It’s funny, ever since I can remember I’ve been dreaming. BIG dreams. I’m not sure what makes someone have goals and dreams, and chase after them, and think no one can stop them, but whatever it is, I have it.


I’ve dreamed of…

- becoming an Olympic gymnast

- making a lot of cash off of garage sales

- becoming rich off of lemonade stands

- being “discovered” so I could become an actress or singer or model

- being on the women’s national soccer team

- playing D1 college soccer


And this is just when I was a kid. I have never once stopped dreaming, and although each dream may have taken on a different form, or I didn’t achieve that dream, dreaming keeps me motivated, it gives me purpose. It’s interesting to look at some of these dreams, and see how BIG the dreams are. Olympics? But, I think what is more interesting is the characteristics that come with pursuing dreams.


I’m always in awe of hearing other people’s dreams. I love being around other people who are inspiring, ambitious, and want to make the most out of life. Sometimes, I get frustrated with myself, because I wonder if I’ll ever be “content”. But, then I think, I’m happy with my life, but I love achieving, and seeing how far I can go. Sometimes, people look at me like I’m crazy, when I tell them my dreams. And I feel like a little girl all over again, but I love that “little girl” in me. The one who can dream. Of course, the “older” me always chimes in and brings me back to reality, but that “little girl” will always have me striving for more. Where can this life take me?

Pursuing passions and dreams.

It’s who I am. And some dreams might not come true, but I would rather be chasing BIG dreams, and fall short, than never chase dreams at all.


I would say this dreaming stems from being in a family who dreams. My dad has always had BIG dreams. Dreams of owning houses in different places around the world, dreams of living in the British Virgin Islands, and dreams of having kids who dream. I think this trickled down into the souls of my sister, brother, and myself, because if you look at all three of us, we have dreams. BIG dreams. My brother wrote a rock opera and dreams one day it will be on broadway, my sister is a writer and dreams one day she will write a book that will be a best seller, and well I have dreams, dreams of inspiring people to pursue their dreams, dreams of being a public speaker, dreams of helping people realize their potential, and become the best they can be, dreams of spreading the love of fitness, and helping each person find an active lifestyle that they love.


And of course, I have dreams of getting married, having a family, owning a dog, traveling the world, and becoming the best triathlete I can be.

To be a dreamer is to feel as though every day is magical, as though there are endless possibilities, and this…this makes me happy.


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