The Perfect Week for a Triathlete

The Perfect Week for a Triathlete

The Perfect Week for a Triathlete

What does that even mean? No, I didn’t set any records. And what is perfection anyway? But, to me it was the perfect week because I have been putting my thoughts and ideas into action, and I can’t even begin to tell you how good it is making me feel. I’m amazed at how much action makes a difference in our lives. Talking and thinking is great, but doing is even better. This past week was amazing. I focused on what I could get done, and didn’t beat myself up over what I couldn’t. It made my training a much more positive experience, and allowed me to get outside of my head and just have fun and enjoy training for a race vs. feeling not good enough, or not ready, etc. There was no room for doubt this week, as I executed my to-do list. 🙂 And even if things didn’t go as planned, I felt totally fine. Because I was at least trying.

My workouts in prep for the St. George 70.3 triathlon this past week were just on point, and it felt good! Whenever I post my week’s schedule, I often get asked what I use to record my training. I use Training Peaks.

St. George 70.3 Training

I’ve officially learned how to push myself outside of my comfort zone on the bike, and it is paying off. I can’t thank Topher enough for all of his support and encouragement, and for helping me become a better cyclist. For the first time this past weekend, I felt like I actually knew how to ride a bike. It’s amazing how much more fun it is to climb when the climb doesn’t last as long. 😛 lol. My heart rate data is starting to look a bit more normal, too. I spent most of my time in Zone 4, although still pushing quite a bit into Zone 6 but that’s because with shorter workouts, I’m focusing on making them harder. Quality over Quantity.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 4.24.59 PM

Highlights from the Week:

Trainer Sessions with my CycleOps Smart Trainer and Zwift

4:45am wake up calls every day

Couser Canyon Ride with Topher and his mom and dad – (per usual I stopped my watch at one point and forgot to stop it but…) It was 75 miles and 5000ft of climbing in 4hrs 20min. Pretty friggin’ stoked on that. The last time I rode it, it took us about 5hrs! And my avg HR was 154 which is 10 beats lower for my average compared to last time. #winning

La Jolla Cove Run + Ocean Swim

Burritos + Tacos + Ice Cream Galore 😛









Tacos at Puesto in La Jolla were so good! If you haven’t been, go!






Refueled at Haagen Daz in La Jolla. 🙂








Well I tried to make this really cool video for you all showcasing how I recover on the go with Designer Protein, and I bought this cool new tripod and trigger and well I ended up recording all of the outtakes instead of the actual footage where I’m talking and demonstrating. lol. Oh well, it’s just an opportunity to make it even better for you all. So stay tuned!

I just had an amazing week/weekend. Full of amazing breakthrough workouts and plenty of play time too! I couldn’t have asked for a better week. My heart is full. I’m 3 weeks out from St. George 70.3 and my confidence in my triathlon ability is coming back. Hope you all had a great week!

Photos courtesy of the amazing Topher Riley

Fave Products I used this week:


Sunglasses: Oakley Jawbreaker, 26.2, and Kick Back Aviators

Recovery: Designer Protein

Sunscreen: Coola Suncare

Cycling Kit: Coeur Sports

Run Shoes: Saucony – Triumph


  • Meeghan O’Donnell

    Awesome! Will look for the true footage and not the out takes 😜. 10 mi race this weekend in DC and bike fit wooo hooo! Have a great rest of the week!

  • Katie Morse

    Awwww. Thanks Meeghan! 🙂 Yes, Designer Protein made this new bottle by Alex for on the go refuel. I’m going to reshoot the video this weekend after my long run again. haha! Hope you had a great weekend and are having a great week!

  • Meeghan O’Donnell

    Great post!!! You are going to kill St. George. Those tacos! Will look for your Designer Protein refuel on the go…need to get that part figured out. And btw your hair, always on point 🙂 Girls gotta train hard and no problem looking good while you’re doing it!!!