Healthy Makes Happy

Healthy Makes Happy

When I first met Topher, my favorite thing was that we both lived a healthy lifestyle. We hit it off right away talking about everything triathlon, food, fitness, life, you name it. In fact, our first conversation lasted 6hrs, and neither one of us looked at our phones or wondered what time it was. It was pretty amazing. I love that we can share so many passions together. How awesome it is that we get up and go for swims, rides, or runs together. I truly feel blessed to have someone else to experience this crazy fitness life we love to live with. Topher and I not only like to submerge ourselves in the triathlon world, but we love trying different recipes, nutrition plans, products, and so with Oh! Juice opening up a tasting room in Carlsbad, we just had to hop in on the fun and excitement!


Oh! Juice is a local San Diego cold pressed juice company that delivers juice right to your door step, whether locally here in San Diego or shipping it overnight to you anywhere in the country. And now they have a tasting room! So what makes Oh! Juice so awesome?!

Everywhere you look these days there are cold pressed juice companies. Cold pressed juice is running off people’s tongues like ice cream and cake. Cold press juice, in layman terms, is a slow process of compressing each fruit or vegetable to the point where you get every single tid bit of nutrients out of it and it turns into liquid form. Once each veggie/fruit/nut you name it is cold pressed, then it’s mixed together to create deliciousness. The one thing most cold pressed juices do is use HPP to make the product last longer.

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What is HPP?

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a cold pasteurization technique by which products, already sealed in its final package, are introduced into a vessel and subjected to a high level of isostatic pressure (300–600MPa/43,500-87,000psi) transmitted by water.

This process helps keep cold pressed juices extend their shelf life. Oh! Juice has chosen to forego HPP, as well as plastic bottles for the following reason:

We are a “Truly Raw” product, meaning we do nothing to it during or after the bottling process to extend its shelf life. We wanted to create fresh juice, not juice that had the capability to sit under lights, in plastic, on a grocery store shelf for 30+ days. No high pressure treatment, no plastic- just juice.

When I learned about all of this, I was put in touch with the founder of Oh! Juice, Hannah. She was a delight to talk to, a wealth of knowledge, and I instantly became intrigued and wanted to try the product. My first experience with Oh! Juice was in 2014. You can read that blog post here. I was in love with it! I think my favorite part of Oh! Juice is that the shelf life is only 5-6 days. (yes, this can be tough because that means you can’t leave it sitting in your fridge, and it also can’t sit in stores for very long, but at least you know it’s fresh!) This is because they truly believe in keeping all nutrients intact. As I mentioned, a lot of juicing companies use a HPP – high pressure processing – to make the shelf life longer for their juices, therefore taking away a lot of the raw nutrients, you just paid for. HPP “neutralizes the benefits of the live enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, proteins, and nutrients that would otherwise be retained in raw and unpasteurized juice.” This is why Oh! Juice is committed to being at local farmer’s markets, delivering fresh juice to you, and even overnighting your juice to your doorstep! They also recently opened a Tasting Room in Carlsbad, so for those that are local in San Diego, go check it out! More information here.

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Why do I love Oh! Juice so much?

  • Flavors are awesome – I can honestly say I love the flavors of their juices
  • Seasonal – they only use fruits and veggies that are in-season, because all of their products are completely organic.
  • Glass bottles – the difference between plastic juice and glass juice is seriously noticeable, plus glass is better for the environment. Learn about our plastic waste here.
  • Hannah the founder is awesome! She is full of knowledge and pure positive energy and is an inspiration to never give up on a dream. That is the kind of person and company I want to support and be behind.


  • In each juice, you get 3-5lbs of raw organic produce. 3-5lbs!!!! No one is struggling getting their fruits and veggies in with these bad boys.
  • They deliver to your doorstep, both locally, and they also overnight ship around the country!
  • On average it takes 15min to make 1 bottle of juice.

Have questions about juicing? Like…What time of day should I juice? or Can I exercise? You can find your answer here.

Topher and I spent one week drinking Oh! Juice, and we loved it! We had one juice every day for 7 days, as an addition to our diet. We got mostly the same flavors but a few different ones. They have a group of juices that they make all year round because those veggies/fruits are grown locally all year round, but then they have seasonal juices that are just for those fruits/veggies than come around during a few months of the year. We got to try a few of each. The ones I tried were…

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Nice Melons – packed with carrots, apple, cantaloupe, wild camu camu, orange, lemon, and baobab. If you are wondering what wild camu camu is or baobab is, yea I was too. Wild camu camu is a Brazilian superfruit like acai. Baobab is native to Africa and Australia and is a tree that also grows fruit. The leaves and the fruit from it can be eaten. It is used to sweeten things.

Oh My Greens – kale, celery, pineapple, cucumber, romaine, mint, moringa leaf, and spirulina.

Chia Tea – hibiscus, chia seed, lime, ginger, stevia.

Maca Mylk – sprouted almonds, carlsbad alkaline water, coconut meat, coconut oil, himalayan sea salt, ceylon cinnamon, madagascar vanilla bean, maca root, stevia.

Karma Latte – almond mylk (almonds and alkaline water), carob, barley, chicory, ramon nuts, vanilla bean, coconut palm sugar, himalayan sea salt

Strawberry Delicious – No idea what was in it because it was one of their seasonal ones, but it was delicious!!! I love surprises, so it was a fun surprise to get one that is special to right now. 🙂

So go get yourself some! Get $50 off of any 5 day cleanse (San Diego delivery only) with coupon code: Topher&Katie

We had fun drinking it together in the morning, or watching the sunset at night. There are juices that are perfect for getting you energized in the morning, or helping you recovery after workouts or a long day. Each juice has been created with a lot of thought and knowledge behind it. Try it yourself!


Happy Juicing and Happy Friday!