January Sun

This week started off with an easy recovery day of swimming and an easy run. When I looked at my schedule for the next two weeks, I honestly thought…not one FULL rest day for three whole weeks? I was kind of scared, a little intimidated, but two weeks of training have gone by, and it’s just flown, and I feel great!

The big gains of this week:

1. I got moved into the 1:35 lane at masters! Seriously, I’ve only been to four masters swim practices, and I moved up two lanes…maybe I started out in too slow of a lane, or maybe my fitness is just bouncing back…either way, I am stoked! I find myself pushing soooo much harder when I’m in a group, and not to the point where I can’t breath, I just mean pushing myself to what I’m capable of in the pool. I don’t see myself as a swimmer, and therefore I was treating myself as though I sucked, instead of telling myself I can do this. I’ve totally changed my mindset, and it’s working :)

2. I ran for the first time ever in the dark, after Beth, told me to get my butt out the door and go! I’m so glad she did, because I LOVED it! I’m totally a scaredy cat in the dark. I make up stories in my head. I would hear a noise, and get spooked, or someone would pop out, out of nowhere, and I’d freak out, let me tell you though, that gets the adrenaline pumping to get me to run up the hill each time as fast as I could. At the end of it though, I loved it! As, I got more comfortable running in the dark at the end of the workout, I felt invisible, which made me like it even more. I felt like no one could see me, as if I was in my own little outdoor world, just training away.


3. There are reflectors that stand up in the street, and I’ve always been terrified to run over them. I thought they were made of metal, and maybe some are, but I learned this weekend, that they are made of rubber. I even went out to the middle of one road, and felt one, because I wanted to know what it felt like. Here are the type of reflectors I’m talking about…not the best pictures, but you’ll get the idea…




NBD – No big deal – you can totally ride over these and not get a flat :) Good to know.

As for the rest of the week:

I had a picnic at the beach…


I went for a 3hr ride – rode to Camp Pendleton, through some of Camp Pendleton and then back to Cardiff. It was the PERFECT day! Riding through Oceanside, made me kinda bummed I’m not racing it this year. I totally would have, but it just sold out too fast, before I even realized it was time to sign up. But, I’ll have fun cheering everyone on!



Bonk Breakers are my favorite bar – PB and Banana definitely one of my fave flavors.


Love my Soas Cycling kit, and my Oakley 26.2 sunnies!

So…I go to Noodles & Co to refuel after my ride on Saturday, and they gave me my favorite number – 12, and then I got a chocolate milk, and I had my kindle, so I had to take a picture, as these are some of my favorite things :)


Then Sunday (today), I had a swim and a run on tap. Not gonna lie, sometimes I hate doing “MAF” training. I know it’s benefits, but I almost wanted to cry on my run today. My MAF number is 157. It’s high, and even still, I have to run SUPER slow, to keep below that and to work on my aerobic engine. (If anyone has ever read my “I’m an Aerobic Machine” post, know that that data is SUPER inaccurate, I have no idea if I am or not, because that data just simply doesn’t make sense). Anyway, when I’m getting passed, by people who I know I could out run, I start to get frustrated, but I stuck to it, but that doesn’t mean, I wasn’t feeling slightly humiliated out there today. So…it was time to reward myself with some of my favorites…froyo, mimosas and football!


(Flavors of choice today: Peanut Butter and Cake Batter)



Finally all four of us were in the same place at the same time! These are my three roommates. Super rad dudes, but we all travel a lot, and are super busy, so it’s rare when we all go out together. (Yes, I live with three guys, and I LOVE it, guys are soooo easy to live with:)


Last stop of the weekend was Encinitas Ale House for a baby beer, and a burger! Perfect way to close it up:)

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