7 Weeks Til Ironman Arizona

This picture says it all for this week!

This picture says it all for this week!

Seriously. I was EXHAUSTED. I tried to push through the tiredness as best I could, but I mean, I even took a nap on a 5hr ride!

Every workout this week took it out of me. Although I’m already feeling much better! I slept an average of 10hrs every night this week, and most days took at least a 20min nap. I had my first speed workouts back, and I think those were the ones that really beat me up. Plus I was  dealing with some aches and pains that were borderline injuries. So, I really listened to my body, and did A LOT less hours than I was supposed to this week. But, I’m glad I did, because my body is happy, and I think I will be able to tackle my workouts better this week because of it.

IMG_1787There was a lot of this too! #hurtssogood


Swimming is what I’ve been most nervous about, as I’ve had some lingering chest aches, so I kept my swimming to aerobic effort, and stayed away from much speed or pulling work. And it already feels sooo much better. yay!

I also have had some lingering hip flexor and gluteus medius pain, but that too is starting to subside. Thank goodness! Since I only have 7 weeks to go. My goal going into Arizona, is obviously to build on my Ironman Wisconsin fitness, but more than that it is to get to another start line injury free and without feeling burnt out.


On Saturday, I went out for a 5hr ride. Everyone went on a little further, and I decided to turn around, and take a break at the picnic tables, until they met back up with me. It was AMAZING. And I don’t regret one second of it.


Afterwards I watched the Badgers play the Buckeyes. Dang it was a close game! It was a great way to let loose and chill after the ride.

IMG_1957Sunday I went for a run along the PCH with Jené, and I ended up running into a good college friend of mine, Champ! Well that’s his nickname :) I hadn’t seen him in forever! It was totally random, and I loved it!

IMG_1955Afterwards, Jené and I did some abs and push-ups with this spectacular view. We live in a beautiful place.

IMG_1953Followed that up with an amazing breakfast at Naked Cafe. My favorite brunch place in San Diego. Followed by a 1hr nap. The weekend was polished off by some Breaking Bad watching with friends.

It wasn’t a perfect training week, but honestly, I feel really good about my decisions of skipping some sessions, or shortening others, so that I keep my motivation high, and my body happy. There’s still 7 weeks to go!

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