Pancakes, Froyo, and Colorado Part I

Highlights of the week:

1. National Pancake Day

2. National Frozen Yogurt Day

3. Hill Repeats with coach!

4. Colorado

Tuesday night, I had a dream. A dream about pancakes. It just so happened that when I woke up in the morning, on Wednesday, it was National Pancake Day. I couldn’t believe it…pretty sure my dreams predict the future ;)

National Pancake Day

Then my friend, Nicole, texted me Thursday morning, and told me it was National Frozen Yogurt Day. First off, I was like, I swear it’s National “XXX Food” Day every day. But let’s be real, fro yo is my favorite food. It has taken over my LOVE of ice cream, which you can read about here, mostly because self serve fro yo is the best. You can try all the different flavors a place offers, put on whatever toppings you want, mix and match flavors. It’s A-mazing. So, I wasn’t going to miss out on the chance to celebrate my favorite food.

National Frozen Yogurt Day

Of course I got my usual, Cake Batter and Peanut Butter, with oreos, cookie dough, coconut, and strawberries. YUM! And went to my favorite fro yo place, Yummy Yogurt, in Solana Beach.

Fortunately, early in the day I had gotten my butt kicked by Beth, Keith, and Jose at Torrey Pines. My whole goal was to just not let the three of them catch me. Let me tell you it got CLOSE. We got to Torrey Pines, and we were all going to do 4-5 repeats. So, we all take off, and immediately, I’m like shit…I’m going to get passed. I would go back and forth in my head, don’t let them catch you, oh shit, they are going to catch you. Although it got REAL close, I made it! Not gonna lie, felt pretty good, since they are all pro’s, but it made me hungry to get faster and stronger. That is why I love to workout with other people. It fires me up. No pics from this ride, it was all business :)

Then it was off to Colorado on Friday…

My best friend from college, Betsy…


Before Instagram and Camera + existed…just the real deal old school camera…#nofilter

…picked me up from the airport. Immediately it was girl talk and catch up time! Betsy had to work on Saturday, she’s a Vet, so I woke up early with her and headed out on a run. Betsy lives right near the Cherry Creek Running path, which is beautiful and easy. I haven’t ran on something this flat in a really long time. It was great running weather too. 40′s and sunny. Needless to say, I was happy :)

Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek


It was a nice change of scenery, and a great way to kick off my week in Colorado. My sister came down and picked me up and we headed to the mountains for the weekend, and Betsy was just going to meet us there later Saturday night. They were expecting a big snowstorm this weekend, and well they got it. Our drive up was a bit scary, mostly because my sister drives a ’96 Jeep that is essentially dying, the four wheel drive doesn’t work, it starts shaking uncontrollably at 75mph, two of her doors don’t open, they are stuck shut, she has to hit unlock/lock 3x in order for the doors to either lock or unlock, and her mechanic told her that the bottom could drop out at any time. I was like, “is there an “eject” button?” At least her heat works ;) The second reason is because it was a complete white out on the drive up.

White Out

Love my Stance Socks!

But, we made it! We decided to stop in Frisco, one of our favorite towns, and grab a bite to eat. So, we stopped at my favorite breakfast place, The Log Cabin, and the coffee shop Rocky Mountain Coffee (my new favorite coffee shop) for a muffin and hot chocolate.


I was pumped to be able to wear all my Oakley Women’s snow apparel again this year!

It was time for some winter activities. We headed to Keystone for some outdoor ice skating. Neither one of us had ice skated in a few years, but I wanted to try and do every cross-training winter activity offered in Colorado. So, this was step 1.

My sister practicing her ice skating skills ;)

My sister practicing her ice skating skills ;)

Seeing if I have any ice skating skills left in me.

Seeing if I have any ice skating skills left in me.

Rocking out our Oakleys while ice skating :)

Rocking out our Oakleys while ice skating :)

We had worked up a bit of an appetite after a good hour and a half of pretending we were Disney on Ice ;)

BUT…here is where the weekend got interesting. What is the best way to spend 3hrs in Colorado?

1. Getting locked out of your running car in a snowstorm


2. Skiing in-16 below windchill

We may look warm and snuggly, but at this point I couldn't feel my fingers or toes, and was starting to feel nauseous from the pain.

We may look warm and snuggly, but at this point I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes, and was starting to feel nauseous from the pain. Due to the pain, I couldn’t think straight, and picked up some random dude’s skis thinking they were mine for this pic…we were cracking up.

3. Driving 30 miles in 3hrs – the traffic was soooo bad on I-70 on the way back to Fort Collins from the mountains that we seriously had only driven 30 miles in 3hrs (we even left at 3, before the traffic usually gets bad), and we still had a lot of miles to go. It ended up taking about 5 1/2hrs to go from Breckenridge to Fort Collins which is normally a 2hr drive. It was PAINFUL. We saw people watching movies on their ipads, people practically sleeping and driving at the same time, people put their car in park a few times, we tried making friends with a few people, we sang out loud, and laughed a lot though, it was some quality sister bonding time.

Dinner with my sister and Betsy…



The Colorado adventure continues this week…

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2 thoughts on “Pancakes, Froyo, and Colorado Part I

    • Yea…I’ve been out here quite a few times since my sister has lived out here for about 10yrs :) And my family vacationed a lot out here when I was growing up. Love to visit!

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