Run Outfit of the Week and Update

Run Outfit of the Week and Update

I often blog about the highlights, because who wants to hear about the low lights? But, often times it’s the lows that make us all relate to one another. When you know someone who is going through something tough, just like you. Life is full of challenges that we have to overcome. There are tons of blessings and awesomeness, but on a daily basis we are making decisions and we are battling something. Whether it be mental, physical, or emotional.

After my bday adventures, it then was holiday parties galore, followed by more bday festivities in Vegas. In Vegas, we got a little crazy, of course, I took a bit of a spill and ended up landing on one of my knees pretty hard. I thought it was just a bruise, so I rested and iced. And took the whole week off. I then went for a run last Saturday, and 2 miles in, it felt like knives were stabbing my knee. I fought through it the rest of the 4 or so miles, but was pretty down after that run. I took the time off, and so I thought it would have healed. I woke up Sunday, and went for another run, but shorter this time, and I made it through in less pain. I thought I was on the mend. Possibly? Monday, headed out for another short 30min run, and again, pain was dull and achy so I thought I was on the mend. I have been craving a little bit of speed, so on Tuesday, I woke up and wanted to throw in a few intervals and go a bit longer. So, the plan was to run for 45min and do a few 1min repeats w/ 1min recovery jog after each. I was good for the first couple, and then all hell broke loose. I was in AGONY. Tears were starting to stream down my face, and things were bad.

It felt like someone had stuck a knife under my knee cap and was trying to pop my knee cap off. I have never felt this kind of pain or feeling in my life. So, I’m icing, and trying to take my runs easier. Since, I’m pretty certain it’s a bone bruise, I know it will heal in time. Just ice and of course rest. Although, the resting part is always hard.

I know. I know. I should take another few days off. I will. Maybe when I go home to Wisconsin for Christmas. For right now, I’d rather just battle through. After 3 weeks of FUN, I really am craving working out.

Here are some of the run outfits I’ve been rocking this past week…


Athleta Half Zip Top – $79

Athleta Tights – $79

Saucony Kinvara Shoes – $100




Saucony Headband – $20

lululemon run with me gloves – $28 (the ones I’m wearing are about 5yrs old, so the link is to the updated ones for this year)

Saucony Velocity Long Sleeve – $42

Saucony Fast Track Crop (or tight) – $80

Saucony Kinvara Shoes -$100


I’m loving how all of the brands are really stepping up their women’s game. I’m finding more and more brands are killing it! Keep it up! 🙂

And in light of Star Wars coming out, Topher and I thought it would be fun to change the first image into a Star Wars “ad”. haha. I’m off to fight the dark side! 😛


All photos are by Topher Riley

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    Cool pics! Love your outfits and fitness style 🙂