CAF Triathlon 2015

CAF Triathlon 2015

It all started with a goal to help athlete, Jim Maclaren, to regain his strength after a terrible accident. This turned into one of the most influential and motivational triathlons in the sport. Twenty years later, this triathlon has raised funds to help permit more than 9,500 challenged athletes around the world to follow their dreams and start at the starting line. At the end of the day, $1.3 million was raised to help athletes get their life back. Friendships were made, lives were changed, and more importantly lives were changed forever and I was so grateful to be apart of it.



CAF Triathlon is located in the beautiful a part of San Diego, La Jolla. With the clear ocean, and the ocean breeze it is the perfect setting for a great day.

Bob Babbitt and Luke McKenzie having a little chat post-swim.

“I will always have your back.” The day was filled with new friendship and love. It truly was inspiring to see abled athletes helping out challenged athletes, and seeing a community of people who all share one thing in common, the LOVE of triathlon, come together to be a part of this special day.


A family friendly event. There were many families racing together with smiles all around. It was a contagious atmosphere and I could not stop smiling.


This girl was so happy the during the kid’s running race. The crowd on the sideline, really motivated the runners/walkers with positive cheers.

Seeing these kids is a reminder that we all can overcome any challenge we are faced with. Sometimes we are faced with emotional challenges, sometimes we are faced with physical challenges, but no matter what we are all made with the strength to overcome them. My heart was in my throat the whole day, with joy and inspiration from all these athletes. To see them come together, and to know they are not alone in their journey. That they are surrounded by people just like them, and that they are loved and supported. CAF was one of the reasons I got involved with triathlon. I was inspired to be a part of something that is changing lives. Here are some more photos from the day:











Overall, the race was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to come out and support again next year. It is so incredible to see the motivation that these challenges athletes have and the hope they bring to me personally. It truly is an experience I never forget, year after year.

Fun day hanging out and cheering with friends!

Want to see more photos from the event? Head on over to my friend’s website for a glimpse into the swim portion of the race –> here.

  • Katie Morse

    Awwww. I love it! Keep chasing your dreams and goals, Tina! xoxo!

  • This made me smile, with a tear threatening to roll down my cheek. Thank you for sharing this and for motivating me (yet again) to keep pushing in this (multi-)sport we both love. 🙂