Oakley ProAm Golf Tourney

This year I had the privilege of going to four different Oakley ProAm Golf Tournaments. Each tournament had its own vibe and it was cool to help promote the Oakley Women’s golf line as well as simply promote Oakley Women and help out at the events.

The first one that I went to was in Scottsdale, AZ. I got to see two of my favorite Oakley Women ambassadors too! We stayed at the Fairmont Princess Resort. It was saweet!


Practicing my golf swing…


Golf cart fun with the Mrs. Kim Doll


Then it was off to Palm Springs, where it was hotter than hell. Seriously. Stayed at La Quinta Resort. Thank goodness for all the pools! Perfect way to cool off:)



Then it was off to Hawaii where we stayed at The Turtle Bay Resort. The golf course was awesome, and the weather was perfect:)

I got to meet Carly, the latest Oakley Women’s ambassador addition!




Had to check out the Oakley surf house while we were there…



The last event I got to attend was at Half Moon Bay at the Ritz! If you haven’t been, if even for a day trip, it’s worth it! The golf course along the ocean is spectacular.

Renee Herlocker and myself doing registration. Although she won’t be Herlocker for long! She’s marrying singer/songwriter/performer Kelley James this weekend! If you haven’t checked out Kelley James’ work. Check it out! Fun freestyle artist. He comes to every Oakley ProAm and performs and does some sweet freestyle beats, usually poking fun at some of the celebrity attendees.




I had tweeted the above pic and about two hours later when I got back to my room I had a card. My bday was coming up, and my ambassador friend Lacey, was like, “open it!” This is what was inside…


Kinda felt special, not gonna lie, even though it had nothing to do with my bday. Pretty cool.

Some bday celebrating to close out the trip and the year of golf tourneys!


If you love to golf, check out these events! They are super fun! Lots of schwag, good food, booze, TONS of raffle prizes, and more! They happen all over the country. Who knows…maybe I’ll see you at one next year;)

Thanks Oakley for all the adventures this year! Looking forward to 2013!