Spanish Tunes

Most of you probably don’t know this, but my mom is a high school Spanish teacher. My family grew up learning a lot about the Spanish culture in Spain, and also in central and south america. We traveled to Spain a few times as a family, and I went on my first foreign exchange trip when I was 12 to Costa Rica. I also have a “second” family in Panama, there are four girls who are all close in age, and to this day are like my sisters.




This is what happens when you are raised by a Spanish teacher…you become obsessed with wearing a sombrero 😉

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Visiting these places, going to their night clubs, etc., led to a passion for latin/spanish music. This is gonna sound cheesy, but it seriously makes me want to move my hips, and just dance up a storm. It usually gets my juices flowing, and makes me want to kill it during a good workout sesh.

I say “latin” music, because a few of my favorite songs/bands speak Portuguese. So…here are the jams I’m listening to this week:

1. Ai Se Eu Te Pego by Michel Telo
2. Amarte Bien by Carlos Baute
3. Ana by Mana
4. Bailando Por Ahi by Juan Magan
5. Como Te Deseo by Mana
6. Como Tu No Hay Dos by Dj Buxxi
7. Danza Kuduro by Don Omar, Lucenzo
8. Me Enamore by Charles Rodriguez
9. Me Pones Tierno by Rasel
10. Ni Una Sola Palabra by Paulina Rubio
11. Oye Mi Amor by Mana
12. Pan y Mantequilla by Efecto Pasillo
13. Pegate Mas by Dyland and Lenny
14. Tacata by Tacabro
15. Balada by Gusttavo Lima

Time to go “dance” my way along the ocean…