5 Apps You Should Download Right Now

5 Apps You Should Download Right Now

Apps are the absolute best in my opinion. Well, as long as they are user friendly that is. But, honestly I would rather go to an app than use a website. There’s just something so functional about an app. It’s usually really simple, it’s specific, so it helps you with your needs, and have I said easy yet? It makes life so easy! I always love reading and hearing about the apps that others are using. Sometimes it’s hard to find good ones, so every once in awhile I like sharing my fave apps, especially new ones that I’ve found, in case you all might find them handy and interesting, as well.

5 apps you should download right now:

The Skimm. It’s FREE.


If you don’t have this yet, you are seriously missing out. Personally, I love getting my “news” with some humor. Life should be taken a little less seriously. Why can’t we all just get along? But, since we can’t, and the news shares all the different ways we don’t get along, we might as well get it served to us in a way that will make us chuckle. I also don’t have time to just sit and watch the news, and there’s just too much congestion out there, so this is literally what it says “The Skimm”. It is a skimm of trending news stories. It goes out daily M-F, and the writing is really clever and witty. Get it now. You can use my referral link here. They also have a service called “Skimm Ahead” which you do have to pay for, but it’s AWESOME. It keeps you in the know of current events coming up. It even reminds you to buy your father a father’s day present, or make plans for the 4th of July, etc. It might be one of the best things that has happened to me so far this year. I literally get excited to wake up M-F to read it! #nerdalert.



I check TimeHop every day too. It’s a great way to see your memories from that day 1yr ago, 2yrs ago, etc. Any photo you have taken on your phone, to a Tweet, etc. it pulls in, so you can get a pretty cool history of your life, since social media came about. I’ve had some pretty good laughs, and it keeps me connected to my childhood and college friends, as well as my family.



Obviously, you kind of have to have a fitbit for this to make sense, but I love checking my fitbit. I love seeing how many hours of sleep I got that night, or how many calories I’ve burned, etc. It’s definitely for the data hungry peeps, who love seeing numbers and tracking their fitness progress or simply just seeing how they are sleeping, eating, breathing, moving throughout the day. I personally have a fitbit charge, so it’s also nice because I can monitor my HR throughout the day. haha. #weirdo




I am doing the Tone It Up Bikini Series right now, so this kind of makes sense, that I check it every day. BUT, even if you aren’t doing the TIU Bikini Series, they release a free daily workout. It’s 5 moves, you do each exercise for 1min, and you do it twice through. 10min to kick start your day. I love it. They have gifs of the moves which makes it really easy to follow along and do them just how they are. Gosh aren’t gifs awesome? Super simple way to show things in motion. Tangent thought. haha.


share-image waze

Move out of the way google maps and hello WAZE. This is the best new app for directions, info on traffic, cops, accidents, etc. Want to get a for real accurate time prediction for your commute or drive? This is the app to get! Not only that but it definitely doesn’t give you the wrong directions. Why? Because users have the ability to give in the moment updates. It’s pretty much user generated. You can warn others that there is a cop ahead. Or update the app when there is traffic to then let others know there is traffic. Seriously, best invention ever! Check it out.

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Just after waking up and checking my Fitbit to see how long I slept, and after checking TIU and doing my daily workout, before sitting down to read The Skimm while drinking my iced chai tea latte, then I will check TimeHop, and finally I will check Waze to see which is the most efficient way to go to work that morning. 🙂


Hope you all are having a good weekend!!!