roll – 2min each hip flexor. This one looks really weird. haha. But, it is worth it and totally painful. A lot of times ITband pain comes from tight hip flexors, so this is a great way to loosen up those hip flexors and again break up that scar tissue. You will have to roll up and down the hip flexor and side to side to find your hot spots and painful areas, and when you do, make little quick movements right on that area, and hold for 10-20sec until it starts to loosen up.



Stretches – 12min

ITband – 1min each leg – hold – I sometimes did this for 2min if it was feeling really good and felt really tight.

Hip Flexor – 1min each leg – hold

Hamstring – 1min each leg – hold

Glute – 1min each leg – hold

Quad – 1min each leg – hold

I did this program every day for the last 2 weeks. I was not lazy, and it has really made a difference in how I feel overall too. Why, I ever stop making time for this kind of stuff is beyond me, because it is the key to staying injury free (in general), and it also helps elongate muscles making you look leaner! Win-Win!

So, you’re probably asking, how did I know when to get back out there and run? And what did I do in the mean time? Well, I’ve been doing the Tone It Up Bikini Series, so I’ve been doing a lot of strength training, I’ve been swimming, and I’ve biked twice. For the last 3 weeks, that is all I have done. And I have only swam 3x in 3 weeks, and biked 3x in 3 weeks, the rest has been strength training every day. The key to preventing this injury again and other injuries is doing the routine above in addition to strength training. Make it a priority starting today, so that you don’t have to sit on the sidelines like I had to.

IMG_0792 IMG_0794 IMG_0796

After 2 weeks of absolutely NO Running (I tried after 1 week’s of rest, and that was too soon, was in debilitating pain 10min in to my run). So, I took another 2 weeks off and did the program above religiously. I honestly didn’t ice or heat, you could, but the ITBand is like a rubber band, and where it attaches at the knee and at the hip, when it gets to tight, it snaps over it vs. floating over it, which creates the friction that feels like extreme pain. So, the main goal is to loosen it up again so that it’s not snapping.

I then went out for a 5min walk, 5x 30sec moderately hard efforts, walking back to where I started, and then a 5min walking cool down. That was pain free, so then the next step was the next day to go for a 5min walk, 20-25min run, and a 5min walk to cool down. I did the hard efforts yesterday, totally pain free. You can only move on to the “longer” run if you are pain free doing the test. I was pain free yesterday, so today, I went for a longer run test, and made it through 30min (maybe should have stopped at 20, to be safe rather than sorry, but I went 30min totally pain free!!!). So, what’s the plan? I got home, and immediately did my program, to show all of you, haha. Because it worked! (P.S I majored in Athletic Training in College, so my knowledge still comes in handy every once in awhile. :)). And now, I will run every other day for 20-25min for a week, and then add 10min every week, until I’m back up to my regular training mileage. And I’m not going to get lazy on my regimen. I will keep that up. Probably now until always, because I’m too old to be dealing with injuries. I’d rather spend my time keeping myself injury free and staying active than trying to rehab them all the time. So, lesson learned. Learn from me, if you’ve gotten lazy on your foam rolling and stretching. Get back after it! So an injury doesn’t sneak up on you, like it did for me.

My excitement post run:

Happy Sunday Runday!!!


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