Love Songs

One of my favorite photos EVER! Kinda reminds me of Valentine's Day because of the red :)
One of my favorite photos EVER! Kinda reminds me of Valentine’s Day because of the red 🙂

In light of Valentine’s Day, this post is about my love songs playlist. Most songs out there are about love, whether it’s about romantic love, familiar love, heart break, or friendship. Who doesn’t love a good love song? I love a good love story through song, it moves my soul, warms my heart, and makes me just feel good inside. How often do you come across a song that you think was made for you, in that particular moment in your love life? That happens to me all the time. Here is the list of my favorite love songs:

1. Daydream by Christina Perri

2. Distance by Christina Perri

3. Again by Janet Jackson

3. Baby, Now That I’ve Found you by Alison Krauss

5. Can’t Keep It In – Cat Stevens

6. Cannonball by Damien Rice

7. Don’t You Wanna Stay by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson

8. How Will I Know by Whitney Houston

9. The Promise by Tracy Chapman

10. Picture by Kid Rock

11. Red Meets Blue by Matt Wertz

12. Strawberry Wine by Deanna Carter

13. How Long Til We Are Free to Love by Ty Morse

14. Cowboy Take Me Away by Dixie Chicks

15. What If You by Joshua Radin

16. The Fear You Won’t Fall by Joshua Radin

17. Best of Me by Starting Line

18. Falling In Love Again by Eagle-Eye Cherry

19. Looks Like Love by Need To Breathe

20. Love Is Looking For You by Miranda Lambert

21. Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift

22. When You Walked Into My Life by Lila McCann

23. When The Day Is Done by The Samples

24. Passenger Seat by Stephen Speaks

25. Oye Mi Amor by Mana

Well this playlist could go on forever, so I’ll stop at 25. I often listen to this playlist when I’m going for a long, mindless run, when I just want to do some thinking, and look inside. It’s a playlist that makes me feel.

What’s your favorite love song?

And for fun, here are two of my favorite love quotes:

Love Quote

Love quote


  • Love these!! Thanks for sharing 🙂