Tips for Changing Your Single Status

Wow, thank you all for all of the amazingly positive comments on my “Being Single and 30” blog post, whether on Twitter, Facebook, in an email, you guys are the best! I don’t even know what to say. It’s amazing how so many of us have felt or are feeling this way. I even have had a bunch of guys chime in. (P.S I was trying to find a cute coupled photo for this blog post, but well I’m single, and I don’t really want to showcase any of my exes…haha)

How to Change YourSingle Status

So, I wanted to follow up that blog post with some ideas on how to change your “single status”. If you are like me and you don’t enjoy the late night bar scene, then maybe some of these tips, goals, ideas, etc. will help you! Every time I have done one of these things…I have ended up meeting someone, no joke.

1. Focus on YOU! Get involved doing all of the things you love to do. What makes you happy? Do those things, do them often, and when you can, do them with a group.

2. Say “yes” to things you wouldn’t normally say yes to.

3. Make a goal for yourself on how many times a week or month you will do something you haven’t done before, or how often you are going to do group activities.

4. Try online dating. Even if you don’t meet someone online, it definitely opens up the door, and makes you open to meeting new people. It’s a great distraction, too. Or you never know, you just might meet the man or woman of your dreams online. I like to think of it as a way to meet someone I may not get to meet in person, whether due to schedules, or whatever.

5. When you are at the grocery store, coffee shop, FedEx, etc. Don’t just think you are going to meet someone when you are standing in line, actually “say hi” to people. Make yourself approachable. Or even just make eye contact and smile. 🙂

6. Try new things. Maybe it’s a salsa dance class, or a wine tasting meet up.

7. Make guy friends and hang out with your guy friend’s friends.

I try to keep a healthy mix on this blog of non-personal and personal things. I love it when bloggers make themselves relatable and share just a bit inside their world, mind, etc. I try to emulate this model. I think in this case, it’s kind of nice to share with the world, how I’m going to take these tips and adjust them to make my own personal goals. So, with keeping these things in mind, I have set some new goals for myself, and it starts now!

  1. I’m going to race local, as much as possible. I love running and triathlon, and racing local puts me in situations where I might meet like-minded individuals who live where I live. 🙂 I’ve been traveling a lot for racing, and I love it, but my family is always at those races, which, again I love, but it prevents me from maybe meeting others, because I’m so focused on spending time with them.
  1. I’m going to do more group fitness classes, whether that’s indoor cycling, yoga, bootcamp, hip hop class, etc.
  1. Do more group training – swimming, biking, and running. Find local training groups and train with them, instead of just training with friends or solo.

All I know is I have met people in the most random, crazy places:

Ironman World Championships in Kona (went as a spectator)

Interbike in Las Vegas





So, when you are doing what you love, and having fun, you never know who you might meet. It’s easy to just go home and watch a movie, or grab a drink with a friend, but it’s more fun to be in a place where you can meet new people! Get out there!

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Hope you all are excited about the New Year! Fresh starts are the best!



  • Nice! I know it works either way! I have friends who met off or tinder…and friends who have met ppl randomly. There’s a universe full of ppl it’s bound to happen for all of us whether we are looking or not 🙂

  • Hi, randomly stumbled across your blog. I usually meet people when traveling, having fun or distracted, rather than actively looking.