Tuesday’s Summer Body Workout

Tuesday’s Summer Body Workout

It’s Summer Body time! It’s been awhile since I made fitness videos, but I want to reshare some of the workouts I’ve made in the past, and get your alls feedback, and make new ones! Check back every week on Tuesdays for a new workout. This week’s is a 5min ab workout for that Summer Body. Work on that ab definition with this one!

summer body

It’s 1 circuit – 30sec each exercise! I love to use the app “interval timer”, that way you don’t have to look at your watch, you just press play, and boom, wait for the buzzer to go and you can switch exercises. OR, you can join me below and follow along with the video.

  1. Crunches
  2. Cross Over Crunches – 30sec each side
  3. Side Crunches – 30sec each side
  4. Double Leg Lower
  5. Butt Ups
  6. Toe Touch Crunch
  7. Frog Style Crunch
  8. Kick Out Crunches

Let me know what you think! The more feedback the better I can make the videos. This one is really old, and so I used music vs. giving instruction. Curious to know what you all prefer. Leave me a comment and let me know! It’s summer body time!

Try to do this one every morning or every evening for the rest of this week, until next week’s workout reveal!



  • Katie Morse

    haha. Thanks girl! It’s an oldie from Oakley. 🙂

  • Look at that HOT BODY…WOOT WOOT! PS: Where is that top bikini from…LOVE!

  • Katie Morse

    haha! awwww. Thanks girl!

  • Check you out! Your bod is ALREADY READY for the summer!