Weekend Essentials

Weekend Essentials

I don’t know about you all but I love shopping in whole outfits. My fave is when I see something where I can just buy the whole outfit. I get overwhelmed buying separates or going through big department stores and trying to piece outfits together. Some people get a high off of that. Me on the other hand, I just get overwhelmed and exhausted. So, I thought it would be fun to start to share my “weekend essentials”. The sun is shining, blue skies are frequently our daily activities, and I’m loving it.

I just finished up a long bike ride and brick, and wow. It is amazing what some fresh air, sweating in nature, and some Vitamin D can do for the soul. Every day I get outside, I’m thankful for having the strength and courage to move away from everything I’ve ever known to take a risk and try out San Diego. Best decision I’ve ever made. Still 4 1/2 yrs later. Life is too short to not take risks. The greater the risk the greater the reward (as some people say). 🙂

Give me some of that COOLA




It’s starting to feel like summer around here so cut off jean shorts, flip flops, and sunscreen are a must. I love getting super comfortable and affordable flip flops from Ipanema, and SheIn has some awesome affordable clothes. To keep my skin protected I love COOLA. It is perfect for those who love livin’ an active lifestyle, plus when it’s hot, you can trust that it’s not going to melt off your face or body.

This look is perfect for that sporty yet girly girl! Be fashionably active this summer. 🙂

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