My 28th Birthday Run!

This year for my birthday I thought I would do a birthday run! This may or may not have been inspired by the Mr. Mike Rouse, who had recently run 60 miles for his 60th birthday in Kona, Hawaii. So, I ran 28 miles to celebrate my 28th birthday. This was my journey…


This is where my adventure began….



Then I ran to Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach…



Then UP UP AND UP Torrey Pines…probably my favorite part of the run…it was kind of raining, and the sun was poking through the clouds…I was seriously lovin it…and taking it all in…



I then ran DOWN, DOWN, DOWN into La Jolla…

This was a pretty cool view…body felt good…this was about half way through…



Then I ran to the beautiful beaches of Pacific Beach….(at this point I was feeling like Forrest Gump, but I totally could understand how someone would want to run across the country…it was a really cool adventure)



Then ran into mission valley….



Then this happened….


Then it was time for brunch and mimosas with the girls…the real celebration!

Thanks everyone who joined in, or wished me happy birthday! Super stoked for 28! You all made this year’s birthday celebration super special! xoxo!



4 thoughts on “My 28th Birthday Run!

  1. What an awesome way to celebrate your birthday! Hope it was all awesome! I’ll be doing something for my 29th this next year I think. Seems to be the fun way to celebrate! Happy birthday!

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