My Latest Healthy Lunch Obsession

My Latest Healthy Lunch Obsession

I like to cook, I like to eat, but I don’t always have the time to cook, so that I can eat good food. 🙂 When my co-worker, Kellen, had lunch one day, I wondered it what it was. It looked delicious. She said “It’s Car’s Jars”. I was intrigued. Car’s Jars is a local San Diego business, where they delivered healthy hand made salads straight to your office or home. I also go to Trader Joe’s for lunch, because it’s right down the road from work, only a 7ish minute walk away, but some days I wish I could just have a healthy lunch ready for me in the fridge. Let me tell you a bit more about Car’s Jars:


It’s a Salad Delivery Service

  • Each salad is handmade using seasonal, fresh, locally-sourced produce and homemade vinaigrettes.
  • They are layered in a way that allows them to stay fresh up to five days refrigerated after being delivered to you.
  • When ready to enjoy a salad it is poured out of the jar onto a plate. The dressing finishes the salad along with specific toppings designed for each jar.
  • They purchase all of their produce from Specialty Produce who only buys products from first-tier approved vendors.
  • Each week they make fresh vinaigrettes using olive oil, vinegars, herbs and spices and never add preservatives or sugars.
  • All of their salsas are handmade each week providing you with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • There is never any waste because they buy their produce weekly and fill orders accordingly. Not to mention, we sanitize, recycle and reuse our glass mason jars.
  • Calories 300-700
  • Cost – $8-$10


I absolutely loved it! Everything truly did stay healthy and fresh and delicious. I have always been a bit apprehensive about food getting stuffed into mason jars for the week, because I’m not much of a leftovers girl, but holy crap, these tasted delicious. They have two size options a small and a large, and calories range from 300-700 calories. It’s perfect. So, it can be a side salad or a meal. 🙂 As a triathlete, full time social media marketer, and a wanna be full time blogger, there’s not always time to do the meal prep and grocery shopping, etc. So, I’m always happy when I find healthy and affordable options for food.

Now, because I’m eating at work, I didn’t have silverware and glassware to make my photos really pretty, but I wanted to show you all the authentic thing. 🙂

healthy lunch

healthy lunch


healthy lunch


Happy, Healthy Eating!



  • Katie Morse

    Thanks Tina! Right?! So brilliant! Makes eating healthy at work super easy.

  • This is such a cool concept for a food delivery service! 🙂

    And, might I just add: love the new blog look! 😉