Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

After weeks of jam packed weekends, Desert Tri, La Paz, Mexico, and a wedding, it was nice to have a weekend to just chill and enjoy some much needed down time. Triathlon training is really changing for me. I LOVE this sport, and I enjoy doing well, but the time I am able to invest in my training just isn’t there. I have a lot of priorities right now, and I just don’t have the time to spend 2-3hrs every day to workout, and then spend my weekends training 6hrs a day, as well. Since, I got into this sport, I have struggled to find what balance means to me. It changes, and yet it doesn’t. I want to be competitive, but I honestly don’t want to give up time to do other things like read, go to the beach, blog, hang with loved ones, watch a movie, maybe even learn a different way to style my hair, paint my toes, etc. I swear, I will be writing about this topic til the day I die, because being a triathlete and finding time for other things, while wanting to do your best, not just finish, is really hard. With that, I give you…

My Triathlon Training this week…

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 7.33.23 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 7.33.58 PM

In the grand scheme of things, this is a great week of workouts! I got to try a new pair of Fins by FINIS (called Edge), which I love. They actually teach you how to kick properly and make you work vs. just making you go fast. In fact, they were my motivation to get to the pool this week. Always when Daylights Savings hits in the spring, and our mornings become dark again, I just struggle to wake up and get to the pool early. And if I’m going to swim, I gotta do it right when I wake up because I’m not much of an afternoon/evening swimmer or workouter in general.



I also got to go on an adventurous ride on Saturday with friends. It’s amazing how working out with friends can make triathlon training so much more fun, you almost feel like you aren’t even working out!

Topher and I drove out to meet friends at Kit Carson park on Saturday morning to ride out to Dudley’s and back. (Dudley’s is a famous bakery near Julian). On Friday, Topher was working on his new bike at Revolution Bike Shop, and met a guy visiting San Diego from Pittsburgh who was looking for a group to ride with on Saturday. Naturally, Topher was like, “why don’t you ride with me and my friends on Sat?” They exchanged numbers and the rest was history. Lucas joined us at Kit Carson park, and a huge group of us rolled our way out to Santa Ysabel. The route on the way out is pretty much all climbing. There’s one big climb at the beginning of the ride along the 78, where the group started to spread out as everyone was going at their own pace. I decided I was going to push it. I’ve been really working on going hard on the bike, and this was a great opportunity to smash my legs. And I did just that. I was pretty stoked though when Christine and Jené tucked in with me, and we rode up hurting all together. haha. They are both very strong riders, and I was really proud of myself for riding with them. I used to just give up and say “go go go”, I’ll meet you at the top, because I was hurting enough, but now I truly understand what it’s like to go into the pain cave on the bike thanks to Topher helping me get outside that comfort zone I was in. We all met up for a quick regroup at the gas station before turning to head into our next climb of the day.



A little ways into the second big climb of the day, there is a small downhill and I wanted to shift into my big chain ring, nope didn’t go. I press harder. Nope didn’t go. Dang it…Di2 is dead. Fudgecicle. All I could do was start laughing, because I would be good for pretty much the rest of the ride to Dudley’s since it’s mostly all climbing, but heading home? All down hill? I would be spinning like a hamster on a wheel, and not go anywhere. It was hilarious in my mind. We are 35 or so miles from our cars, so I’m just going to have to get as aero as I possibly can, and on the flats, just spin, and work on my high cadence. haha.

After our break at Dudley’s, it was time to head back, as we rode, there was a slight down hill with a slight tail wind, and everyone started to ride away from me, no matter how hard my legs were spinning, this was definitely going to be something to laugh about. Here comes Topher, the sweetheart that he is, and starts pushing me. He pushed me the whole way home for 2hrs. On the downhills he would give me a push and I would get as aero as I could, and when he caught back up to me, he would give me a push, and on the uphills, I would sprint and climb as hard as I could. We were a team. I have never felt more grateful, more impressed, more humbled, than his ability to help me with no question. Granted he did get a good workout. And he did get to touch my butt a lot. ;P




triathlon training


It was a solid day of riding.

70.4 miles

6719 ft of climbing

4hrs and 27min of riding

Plenty of chips and guac were had for refueling. 🙂

On Sunday – Topher and I had met an aspiring 12yr old triathlete on a ride one day, and Toph and the boy established a neat friendship, and so we all went for a run in the lagoon. It was a beautiful day, and so much fun talking to someone who is so full of life and is full of passion and drive and love of the sport, even at 12. Hanging with a 12yr old can definitely keep you young. Kids are just awesome.

IMG_0106 triathlon training

Thanks for the flowers, Toph! Made my run even more special. P.S Doesn’t my top look like an easter egg? 😛 Wearing all things Saucony on this run, and the sunnies are Oakley.

It was a solid week of awesomeness, even if I had a fair amount of “rest” days in there. 🙂 This week will probably be no different, as I have a lot of responsibilities and priorities, and I’M OK WITH THAT. 6 weeks til St. George 70.3 and to me, I’m still right on track with my training and feeling good. It’s all about the big picture to me, and what makes me happy.

Specifically though on the training side – I have been really pushing myself in my workouts, and going highly anaerobic because I have really decreased the volume. I was a bit nervous, but it seems to be paying off so far!

Happy Training!

P.S I updated my blog/website! What do you all think?

  • Katie Morse

    I love it! Yes it is! Get after it!. Awww. That’s so fun. Chicago holds a special place in my heart, but I’m just not a big city nor cold weather person, even though I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. lol

  • Meeghan O’Donnell

    Thx, I’m on it! Little harder at 47 after hitting the reset button you never thought you’d have to hit, but hey, it’s a big awesome world out there!!! Wooo hooooo!

  • Katie Morse

    hahaha. Thanks! Yea, when I moved from Chicago to San Diego, it was the best decision of my life for me. I realized I’m more of an outdoor person than an indoor person. 🙂 I love it! Yes, you will meet some awesome people to train with, I know it. Not lame at all. I do use Training Peaks. I love it. It’s simple and connects with everything, and gives me all the good info I want to know. hahaha. Yea, I’m one lucky girl to have that eye candy to not just train with but wake up to. lol. He’s beautiful inside and out. You will find that, too! No doubt! I’m 31…took a lot of heart break and frogs to get to where I am today. You rock! I love your positive energy and enthusiasm. Keep shining!

  • Meeghan O’Donnell

    Website looks awesome!!! Love it! So jealous of where you live/train…5 year plan for me is to get my butt out there. Meantime, it’s be happy where I am, chilly NY/CT. Sprint training going well, but ITO biking have only been on the trainer and can’t wait to get on the road, but scared!!! Locating some buddies who will ride with a newbie here and it will happen. Thanks for the motivating posts! You keep it real and fun. Prob a lame q, but what is the program you use to log/track training? TrainingPeaks? Screen shots are cool but hard to tell. Oh, yeah and how do you find a hot dude to train with? … need that too! Love following the St. George prep…you rock!