Sporty Spice – Lift Cyclewear

Sporty Spice – Lift Cyclewear

I love LOVE supporting women entrepreneurs. I have an affinity towards brands where women have started it, and they are creating something that is women specific. Especially in the triathlon/endurance sports world. Women are not small men, as a lot of retailers try to do with their products. So kudos to those women who are getting after it, and doing good for the women community! With that being said, Lea reached out to me from Lift Cyclewear, and I was impressed with what she has done. My first thought was…I LOVE that she put outfits together. “Shop the outfit”. I am definitely one of those shoppers who would just take the whole outfit off the mannequin if I could. I love how it inspires ideas of what you could wear with something, and what it would look like as an overall outfit.

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In addition to that, obviously quality and fit are important. I was eager to try my new outfit. Although, I’m not a mountain biker yet…although I’ve tried it a few times, I was drawn to the “mountain biking” outfit. It’s been cold here lately in the mornings, and cropped cycling pants are my go-to right now. I threw on some compression underneath my Lift Cyclewear t-shirt and hit the road. I liked that there are pockets everywhere. There’s a zipper pocket in the back of the shirt for your important stuff, i.e cell phone, money, etc. And then side pockets for nutrition or silly stuff. The pad on the crops was really comfortable. I was very happy riding along on my bike in them, and they wicked perfectly while keeping me warm.






Photos by Topher Riley

So, which look are you going to get?

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  • Katie Morse

    Thanks! Right?! It makes it so much fun to shop, then, and gives people an idea of how to style an entire outfit.

  • Pixi Cycling

    Great review on this awesome brand! Really awesome idea of having certain “looks”